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Welcome to the Site Ideas/Feedback forum!

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
This forum area is designed to serve as a virtual "Suggestion Box" for TechRepublic. Here you can post your comments, queries, suggestions, and objections to TechRepublic site features and content.

Feel free to start new thread in this area at yuour leisure. We look forward to hearing your feedback. Our goal is a constantly improving user experience. If that isn't what you're receiving--or you have an idea on how we can do an even better job--let us know!


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by apotheon In reply to Welcome to the Site Ideas ...

First post! r0xx0rz!

Ahem. Sorry 'bout that.

It'll be interesting to see how this section works out.

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how about a TR store

by wordworker In reply to Welcome to the Site Ideas ...

where you could buy t-shirts, polo shirts, mousepads, coffee mugs, adorned with TR/CNET logos. If you cannot or will not do it, can I? I'll give TR a 2% commission on my sales in exchange for rights to use the logos.

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That's good

by Oz_Media In reply to how about a TR store

I assume you are joking about the 2% though. You should see what C-Net charges for logo use, you can look it up through links from here to C-Net content, I waded my way through it one day a year or so ago.

But then again, Cafe Press would be a quick but cheezy answer!

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How do I? - The tip in the FAQs didn't help

by IRPythonius In reply to Welcome to the Site Ideas ...

Hi, I'm new. That being said, I've got two questions.

1) How do I remove the option to receive info/offers from TechRepublic's partners via postal mail from my account since I only want to receive email newsletters but each time I unclick this and then load the account page again it's still there.

2) How do I make sure my email isn't displayed?

Any assistance is muchly appreciated

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No problem...

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to How do I? - The tip in th ...

On the postal mail offer checkbox, if you deselect and update your account, you have actually removed yourself from our snailmail list. The form simply checks that box by default when you view your account (we're working to correct that bug).

As to your e-mail address: If you don't select a User Name during your registration process, your e-mail address will be substituted by default. However, we truncate the address so the domain (everything after the @ sign) is hidden. To keep your e-mail completely private, simply choose a user name that does not include it.

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