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Weasel Awards

By TheChas ·
I know that many of us live and work in a "Dilbert" world.

If you have not seen it, check out the 2003 "Weasel Award Poll" results.

It would be interesting to know the demographics of the 36,000 people who voted in the pole.


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WOW demographics!

by Oz_Media In reply to Weasel Awards

Well Chas, I see why your questoin of demographics came up, I almost see a conflict of opinion in some answers.

Judging by the Weaseliest Organization, it almost seems as if it was more Republican focused as Democrats made it well past the Republican party.

In contrast, when you look at weaseliest individual, GWB has topped the list ahead of Saddam Hussein. This sounds like a Democratic response.

Is it possible that even most Republicans see GWB as a loser too?! They like the party but think the president's a clown?

Now Politicians being singled out as the number one Weaseliest Profession is very interesting, that's my take and I see niether party (Dem or Rep) as useful to a country so now I have to see this as not-politically biased at all (even though that would NEVER happen in the USA).

What really blows me away is how nobody said WALMART was the weaseliest company, do people in the USA not know how blatantly WalMart exploits third world countries workers? It is widespread in Canada and pretty much the only WalMart followers are the trailer trash suburbian types who give Spandex a bad name (speaking of Spandex, who's the idiot who made it stretch that much!?)

Weaseliest country shows some real misinformation, everyone knows that the USA hates the French, this ignorance is shown strongly here. I wonder how many of the 12739 respodents actually have a valid reason to pick France or if they are just going with the flow?

Weaseliest behaviour doesn't seem to pay much attention to the clowns who think they are so important that they need to use a cell phone at a restaurant. I think this is some of the rudest behaviour I have seen, I am the first one to tell someone to get the **** out or shut up when using cell phones in restaurants, this is a major pet peeve of mine. Even in stores it pisses me off. Who is reallly THAT important that they must reply on a cell phone to keep in touch with the world at all times? How did they survive and conduct business before? What's wrong with vibrate to a voice mail or a simple silent page?
Cell phones have been common for so many years now, is it still important to show our professional status and importance to the world by having a cell phone conversation over dinner?

Sorry, the cell phone thing gets me going, but the rest of the poll seems to be either Left-wing biased, Right-wing biased or just a bunch of 'me-to' followers.

I guess that pretty much equates to an unbiased opinion then!?

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