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Weekend Laughs: Technology

By swgoldwire2546 ·
I am not good at telling jokes for this weekly threads. However, I am starting with this funny threads for the weekend. . .

My brother started surfing the internet on his computer, and this big virus started attacking the computer, thus crashing it and causing reboot. When my brother started the 'puter, it would not boot to C:. So as he examined the inside the 'puter, he started to feel sick. He complained to me: "Sherry, I am not feeling well." I was concerned, so I asked: "What is the matter?" My brother said, "I was working on the computer surfing the net, and then my computer crashed and rebooted. After the reboot, nothing happens." My brother invited me to come and look. He showed me the problem regarding the 'puter's failed boot. As I started to probe around for any simple problems to fix, I too caught the virus and soon fell ill.

The next day after the 'puter incident the both of us siblings went to the hospital for an emergency checkup. My brother and I discussed the problem with the 'puter to the doctor and how we got sick, but could not explain what caused this phenomenon we have experienced. After rounds of examination, the doctor called our mother regarding our circumstances. When Mother arrived, the doctor told her: "Your children are doing okay and have recovered from this type of infuenza virus. Somehow, they got the virus from their infected computer. . ."

Ouch!!! I think I told a lousy joke!!!! I have another brilliant one!

The Work for Food Scenario:

I was walking by one day along Forest Avenue in Queens, when a homeless beggar was at an abandoned store front at building 6723. He was holding a sign that said, "Will work for food." He was pleading with any passerby that passed by, saying he was willing to be employed to earn money for food, but with little success. He saw me and asked for assistance. I told him that, although I am willing to help out with hand-ups, I and many a passerby can do nothing to help him, even employers representing companies. Instead I offered a suggestion of self-sufficiency without isolation, because, even the beggar himself cannot depend on employers to compensate him. At first the beggar took offense to my suggestions, but he listened.

Two years later, I am walking down Forest Avenue, and I happened to walk pass the same building--6723 Forrest Avenue--that had once been abandoned, now has a computer repair shop and Internet hub. I walked in the store, and here was this man who was once a homless beggar, making cash money and having customers, including those representing companies. He saw me and asked, "Hey, I remember you!" I stuttered, "Me?" The man said, "Yes, I remember you two years ago when you told me to be self-sufficient and all without dependence. I took your advice, got the help I need from a local shelter, took classes to better myself, and now I am running this computer shop!" I stuttered, "You, run, this computer shop?" The man said: "Yep, and I got the A+, Net+ MCDST and MCSE certificate credentials to prove it." He handed me his business card and said, "call me whenever you need a computer fix." I have no other words to say except, "Thank you, my dear sir." And the man thanked me right back: "I appreciate you helping me become self-sufficient during my time of need. If you need of help, please don't forget to call the number on my business card. Thanks and God bless. . ."

I was in a state of shock when I walked out of 6723 Forrest Avenue. A homeless beggar turned information technology geek!

That was the end of my weekend stories here. :)


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