WBS template?

By reginamarie ·
Does anyone have a template WBS for implementing a Software Development Life Cycle or Process? We have already developed/choosen the SDLC and I have been tasked with implementing it.

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I found a number of WBS' with a quick Google search

by Navy Moose In reply to WBS template?

I found a number of WBS' for software development with a quick search on Google. I even found a free one which only asks to create a free user account.

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sorry if I didn't explain myself correctly..

by reginamarie In reply to I found a number of WBS' ...

I don't need a WBS on rolling out a project using an SDLC. We have already developed our SDLC (previously the developers/programmers were on their own). I need a WBS for rolling out and training this new SDLC process. It's a change managemen issue asking people to follow a new process when there really wasn't any in place before.

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Change management

by Navy Moose In reply to sorry if I didn't explain ...

I was involved in a project where the firm I was with went from having no established change management policies to earning an ITIL / ISO certification.

I was in the operations side for this, and only saw my part of the project. The change management guy would have been involved in what you're looking for.

I wish I could help you more. Did you check the PMI website or with members of your local PMI Chapter?

Navy Moose

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Thank you for your help

by reginamarie In reply to Change management

Navy Moose, thank you for your help. I appreciate your time. I have looked everywhere and I am trying to modify a wbs for training rollout. I think that's the best I'm gonna get.
Thanks again!

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Good luck!

by Navy Moose In reply to Thank you for your help

Hi Regina,

You're welcome. Good luck on your project.

Navy Moose

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