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By BFilmFan ·
Australian Man Reveals His al Qaeda employment contract

Accompanying Story at CNN

I don't know if I should laugh or cry that HR techniques have managed to inflitrate terrorist groups....

Fallen Cheerleader Going Strong

And you thought Mary Lou Retton was perky. Shesh give this child a sedative!

Indian Death Cult Kills Kids for Kali,,1723**0,00.html

And I thought that was just a scene from a really bad Indiana Jones movie...

Okay to Mummify Your Relative in Ohio;_ylt=AjxgQX.wffxhXtqAYwtjJcIsQE4F;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA--

Jay and Smorty, you've been warned!

Eagle Owed Apology says Court

That judge seriously has some bats in his belfry!

Pravda Predicts Bird Flu Apocalypse

I always love their news stories. I guess the UFO drivers are immune, so they will hang out with those neat Tibetan monks that can bend time and space after most of us are dead...

1958 Comic Predicts Face On Mars

I should check my old comics and see what the Inhumans were building up the on the Moon and those Eternals on Titan....

Stick Foam Nuke Defense

I still say duct tape is the real answer 'cause you can fix anything with duct tape...

Report Says Vesuvius Could Destroy Naples

Tell us something new there Sherlock...

Couple Cited In Microwaved False ***** Case

Must be **** to heat up your weenie at 7-11 now...

Red Rain Could Be Alien Microbes,,1723**3,00.html

It could be just some red dust too. I am more willing to believe some of the people I work with are really aliens...

And that's this week's edition of the weird news I've seen!

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