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Weird Friday News

By BFilmFan ·
Commentary on some weird news items:

Wife Bites Husband To Death for Refusing to Have Sex

Looking at her picture, I really can't blame the man. She looks like a Romero zombie extra....

DUI Birds Die in Window Crash

And I always thought the phrase "flying high" was not to be taken literally...

Attack of the Hopping Crocodile

Dundee is never around when you need him...

Stalking by Cellphone (with easy to follow lesson plan),,1699080,00.html

There is something seriously wrong with the water in Britain...

Falling Sh*t

I sh*t you not!

Stumbling Man Smashes Rare Porcelin

I wonder if they had one of those "If you break it, you bought it" signs?

Parrots Mob English City

I wonder if they thought Jimmy Buffet was playing?

US Army Buck Rogers Vehicle

I've actually seen a couple of these things rumbling around the base...

French Police Investigate 500 year old murder

God forbid if they should try to catch a terrorist!

Cousteau's Shark Sub

Too bad John Denver ain't around to sing about this one...

Thailand's Famous Creepy Couple to Marry

I sure hope she doesn't take hints from that biting wife!

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about the Falling Sh*t story

by faradhi In reply to Weird Friday News

I worked around the Memphis International Airport for awhile. During my tenure, one of the employee's car's windshield was smashed by blue ice from an airplane.

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Blue Ice

by BFilmFan In reply to about the Falling Sh*t st ...

I have heard stories of falling blue ice for years. Just being the curious sort, I googled "blue ice" and came up with over a million hits.

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