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Well it's official: Pope Benedict the XVI

By Oz_Media ·
For those of you who may be at work and unable to get some tube time in, the new pope was named about 20 seconds ago, Pope Benedict the XVI.

May he fill the massive shoes of Pope John Paul II and continue to make peace on Earth his life's work.

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filler Pope

by ITgirli In reply to Well it's official: Pope ...

This Pope is 78 years old. He's just a filler Pope because they didn't find anyone who could match the legacy left by the recently departed Pope John Paul II. I give him 3 years. any bets?

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I'm out already

by Oz_Media In reply to filler Pope

I figured with a name like Benedict he'd be on the Muslim side in 5 minutes.

Can I buy a new square on the board ?

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Look, up in the sky!

by jdclyde In reply to I'm out already

Is that a lightning bolt heading for Port Hardy?

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You mean he finally found me?

by Oz_Media In reply to Look, up in the sky!

Damn now I have to move again. Someome's been trying to strike me down for years !

Actually it's really nice out today, YEEEEEAAAAh!!!

REALLY thinking about a kayak, but that takes an hour of cleaning and getting ready once a year, still putting it off.

The driving range is a drive but who knows, anyhow, gotta post a few and then get out of here, cheers,

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by jck In reply to You mean he finally found ...

nice day here too...yet, I'm leaving the office in an go get groceries and mow.

what a life...maybe I'll go gun shopping too.

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What are you in the market for?

by jdclyde In reply to hmm

Looking at a Kimber myself. Just had to spend my gun fund and then some to pay for my lawyer, so I have to start saving up all over again.

Looking to get back into competition shooting now that I will have more free time on my hands.

Right now my pride and joy is my SIG239, 357 auto. Oh you want to talk nice toys.

Next would have to be the basic but beautiful blackhawk 44 mag.

Looks like last nice day here, then rain the next few.

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by jck In reply to What are you in the marke ...

I could probably go to Mexico and get anything I want.

Maybe I can swim to Cuba from here and get a nice soviet 7.62mm.

****...I don't need guns...I already have 3 or 4...I haven't pulled them out since I moved to FL...much like my 17 rod & reel combos.

Selling my house for $145k, making $35k on it, and heading to Europe for 3 months sounds good to me right now. I might ponder doing it and taking an extended leave of absence for my birthday next year.

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Actually what people are doing

by jdclyde In reply to What are you in the marke ...

is moving to Mexico and retiring.

There are over one million american citizens living in Mexico now. they build whold "american" communities.

With the lower cost of living, it is something I may think about in a few more years.

All the gringos will need someone to fix their computers so they can e-mail the relatives back in the states after all.

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Kayaks, gunna need to pick your brains

by jdclyde In reply to You mean he finally found ...

Been looking at kayaks as an alternative to canoes, but don't know much about them.

Things to look for in a kayak.
Things to look out for in a kayak.
Care and maintance?

With the vast expenses of getting unmarried I will end up having to move this back a bit, but getting three is my goal. Should I rent some to try them out? do they have a place to store my beer?

The only short coming of the kayak over a canoe is my dog LOVES to canoe and anything that has to do with road trips.

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by Salamander In reply to Kayaks, gunna need to pic ...

...that you reconsider the cupholders. You don't want to get so blitzed in your kayak that you can't right it. Just a thought.

That was my public service announcement for the week.

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