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Weirdest Computer Accessories that I don't have...

By UncleRob ·
It's thursday today (4/13/06) and since tomorrow's a day off (Good Friday), I thought it might be fun to share some opinions & links to the weirdest computer accessories that you don't have yet & why you don't have them.

I'll start it off with this one,
USB powered desktop tanning center,
here's the link:

I don't have one of these because I burn like a sinner - I'm fair skinned and a few hours in the hot sun changes my skin color from ghost white to dark red/purple. I can only imagine what my face would look like after a day of having this usb powered desktop tanning center running at my desktop.

What's the weirdest computer accessory that you don't have (& why)?

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Another use

by Dr Dij In reply to Weirdest Computer Accesso ...

maybe you could use it as a portable pizza cooker!

I don't have one of those prototype 'printers'. They 'print' layers of plastic on top of each other and create plastic prototypes from your cad design. Reason I don't have one? Cost!

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I wonder

by jdclyde In reply to Another use

the tanner attachments, what kinds of EMI and RF they send off to scramble your monitor and speakers?

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I might get one of these

by neilb@uk In reply to Weirdest Computer Accesso ...

?13.00. That's around $22 in your funny green money.

A question...

Why are the US notes all the same size and colour? Must be a real bugger if you're blind. I know your wonderfully user-friendly capitalist system doesn't want to re-engineer note slots in vending machines just for a few blind people but don't you think that it's a bit naff? Bloody easy to counterfeit, as well.

Couldn't the different denominations have different smells?

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Just changed

by Dr Dij In reply to I might get one of these

to green and tannish-orange. to make them harder to counterfeit.

I think we're afraid to change as many of the world's other countries hoard $ as a hedge in case their own country hyperinflates, or for their own smuggling, or drug operations.

If it changes color, they'll think the money is not real (and then the value of US currency will collapse :)

I think we're also afraid of the 'brazil factor' where they have 'interior designer' type notes in pink and purple I hear. we're just too uptight.

Plus they have the nickname 'greenbacks..' hard to change.

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just like

by dawgit In reply to Just changed

ole greenbacks, like frogs in the swamp, and gone just as quick.

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Different denominations smell

by Old Guy In reply to I might get one of these

After seeing some people take their paper money out of their shoes, their socks, their bras (a lot of these usually don't look very, shall we say clean), and other places, I really wouldn't want to sniff any of the money. :-(

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Different smells?

by jdclyde In reply to I might get one of these

you can tell which one dollar bills have been through the peeler joints! :0 How is THAT for a visual?

Better than the canuks though. With the "loonie" coin, what do you do, pretend she is a slot machine? ;\

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Another note on smell AND taste.......

by jdclyde In reply to Different smells?

They say the vast majority of all paper currency in the US has traces of cocain on it....

If you lick enough of it, you just might get a rush!

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by Jaqui In reply to Different smells?

they went worse than that in the shrapnel attack, they also have a twonie. rumour has it that they are designing a five dollar coin also.

benefit, the coins have, at time of release a face valuse and metal content value that match.

the loonie is worth one dollar in metal content.
the twonie is worth two dollars in metal content.

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That much?

by dawgit In reply to ~sigh~

I didn't know there was a market for loonies over there. And they're worth a whole dollar? I should invest in some.

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