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    Weird Internet connection problem


    by cantu.stephen ·

    I have a problem here what happens is that when I connect a RJ45 cable to my ethernet port the computer will pick it up and it will send packets but it will not recieve any packets and when I connect it to the other ethernet port the exact opposite will happen it will receive packets but it will not sent them and I am connecting directly to the cable(RoadRunner) modem. Can anyone help me out with this problem I have tryed just about everythig short of unistalling windows and upgrading my BIOS to get it to work. I will take any suggestions to get this to work.

    thank you

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      Cross Over cable vs “regular” cable

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to Weird Internet connection problem

      Some cable modems require a cross over cable and some don’t. Are you sure your cable is correct? Also many modems are USB capable as well. Is yours?

      I’d change out the cable for a xover or vise versa.

      Good luck.

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        Reply To: Weird Internet connection problem

        by cantu.stephen ·

        In reply to Cross Over cable vs “regular” cable

        I will definatly give that a try can you or someone point me to a website that will give me the correct order for the wires of a cross over because I found one but it was wrong

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          Cable colors

          by ozi eagle ·

          In reply to Reply To: Weird Internet connection problem

          Looking at the connector from the wire entry end and with the flat side up (the side without the clip).

          Straight cable, both ends

          green/white, green, orange/white, blue, blue/white, orange, brown/white, brown

          Cross over cable, one end as above, other end

          orange/white, orange, green/white, blue, blue/white, green, brown/white, brown

          Hint: this question should have been posted in the Q&A section, not discussion.

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          by cantu.stephen ·

          In reply to Cable colors

          thank you the other one that i found was way off and i am sorry about posting it here i thought that i was in Q&A guess i better double check next time

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        by cantu.stephen ·

        In reply to Cross Over cable vs “regular” cable

        nope making and putting on the xover cable did not work and i am pretty sure i made them properly and the other thing i noticed is when I went in to the command promp thing and typed in ipconfig on one of the rows where it said ip adress it was just a jumble of letters numbers and % signs and when i try to repair it it says that it can not renew the IP address

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