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Welcome to the ongoing beta test!

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
COMMUNITY NETNOTE [Beta] for April 19, 2005


The TechRepublic Community NetNote is a weekly
newsletter designed to keep you up to date on all the
new features, most active topics, and most interesting
members that can be found within TR's online community.
(Seems obvious, doesn't it?) What you see before you is
the first Beta version of the Community NetNote. Like
all things in TR's community, the NetNote is in flux.
Let us know what works, what doesn't, and what you'd
like to see in this newsletter (and on the site, for
that matter), by joining the discussion below.

You can instantly subscribe to the Community NetNote
Newsletter here:



Though he only just joined last month, TechRepublic
member JCK has posted over 400 times. In the last week,
he's actually outpaced our usual standard-bearer,
Oz_Media! Now that's a serious level of activity! You
can learn a great deal about JCK by checking out his
full-fledged profile below.

You can update your own profile here:



Tagging basically allows you to add specific keywords
to the threads you start. So let's say you want to
start a thread in the Security topic about VPN and
Windows. Well, just add "VPN" and "Windows" in the Tags
field on the Start A Thread page.

Why would you want to do that? Well, first of all, it
gives readers of the thread more context as to what
it's about. Plus, tags span discussion topics. So
clicking on the "VPN" tag on someone's thread will
show you all threads that have been tagged "VPN" no
matter which discussion topic they were started in.

In addition to showing threads, the first phase of the
Tag Results page will also show other members who are
interested in or using the technology described in the

In later phases, we plan to roll out e-mail alerts
and RSS feeds based on a tag. So if you are really
interested in "VPN," you can get updated whenever new
content is posted on that topic.

Later, we will also add the tags you've used to your
My Discussions page so that you can easily sort and
find discussions by tag.

Finally, you can go back and add tags to any old
threads you've started by clicking "Edit post."



This week's featured tag is: friday yuk

Every week, the aformentioned Oz_Media posts a "friday
yuk" joke thread, which inevitably proves quite popular
(and a little off-color). Oz has graciously tagged each
of these threads with "friday yuk," allowing you to find
any of them with the link below.



* PC Sudden Shutdown in XP

* Designing/Implementing a new network.

* Xp restarts during boot


* XP intermittent freeze/lockup



* Search Employee Computers

* Entering IT with expertise

* Microsoft's SP2 gets pushy

* How do i network a company that has about 5000 pcs??

* Is it legal to restrict what language is spoken at
your workplace?



Have you ever wondered why some of TechRepublic's most
active discussion threads--the off-topic stuff about
politics, religion, and pop culture--never seem to
appear on the Hot Discussions list, let alone as
featured discussions? Because we hide them, of course.
Below are the top five most active "hidden" threads
from the last week. Join in on those discussions that
are just "too hot for TR."

* Should the U.S. have nuclear weapons?

* The best song of all time

* Canadian Beer takes a steep dive!

* Have you had a divorce? Need tips.

* Survey: Are Big Trucks and SUVs really necessary?

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I'm flattered, TG

by jck In reply to Welcome to the ongoing be ...

for being mentioned.

However, putting in there that I've outpaced Oz_Media now ruins my chances for being adopted by the fine fellow.

I'm going to Columbia now to join James' mug in the hunt for Juan Valdez. Viva a la caf?!

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Not to worry mate

by Oz_Media In reply to I'm flattered, TG

I guess that's 401 for you now!

My shots here are pretty sporadic. I will be on and off all day or pop by in the PM or sometimes the wee hours. My schedule is not really normal, as I am into quite a few different things at one week and have all the time in the world another.

Chat your a$$ off, it really doesn't bother me in the least, it's not a race or competition to me. Sometimes there's some good stuff to talk about,other times I'm not interested in any topics.

Just enjoy sharing comments and do your thing, I am the creator of 'The Friday Yuk' afterall, I can only take so much fame.

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Same here

by jck In reply to Not to worry mate

I get in here between working on VB modules. The boss can't complain since I'm only supposed to work 8 hours, but usually end up working 9-9.5 straight through all day long. So if I take 20 mins during the day to comment on articles, it's no big deal...he gets his money's worth as do the taxpayers.

I knew it wouldn't bother you too. I was just being jocular.

As for what I've created...well, I made a real good pint of Guinness the other morning...followed by an even better one. :)

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A friend of mine still laughs at that

by Oz_Media In reply to Same here

I will pour a Guinness and look in AWE as it 'cascades' into a black and brown.

He always has a good laugh as I stare at it like a horn dog at a peeler bar.

Not everyone can pour Guinness in a can, some wil pop the top and dump it in a glass without it sitting for the widget to do IT's job first.

Some people's kids! I say give them a can of Kokanee and tell them to go sit in the corner.

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pouring a Guinness properly

by jck In reply to A friend of mine still la ...

Oh yeah...I listened intensely to the bartenders at the Guinness Gravity Bar in Dublin. They showed me all sorts of stuff and told me about how to pour the pint.

And, I do the same thing watching it...I told someone in Dublin that Guinness not only was the best beer in the world, but the only one that provided live entertainment as well :)

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by jck In reply to Not to worry mate

I made it to #3...I'm the snapple of TR now.

hahaha...oh well...I can't believe how much I'm involved in...hahaha...I gotta slow down...I'm gonna jitter like a lab rat on crack

back to my .NET methadone (watch my rank go down now :))

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by ITgirli In reply to I'm flattered, TG

Good for you, and I don't think you have anyone p*ss#d off at you yet. Oz could never do that. (especially during an election year, right Oz?)

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by jck In reply to congrats

I think I pissed you off a bit, ITgirli. Hope that's not the case. Sometimes I'm kooky, but it's all good natured.

Thanks for the grats...but to be honest, I'm not real big into having a finger pointed at me in recognition. It's one reason I'm not in politics even tho all my friends say I'm incredibly amiable, and I'm not a musician because I don't like the spotlight.

I get most of my satisfaction knowing I helped someone or made them laugh. Making someone's life better is what makes me content.

So...I'm off...thanks again...back to VB world.

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by ITgirli In reply to sometimes

I think you should enjoy the spotlight. Get used to it. Be crazy!

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by jck In reply to enjoy

Eh...I'm not used to going wild, unless I'm by myself...or with someone(s) I trust enough to let loose.

You should see me on a Saturday morning in my boxers and t-shirt drinking Guinness and watching English soccer. Sometimes by half-time, I'm feelin a buzz and laughin and cheering with the Brits and singing songs with them.

I can be quite entertaining. I just don't make a habit of doing it in public that often. But when I do, it's a night to remember. I'm still remembered for dancing around on a football field with a tuba on my head from my high school days.

Otherwise if you want me to be crazy, you'd have to come teach me how

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