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Was this reporter out-of-line?

By maxwell edison ·

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In the context of the report, Yes.

by Mickster269 In reply to Was this reporter out-of- ...

With a caveat - I trust Drudge about as far as I can throw him. But that's another issue.

I honestly don't see what that hullaballoo about who released the news, or why it's a big wonking deal that the rancher reported it before the VP's office.

It was a simple hunting accident- not a major crisis of national importance. Why the press is making it out to be such an earth shaking event is beyond me.

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I'd have to hear or read more on the background

by beads In reply to Was this reporter out-of- ...

There seems to be a bit of background or setup to this story than meets the eye. No pun intended here.

The press secretary's office likewise has been under some fire over President Bush's comments about free speach and getting the press out of the room so that he may speak privately. Certainly seems to be some under current of frustration with the press preceeding this incident.

So, the answer to your hypothetical, as we don't seem to have all the facts that - yes. In this case the reporter does come off as being a bit harsh if not rude but since I don't see the whole picture of what may have transpired before the dyad became unwieldly there may be more to the story than just an angry reporter loosing his cool.

- beads

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This is all about ego

by jdclyde In reply to Was this reporter out-of- ...

of the reporters.

They have forgotten that they are not the news, nor are they to MAKE the news.

They are to impartially REPORT events.

They are just bent out of shape because they were kept out of the loop earlier to try to get the dirt out.

They were and ARE insignificant. Knowing that the world went on without them is just killing them and now they are trying to MAKE a story about not getting a story. Yes, I saw this on the tube this morning as well AND heard it on the radio.

Depending on if it was a reporter or a lefty you hear about a hunting accident or you hear the Vice Pres shot someone.

Reporters. You are not the new. You are NOT important people. There was nothing urgent about the world knowing about this story.

There was a time in our history, if you acted like this, you would NOT be called on EVER again to ask a question. And if you got disorderly (like this person did,) you were escorted out and your press credentials revoked. This kept the press RESPECTFUL and it is high time it happened again.

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