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We need some nominations

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
Heads up gang, it's time to point fingers and name names. Oh, and Happy New Year.

TR is venturing simultaneously into the uncharted realms of live events and blogging. As part of these efforts, we'd like some involvement from community members, either as featured event speakers and/or featured bloggers.

Our first event will be held in mid February (location TBA) and will be on the subject of "My User: My Problem" (working title), discussing how to implement security policies and technologies that can prevent the end users from knowingly and unknowingly sabotaging a network.

You guys know the TR cliques as well or better than anyone, so we'd like to know who you think is the king-daddy security guru (or gurus, or guru-ess) within the membership. Feel free to nominate yourself, provided you can back it up. The consensus winner/volunteer will very possibly be flown out at our expense to speak as a featured panelist at the event.

Moving right along...anybody want a big fat digital soapbox atop which to shout about IT and tech-related issues? If not yourself, who amongst the membership has insights and opinions so interesting and/or valuable that you'd gladly tune in on at least a weekly basis? The big cheese-types around here are hot to make somebody famous, so cast your blog-Oscar ballots now!

Oh, and both issues have a major ticking deadline attached, so don't feel the need to mull the ideas for a while. Spout off half-cocked ASAP.



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by Oz_Media In reply to We need some nominations

Hey Jay, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! WOOO HOOO and all that stuff.

Halfcock? Well it won't be me. (sorry,couldn't resist)

As for a security guy, forgive me if I am wrong, but I believe that's Max's specialty.(without rechecking his profile).

I also think Colin is really good with security, but again I could be horribly wrong (nobody would understand an Aussie in America anyway! sorry Col.).

I would be happy to shout about IT and tech-related issues, but I can do that here just fine.

Too many press conferences on my part to enjoy such an opporunity, I prefer to remain visually acceptable (especially when that's all I have left!).

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A Security Expert

by maxwell edison In reply to Half-cock?

Although I have a pretty secure network (I think), comparatively speaking, mine is pretty small. Moreover, the nature of our business doesn't require a great deal of security, and we maintain a pretty "trusting" network in that we don't do a lot to restrict access to too much. So although I have a bit of network security experience, my knowledge pales in comparison to some of these guys and gals who are charged with securing huge networks with sensitive data.

In my experience at Techrepublic, I would think of someone like Lordinfidel as the resident security expert. That guy really does know his stuff. (He's an extremely interesting character as well.) However, I haven't seen him around for some time. But I'll post another name if one comes to mind.

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by Oz_Media In reply to A Security Expert

Sorry, I just seem to remember you really knowing your security risks when working on your ipsec issues.

Lordinfidel would be a good choice, wouldn't he?!

I haven't seen him about for some time either though.

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IPSec and security issues

by maxwell edison In reply to Ooops

You remember well. I was dealing with my office VPN trying to get one of the remote users connected. Since this user's remote site was up in the mountains, his only Internet option was satellite. I was trying to get my IPSec VPN tunnel established, but was running into a latency issue because of the satellite distance. I never did get it to work because we were unwilling to spend the $$ on the necessary hardware to correct the problem.

I would have had to shift gears entirely, so to speak, and go a different VPN method. But that one is still on the back-burner.

You know, it's kinda' funny how a person might think he is more of a novice with something, but others get the impression that he's more of an expert. I suppose it's all relative. If you are somewhat knowledgable compared to someone who knows less, then you're an expert.

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Max sorry to hear that

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IPSec and security issues

I remember it quite well.

Don't you get some curley ones! But to have the project pulled because of the funds involved is terrible particuarly after you had done so much research on the problem. However maybe it was a blessing in disguise as I'm sure that there was no guarantee that even with the hardware upgrade things would work hitch free.


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Hey I got a whole thread!

by Oz_Media In reply to IPSec and security issues

I was actually put on a pedestal as a Linux guru in a recent thread! At least I think that was his intent. :)

On VPN cash, perhaps you can appreciate what I am always saying about proper VoIP investments and the shortcuts people will take while thinking they achieve the same end results.

Latnecy is an issue that costs dough if it is to be overcome properly and VERY important issue that many overlook. Especially with VoIP!

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Spouting... but not much value... here it is

by house In reply to We need some nominations


I haven't fully grasped the job function of our more prominent members. From what I gather, Oz and Apotheon are consultants (freelance or otherwise). Colin runs his own shop (I think), and has a rich history in IT; he may be up to the task. If I had to choose though, I'd point the finger at Max.

Other prominent members haven't been open enough for me to narrow down their specialties. (plus I haven't been here that long to properly weigh their contributions as a whole)

Whoever it is, they should be in a position where they make key decisions in the administration of large networks. I've worked within larger IT environments, but not at that level.

On blogging, Dave Mohring seems to have a well established blog himself - although he is slightly opinionated, his blogs are constructed with unbelievable thought and planning.

I would like a "general" blog space when the time comes. I'm not sure if you're looking for more precise and topical blog sections right now. You can count on me for a consistent level of input, but my issues, articles, and opinions will be various, to say the least.

I think that 'rewrite', 'dafe2', and that 'secure lockdown' kid (although he annoys me sometimes... I can't really tell if he is a professional or not... maybe not then), might be inclined to blog as well. Anyone else for blogging? I believe that all of the members of TRI are interested. :)

I'm not so sure that anyone here would be interested in subscribing to a "specific" category.

Thank you,


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I sell , install and maintain product

by Oz_Media In reply to Spouting... but not much ...

My main function, I find, is rebuilding organizations who need help keeping up with technology. I implement efficency boosters throughout the organization. Including networks, tepephone system upgrading, VoIP hardware(if needed), fax etc. streamlining operations proceeses, warehousing efficiency control (bar code scanners etc.) and other areas where I see time or revenue lost. Pretty much a result of many interests taking me in different directions.

So I spend some time at a given company, maybe a month or so, then sell, install and maintain systems for them.

As a salesman, and without offense to our successful consultants of course, the common saying is 'a consultant is just an unemployed salesman'.

As a consultant it is the other way around though, a salesman is just a consultant with only one product line to offer.

In too many cases it is true though. Reps lose jobs and get a bad name, which in sales moves REALLY fast. They generally jump on the consulting bandwagon because they have a diverse product knowledge from selling for many vendors, though unsuccessfully and can't find a permanent desk.

I suppose in IT this is true also as many (NOT ALL) will not find IT work or be between jobs and simply take up or fall into consulting.

I don't think apotheon fits that bill though, he apppears to have targeted his career a little more directly to achieve his goals.

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by apotheon In reply to I sell , install and main ...

Thanks for the nod, Oz.

I actually work for a consultancy. I find that my primary value to the consultancy is "the guy wot knows ****". I'm also the most-knowledgeable and most-functional when it comes to Unix-related matters.

While I have a fair amount (read: a helluva lot) of theoretical knowledge of network security, most of my practical knowledge in that area is largely confined to single-system and small-network security, particularly as applies to comparative technology characteristics. It's the hazard of working as a consultant: I know pretty much everything you need to know to choose a technology, and almost nothing about how to implement it directly except within the narrow range of circumstances where I have actually implemented it. I'm probably not any kind of candidate for "security guru" to give a talk at a conference.

Sadly, I'm not sure I've interacted with or observed someone that is such a security guru. I think that dafe2 has a lot to offer in that area, to judge by some of my exchanges with the guy, but he has blinders on regarding some areas. Someone like him would probably need someone like me as a counterpoint (no offense to dafe2: I wouldn't need him as a counterpoint, but I'd need him around to provide some more substantive data, making me the expendable party there).

I get the strong impression that Oz would be a good choice if you're willing to hire someone that would have to do a bit of extra research to be what you needed, though as I understand it he lacks Col's Fortune 500 credentials. At least, I think that was Col.

I shoulda been taking notes, I suppose.

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I'd have to agree

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Spouting... but not much ...

In my humble opinion Max fits the bill nicely I sure as hell don't and even with my limited experience I'll bet many could run rings around me in certain areas like OZ in Novel Networks and dafe2 in MS networks and MS products in general as he seems to like them a lot.

Just an idea though maybe you could get someone to accurately describe Microsoft Volume Licensing Policies as they just leave me cold and never seem to be the same on any two occasions.


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