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Well done America

By Oz_Media ·
Today I saw a news story that reminded me of a similar story I saw over ten years ago.

Soldiers returning to Bangor Maine are being welcomed by a volounteer group of "surrogate" mothers. These women go to the airport on-call from a former WWII Air Force and Army veteran. They simply turn out to give hugs and a welcome home to the soldiers returning from war.

This actually began in 19** with the war in Iran and has been kept going for over thirteen years now.

I guess what I did notice while watching was the fact that although I don't agree with the decision to go to war so quickly, the actions of GWB since the war began and many other 'beefs' I've posted here including overpetriotic people and arrogance, I really think that US citizens come together like any other country's citizens in a classy way too.

These people just gave themselves, time and love, not money or medals. One returning commander was a former Vietnam vet also and he said how much he would have like to have such a warm welcome when returning back then. This compassion has been shown in New York after **1 and now I am seeing positive American news once again, just people caring about each other and appreciating each other.

I suppose what I'm getting at, is although I constantly hassle you all, I must say, WELL DONE AMERICA! Thanks for being human.


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No country or peoples ...

by jardinier In reply to Well done America

are entirely good or entirely bad. Crises such as war brings out the best and the worst in human nature. I think I can speak for all TR members when I thank you for bringing this glimmer of light at a time when America is looking so bad because of the treatment of Iraqi prisoners.

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And remember

by JamesRL In reply to No country or peoples ...

That soldier don't decide which wars to fight - politicians do.

I don't think its impossible to oppose the war and be respectful of those who are fighting it. Though that point seems lost on some.

I was listening to NPR the other day(I was in Montreal and it was one of the first English stations I found), and heard the story of navy wives being upset about protests outside of the naval base in San Diego. So pointless.

If you want how the war is being run to change, start with the politicians in Washington. Protest there.


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THat's my case entirely

by Oz_Media In reply to And remember

Now my previous comments about the American culture weren't pointed at this war, in fact they were long before the war.

The war just made my outlook on the US government and the fools who follow it even harder to stomache.

As for the soldiers, I have NEVER downplayed their responsibility to do their jobs nor their committment to the country. Unfortunately many people do blame soldiers for war, actually MANY soldiers hope to never see war and just benefit from the fitness and technical training, perhaps in the worst cases the paycheck too.

Soldiers are soldiers , they have a commitment to their country and will follow orders without further personal thought just as they are trained and expected to, no matter which country we are talking about.

I salute ANY soldier in ANY country who will fight without question.

The politicians and the governments are a completely different story though and YES, they are ALWAYS the ones to blame as they are the ONLY ones to blame.

It is ALWAYS some guy in an office who has just had his morning manicure and his stylist do his hair. he has a beef and for some inter-political reason ends up declaring war. Now in his case it may make moral sense to go to war, for others it won't. The soldiers are still sent to die with the "hey that's war, it isn't pretty" attitude backing them. The question is usually, 'is it neccessary though?'

Well generally we would like to say yes, but in a case where it has taken years and STILL hasn't firmly been justified, one miight ask 'why did MY son have to die?'

Well it's because he serves his country and people will back government decisions and believe whatever they are told 'is best for them'without second guessing the source or intent. This allows the public to become judge and jury by supporting a government decision that send young men to die.

The public aren't REALLY wrong except in a case where they don't really question the source. In the case of the Iraq war, those who jumped on the "yeah kill them before we die from the WMD" bandwagon were wrong in backing the cause so quickly. Certainly we don't want evil men doing these things or threatening our lives, but when you're not under a direct threat, why FORCE your citizens/soldiers into harms way by choice?

What pissed me off about this whole thing is that right from the beginning there was no solid proof that America was facing attack very soon, nor any other country. And although the pres never 'said' that the USA was going to be attacked today, it WAS implied that unless this man is stopped he will use WMD on America.

This was wrong, it was a hasty scare tactic that got people to support this premature and poorly planned effort.

Soldiers fault? Of course not.
Citizens fault? IN SOME cases where people never second guessed the implications and simply heard "we are doomed" coming from the president lips ('then it MUST be so, he wouldn't lie to us').

THe President - the main blame, and I hope guilt, rests on this man's shoulders for eternity. May he one day realize what he did, and then be haunted by the memories of the hundreds he sent to die unsupported. I hope he suffers from the pain he has inflicted on so many lives and for the misleading BS he filled the people of America with. In my mind, this man belongs in jail, not The White House. Before you begin to dislike Iraqi's, before you start to hate Saddam for killing your son or daughter, look at the REAL cause of his death and don't reelect the idiot.

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Thanks OZ

by JimHM In reply to Well done America

Support the troops - but if you disagree with the war - your beef is with the politicans who started it.

America don't do what you did to us returning from Vietnam - Being greeted with chants of "Baby Killer" and other vil crap - Support these brave man and women - especially those 700 Americans and countless other from the coalitions forces that gave there all. Those are the hero's of today - you may not like what they are doing - but they are following the orders of the politicans -

Thanks OZ - For supporting them - even thou we argur the points of politicans -

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