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well, now we have proof

By Jaqui ·
that not everyone in the us is a gun loving homicidal maniac.

I say let them have the shoot first law.
it will remove the mentally and physically incometent from the gene pool, increasing the average iq in the us to 99

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That high?

by gadgetgirl In reply to well, now we have proof

surely you jest, Jaqui?



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by Jaqui In reply to That high?

we both know hitting 60 on average would be a 15 point improvement.
when the world average is 98...

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well then

by gadgetgirl In reply to ssshhhh!!!

I won't tell them if you don't....!!

(147, btw!)



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by jck In reply to well then

is that in cm or mm? hahaha

I've tested from 130s to 180s depending on which test I took and what not.

even took an online one the other day for grins and got 151.

I don't put a lot of faith in IQ tests. I've seen guys with "below average" IQ scores who could do more with broken-down cars than the most factory-trained mechanics.

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Exchange rates

by Dr Dij In reply to ssshhhh!!!

mean that the equivalent canadian IQ would be 130 :)

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that depends....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Exchange rates

on what the Canadian was doing with his Footsie at the time......


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The delivery was

by jdclyde In reply to Exchange rates
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poor jaqui

by jck In reply to well, now we have proof

You realize...research shows Canada is a point lower than the USA. it and weep...canuck

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by M_a_r_k In reply to well, now we have proof

It's funny how the foreigners so quickly jump into a "bash-the-US" discussion. You guys got here in a hurry. You're like bloodhounds in smelling these things out.

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They already

by jdclyde In reply to Interesting

have the scent of blood and are just waiting for more scraps to fall off the table.

Bad Jaqui, Bad! (whack on the nose with a rolled up newspaper)

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