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We need

By zlitocook ·
A geek girl Calender! There are so few girls in IT and I would like to see who is helping me. So a calander seems like a good idea.
A look at the girls that post and help me is a good idea.

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Sorry Zilto

by Tig2 In reply to We need

The "Men of TR" has to come out first. (Yes- bad way to put it. SoSuMe)

Once we have made a couple of bucks capatalising on that one, I will volunteer to be October in the oh-so-theoretical "Ladies of TR calendar".

You SOOOO do not know what you are in for!

Disclaimer reminder- I am only trying to raise $5000 for Breast Cancer. I am at $2400 as of today. We need to raise LOTS of money here-depending on the blackmai... erm... brib... uhh... fees we charge for the "Men of" calendar!

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You mean that the guys

by zlitocook In reply to Sorry Zilto

Can not have one?

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Not saying that at all

by Tig2 In reply to You mean that the guys

In fact the ladies have almost filled in the year. We are simply holding out for the "Men of TR" to come out first. After all, we have already selected our and are ready to roll. So far, we don't have enough ladies on board for the "Ladies of TR" effort.

Once we get this little resource issue worked out, we should be ready to move...

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Double up?

by noyoki In reply to Not saying that at all

I'm sure the guys wouldn't mind seeing some girls 2x. Lol :)

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Tearsong, It might just come to that

by Tig2 In reply to Double up?

I know that there are more ladies out there, they just haven't made themselves available to this challenge.

What to do, what to do.

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We do?

by Jaqui In reply to We need

playboy calendar, penthouse calendar, sports illustrated calendar....

it would be nice to actally have faces for the names of the members, but a calendar for that propose? naw.

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Are some of

by zlitocook In reply to We do?

The fine women here in those great mags? I only get them for the interesting stories. :)

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I was a contract worker

by zlitocook In reply to We do?

For along time, I would never want to see the guys in any thing except work outfits! But in the last few years the women have really been into the support rolls. And I must say I would rather work with a female because they seem to get along with every one and they do not grow face hair or gain weight as fast as the guys do.

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Guys - over here......

by gadgetgirl In reply to We need

If you actually DID make money for Tig2's charity with this (someone sort out the legals and logistics for, not me....) I'd personally volunteer for Feb (my birthday month)

(no, no, no - head and shoulders shot. Taken by my photographer of preference - and trust!)

Please note the volunteers for the Geek Girl Calendar, as opposed to the "run away and hide - fast!" responses from the TR guys!

What a load of WIMPS!!!



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by Jaqui In reply to Guys - over here......

did I even try to run away and hide?

I jumped right in with a supporting comment.

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