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Welcome Cincinnati Roadshow Attendees!

By Beth Blakely ·
We want to extend our sincere thanks to you for attending our TechRepublic Roadshow: Handling Internal Security Threats in Cincinnati. We think our first event was a rousing success and we hope you feel the same!

As promised, we've provided a way for you to stay connected with your attendee peers. This is a private forum where you can ask for help, share solutions, and continue to develop the relationships you began at the TechRepublic Roadshow.

From time to time, we may jump in and ask questions about events we're planning to get your advice about what IT Pros need. You're the experts!

TechRepublic's staff will be monitoring this forum for suggestions for tools and solutions. Again, you're the experts, so don't hesitate to let us know what you need!

Thanks again for being an active member of TechRepublic. It's IT pros like you that "power" our site.

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by Cgoeckel In reply to Welcome Cincinnati Roadsh ...

I just wanted to say Thank you to the folks at TechRepublic for having the roundtable discussion.

It was definitely enjoyable and I was able to walk out of the show with the different perspectives from others in the area.

I especially enjoyed being able to meet and talk with everyone that came and went from the tables during each of the sessions. It was refreshing to get different perspectives on issues.

Again thank you!

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by edward.gallacher In reply to

I agree the meeting was useful. It's nice to see how your IT policies stack up with other folks. I look forward to another meeting.

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Very Interesting Security related Discussion

by vkohli In reply to

It was very interesting to hear other companies are handling security related issues that we all are facing. As security is a moving target, it helps to benchmark and see if you are at least doing the same things as other companies in your local area. Thanks Techrepublic for hosting us in the Cincinnati area.

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Thank you Tech Republic

by startingover04 In reply to Welcome Cincinnati Roadsh ...

I really enjoyed attending the Cincinnati Roadshow on 02/25/05. I gained a lot of information from being at the meeting. It is great to get ideas form other network professionals that are going through or have been through the same things.

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Involvement is good

by Juanita Marquez In reply to Welcome Cincinnati Roadsh ...

Yes, thank you so much for wining (er, coffee and juicing) and dining and freebie-ing us - it felt special and is a nice change from just reading one of the Acme Tech websites out there on which one may or may not actually be able to contribute.

I particularly enjoyed hearing about the variety of policies people from different company types have to enact or work with, and I think being able to put faces with pixel names is a good thing. Having friendly community support and knowing one isn't alone when banging your head against the wall on problems is rather comforting.

If you do another one in the area I will be there. I know the only complaint I heard from my table was that you should make it for a whole day - there just wasn't enough time to savor it all!

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by Cgoeckel In reply to Involvement is good

All day would be good.

No reason to run back for the after lunch meeting!!!!

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Definitely Agree

by startingover04 In reply to Involvement is good

An all day seminar would be great, there is just so much that you cannot take it all in a half a day.

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