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Well three weeks to go

By Bob in Calgary ·
On July 10 I go in for brain surgery I'm going for Deep Brain Stimulation surgery (DBS) to hopefully get rid of a condition similar to Parkinsons.

I Hope I'll be back sometime towards the end of August either that or I'll be dead or a veggie.

So in the meantime take care and enjoy life.

Bob in Calgary soon to be Locutus of Borg or whatever Borg sounding name I come up with. Any suggestions anyone?

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Thoughts and prayers to you

by Tig2 In reply to Well three weeks to go

Bob, please let us know how your are. I know, prayer... eeewww! But as long as I am praying anyway, I will pray for you.

The very best of luck to you!

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by Bob in Calgary In reply to Thoughts and prayers to y ...

I appreciate it.


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Hey Bob, you seem to be getting hit over the head the past year or so. Now-

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Well three weeks to go

it's in it??? That is one **** of a bad streak you seem to be on but the good thing is, you're due for a break. I think you know I'm not into praying but my best wishes go out to you. You can think of your doctors telling you there is nothing wrong with you, that a crack in your head won't fix and I certainly hope that's true. Best of luck to you.

Your Borg name??? How about Unit 42, the 42 being from the HitchHikers Guide to the Universe. 42 is supposed to be the answer for what is the meaning of life. With you in mind, 42 seems fairly apt at the moment. Once again , best of luck to you Bob.

Dawg ]:)

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Good luck, God bless, and try Bob of Borg

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Well three weeks to go

or Bobbie Borg. Another possible is Highcut of Borg - in honour of the surgery.

I simpathise with you, I had surgery back in Feb on the back of my head at the very top of the spine to have a Nuchal Fibroma removed - first time under the knife and it scared the beejeezes out of me, they are still running around the place. ]:)

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If you need any extra hardware

by OnTheRopes In reply to Well three weeks to go

I'll have an extra, very expensive, stainless steel screw after this Monday I'll just flat out give to ya'.

Somebody has been watching out for me. Since they've been on light duty over here lately no doubt they've got the time to watch out for you now. I've already put in a request for them to do just that.

I just noticed something else too. It has been a pretty fine day today hasn't it? Thanks for making me realize that.

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Hoping for the best Bob.

by jdclyde In reply to Well three weeks to go

Getting over what your EX put you through, and now this.

I hope in the next three weeks, you don't leave anything unsaid or undone.

While I like veggies, I would prefer you didn't become one of them.

Best of luck on this.


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Keep only the good thoughts

by maxwell edison In reply to Well three weeks to go

Research has shown that people who go into surgery with positive expectations of recovery always fare better than those who don't -- always. There's power in that brain of yours, and now it's being "stimulated".

Keep the good thoughts, my friend. Keep the good thoughts. And post a new discussion in August telling us how well you're doing!

A Borg name? Well, Seven of Nine is already taken. So is Bj?rn. How about Bj?rn of Certitude!

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Good Luck

by j.lupo In reply to Well three weeks to go

My prayers, hopes, and wishes go out to you Bob. May the sun shine on you and an angel watch over you.

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Best of luck

by zlitocook In reply to Well three weeks to go

And we can not wait for you to get back here and tell us all about it! Do robots dream of electric sheep?

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Bob, best wishes for you

by Old Guy In reply to Well three weeks to go

and I pray that it will go perfectly for you. We definitely want to hear from you as soon as you can get to it--even if you have to have a sexytary to help you with it. Take care and good luck!

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