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Well, all I did was.... (T-Com, geeez)

By dawgit ·
Well geeeez folks, I take a couple of months off in a forced sabbatical, compliments of the Deutsche T-Com. (we had a small tiff, even made the paper, I didn't win, of course, but I do have service again, and they lost money, silly buggers) So, What's new? I was going to ask about 'Bob in Calgary', but I can see he beet me to it. Congrats to you Bob, I was wondering about you. I'm really glad to see you're still on the top side of the Earth. I see see JD is still going at it with his ex____. JD, can't you just tell someone she's an underground domestic terrorist, and send her on vacation to sunny Cuba?
Has anybody heard from the Jardinier, since he got mad at all of us? Did he run off to Africa, get hit on the where-ever, robbed, and left in ditch yet? Col (HAL 9000+) how's your sweet mother doing? (she is one of few the making sense)Well a 'Hallo' to everybody.!. :-) Apotheon, Sandy, N.B. Ernest, Sleepy Dawg, you too Jaqui. And of course the better of us, the ladies, Tig2, j.Lu...,CGit, Mae, and Blisss. I'm sure I left someboby out (sorry) didn't mean no slight by it. I can see that I really didn't miss anything, that took about 5 min. yesterday to figure that out. I did notice some fresh young peebrains showed up. Does TR have Trolls hanging out at the local High Schools or malls? Well anyway, I'm back, ...just thought I let ya know. -dawgit

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Welcome back Dawgit,

by Old Guy In reply to Well, all I did was.... ( ...

You're dead on about the TR trolls--they just keep popping up and sometimes the same one pops us about every 2-3 weeks. Spuddy_M particularly.

NOt much has changed other than that. Glad you're back.

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Thanks &...

by dawgit In reply to Welcome back Dawgit,

a Hallo to you too.. I sure I had left some folks out but the whole list wouldn't fit in the box. (just kidding) I Thank You for welcome back. -d

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Yeah, trolling for trolls

by jdclyde In reply to Welcome back Dawgit,

All you have to do is sit back and every other week some a$$clown (spuddy) will start yet another discussion that is flamebait about formal training vs self taught. (yawn)

Think he has done that three times in the last few months?

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and I was sooo hope'n....

by dawgit In reply to Yeah, trolling for trolls

spuddy would be gone too. Didn't he say he was leaving? (several times?) I see we aquired some new ones too while I was off fuss'n & Fight'n with T-Com. How are doing today JD? (just as long as you haven't k____d some one yet, I hear they don't let you have computers in jail anymore) -d

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I am doing GREAT! Now.

by jdclyde In reply to and I was sooo hope'n....

For now, I temporarily have full physical custody of my boys, which will hopefully lead into not-so-temporary!

School is started, six credits this semester, six next, and I graduate! Woo woo! work is paying for a networking/business degree, with a Cisco core.

And as long as they don't find the body, it is hard to prosecure without any physical evidence! I know these things from watching CSI!

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Not the Alpha Male type...

by onbliss In reply to Well, all I did was.... ( ...

...but I am still a male. If by Blisss you meant me............ :-)

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oops, sorry

by dawgit In reply to Not the Alpha Male type.. ...

could be, it' been a little while, and I have to get used to writing in pure English again too. Didn't mean to cause any problems there.

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Hakuna Matata

by onbliss In reply to oops, sorry
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you know

by jdclyde In reply to Not the Alpha Male type.. ...

When I read that in the original post I got a cold chill down my spine that I had thought you were a dude all this time.... :0 There are just times it is appropreate to know which gender you are conversing with, ya know?

Glad to have that resolved. B-)

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by onbliss In reply to you know

....I thought I had referred to my "wife", and you know I live in Minnesota and not in MA :-)

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