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We haven't forgotten you guys

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
The Community Redev Team is still here, we've just been waylaid by the Thanksgiving holiday. Plus, our crew of engineers has been frantically working out crude, sharp-edged, unsafe feature prototypes based on your valuable feedback. Those will appear in the near future, and then you can take full, credit for these revisions.


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still appreciative

by apotheon In reply to We haven't forgotten you ...

Here we are, closing in rapidly on the next major holiday (or just after it, depending on which holiday you celebrate). Merry Chrismahanukwanzaaka (or Solstice, or whatever) to the staff of TR, and all you Insider-types.

I just felt like posting something to let you guys know that I, for one, am not taking the trust you've placed in us as "Insiders" or the work you're doing for this community for granted. I know that, ultimately, a lot of the motivation is that of filthy lucre, but I also know that something like this doesn't spring into existence and succeed without some serious TLC and devotion beyond the financial. So: Thanks.

I always appreciate another place to run my virtual mouth, I suppose.

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I forgot about you!

by Oz_Media In reply to We haven't forgotten you ...

Just kidding of course! :)

You should have all had some time with your families over the holidays. Some of us just find tine at the wierdest hours to visit TR, for you guys it's work, for me it's a time killer.

Have a safe holiday !

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Killing Time

by willcomp In reply to I forgot about you!

Obviously you have a large amount of time to kill.

Glad that you do. Keeps me entertained except when all you Canadians get off on a tangent.


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