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vynil records to cds

By mspick ·
Does anyone know of any way to put vynil records onto cds through a computer? My grandfather has a large collection of 78s that he would like to be able to listen to again.

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Time cosuming but workable

by KRM In reply to vynil records to cds

Well, this isn't exactly a quick process but...

You need:

A cable to connect the output from your stereo system to the input on your sound card

Recording Software to record the input

And since you're going from old LPs, a good Sound Editor package to clean up the sound.

You'll have to hit record on the computer and then play the records, letting the computer record the albums. Then you'll want to clean up the sound of the tracks and some of theextraneous noise that I'm guessing an old 78 will have, then you can covert the finihed files to the format of your choice (.mp3, *.wav, audio CD, .ra, etc.).

I'm sure there are plenty of sites on teh web that can give MUCH more detailed instructions and tips for this project, but be prepared to spend a large chunk of time on it, as you'll have to listen (or at least turn on the albums and let them run) to do this...

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Quality Quality Quality Quality

by TheChas In reply to vynil records to cds

The quality of 4 items will contribute the most to having good recordings.
Turntable $200 - $500
Cartridge $50 - $ 200
Phone Preamp $100 - $1500
Sound Card $100 - $500

The typical PC sound card is worthless for making quality recordings of anything other than voice.

Rather than go through all the details here, here are some links you will find useful.


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FYI- it's vinyl

by LordInfidel In reply to vynil records to cds

Not sure if it was an un-intentional misspell or because most people under 30 have never used or heard the word vinyl more than twice in the last 10 years.

Not being picky, I just that it was a funny mis-spell for something that is a rareity these days.

In any event it is easy.

Get a record player that has rca out. You can use the headphones out, but the quality will not be as good.

Get a From RCA to Single input, and you can do 1 of 2 routes. Either get a higher end audio card. Or use your existing audio card.

And you can use the built in sound recorder. Or download windows media tools and use Windows Media Encoder.

Or you can buy a commercial product such as sound forge.

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RCA out of Turntable Won't work

by TheChas In reply to FYI- it's vinyl

The RCA output jacks of any 'quality' turntable will not provide a proper signal for recording.

You need to connect your soundcard input jack to a 'line level' output from a phone pre-amp.

The signal from a turntable is a very low level signalthat has RIAA compensation applied to it.

You need to reverse the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) compensation.
A phone pre-amp both amplifies the milli-volt level signal to the 1 volt line level signal, it also provide compensation for the frequency boosts applied to the signal in the recording process to overcome the limitations of the magnetic cartridge, and vinyl media.


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Too long and drawn on the computer

by snappylin In reply to FYI- it's vinyl

The easiest thing to do is go to Best Buy and buy a CD Recorder, hook it to your stereo system, play the records and record them on CD. Doesn't take long at all and the CD Recorder makes a track for each song automatically. TDK makes one that is less than $200.

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by mspick In reply to vynil records to cds

thank you to all of you who responded to my request for information, and yes that was an unintentional misspell, I was in too much of a rush when I wrote my original request. Again thank you all for your help

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