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Web address without typing www

By smiller ·
My company has a internet address, but it will not work unless you type the www. in front of the address.

For instance, if you type, you get the page fine. If you type, it doesn't come up.

How do I fix this?

Thanks in advance.

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Are you self-hosting

by road-dog In reply to Web address without typin ...

or have you farmed that out? If you have outsourced hosting, this problem should be easily solved using their tech support infrastructure. It is a simple matter of a DNS entry change for the domain.

If you are self hosting, please provide a little more info so we can help you out.

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It is a DNS issue

by MallardtooXX In reply to Web address without typin ...

Road dog is right. You need to be a little more specific on this one. If you are going through in house host there are issues YOU will need to resolve, otherwise there is a problem with your domain host that THEY will have to solve.

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Here's a little more detail..

by admin In reply to Web address without typin ...

MAllard and RoadDog, as per usual are right on...

When you, or someone else creates a DNS entry, create 2. One that resolves as www.yourname.ext and one as yourname.ext

That's all there is to it! It is a major pet peeve of mine that EVERY admin doesn't do this automatically, even some big corporations seem to fall into the extra www trap.

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Thanks, more help needed

by smiller In reply to Here's a little more deta ...

Thanks for the info. Since I am a newby that was sort of thrown into my current position I was hoping if you can be more specific.

My company does have an outside company maintain the content of the website, but the web server is at our company,maintained by my company. It is a Sun box running UNIX. Where do I go to make the additional entry. The program that is running on the box is an older, outdated version of Netscape messaging server.

Thanks in advance

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Peace be with you my son

by LordInfidel In reply to Thanks, more help needed

not just 1 disadvantage, but 3.

first it's a unix box.
Not even that but a Sun box

And worse of all running a netscape webserver.

The first 2 can be dealt with, and can be very beneficial to you if you can master unix in a Sun enviroment.(I'm still learning SunOS)

But Netscape Messaging. I wish you luck and may the force be with you.

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Sure, Glad to attempt to help :)

by admin In reply to Thanks, more help needed

It's not the webserver, it's the way the Domain Name Server (DNS) is pointing to it.

Lord Infidel is right (as per usual! :> ) in saying that you could do it a couple of ways (see his post below) but basically, I would find out what your company is doing for DNS first. If it is in-house, just find the entry that points it to the www.mydomain.ext site, copy and paste another entry exactly identical and then take out the www. so it looks exact except the address now says: mydomain.ext

If your ISP or someone els host's the DNS just ask them to make an additional entry without the www. if you explain it to a tech there they should easily understand what you are getting at. You could also switch to a free DNS service like (first five free) where they have a very simple graphic interface you could use to get started.

At any rate, first find out who is serving your DNS entries and start there. Good Luck! :)

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There is one more thing

by LordInfidel In reply to Here's a little more deta ...

This is dependant on how the web site is configured.

In web servers such as IIS and Apache, Web sites are accessed in one of 2 ways.

They either are accessed via IP; other wise known as having your site "bound" to an IP.

Or by a Host Header. A host header allows 1 IP to server multiple sites.

An IP can "only" do one or the other, not both.

So what does this mean?

If your site is using a shared IP. That is more than 1 website is hosted on that IP. Then simply add another host header to the site. The additional host header would be just (no host name in front of it)

If your site is "bound" to a single IP, then this is fixed in DNS. Simply create a A record that points to the root domain. The site will answer any name it receives because all it cares about is the IP.

The reverse is true with Host Headers. All the web server cares about is what host header it receives.

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Thank You for clarifying!

by admin In reply to There is one more thing

You are correct sir! :)

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This might work

by snappylin In reply to Web address without typin ...

Just type the company name in the web address space, ie, abc. Then hold down the CTRL key and press the ENTER key. The web address will pop up and you don't have to worry about typing in anything. Maybe this really isn't what you are wanting, but a helpful hint anyway! Regards,

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by LordInfidel In reply to This might work

That is a IE trick and is not really a solution.

All IE is doing is pre-/appending the word you put into the address bar with www. and .com .

Regardless if it is correct or not. It makes no attempts to query dns to see if the host name exists. And if the domain name is in a root domain other than com, it will not work.

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