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What are "My Discussions" good for?

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
OK folks, feature regression time: What do you use the My Discussions feature to accomplish?

A). To keep track of every thread you ever started, for all time

B). To Keep track of every thread you've ever particpated in, for all time

C). To keep track of the threads you've subscribed to

The same goes for Tech Q&A. We're in the process of brainstorming a "streamlined" site, and I'm wondering if we're supporting too many different options for tracking your posts.

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um, what for all time?

by Jaqui In reply to What are "My Discussions" ...

threads started is a number, no link to the threads.
posts made, a number.
threads participated in, capped at 20.

but, because you don't have the same discussion listed 3 or 4 times like can happen with the history in the workspace, my discussions is more usefull to follow threads not subscribed to than the history.

Since I get enough email every day, adding an email per discussion by subscribing is not something I'm interested in.

edited to add:

The TQ&A, unless the entire system is revamped, is useless, since it has the same last 20 limit.

Though, the older my discussions and My Tech Q&A are more usefull than the My Workspace equivalents.

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history is horrible

by jdclyde In reply to um, what for all time?

why do I want to see 10 links to the same discussion? Answer, I don't.

one discussion, one link.

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that's a more succinct

by Jaqui In reply to history is horrible

way of saying what I said.

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You had several good points

by jdclyde In reply to that's a more succinct

and I didnt want that one to get lost in the crowd.

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Subscribed to

by jdclyde In reply to What are "My Discussions" ...

If it is a discussion I may wish to reference at some point, I leave it here. About once a month I go through and unsubscribe from the ones I don't care about anymore.

What would be nice is a easy way to pull out a list by date, all the discussions we have been in, listing each one only once, not an entry for multiple posts to each discussion. Some of us after a while look back and try to remember how we started.

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by gadgetgirl In reply to Subscribed to

it's much easier to go back and make a sarcy remark if you can remember which thread the comment was in, in the first place.....

It's another housekeeping thing, too, Jay. The whole "My Workspace" thing can get bogged down if you aren't careful - I'm particular getting at suggestions here - and the fact that you can try and clear the suggestions, and delete the links from the ones you've saved too has caused me no end of consternation.

I'm naturally tidy (but with a mucky mind!) so the workspace and suggestions part drives me nuts. If I don't go through and delete, I don't know where I'm up to in the suggestions list.......if you see what I mean.....

Titles of the last XX number of discussions started would be useful.....


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Or in YOUR case my dear

by jdclyde In reply to Agreed

wouldn't that be XXX number of discussions? ;\

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Just one question here Your Majesty grovel grovel

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Agreed

Firstly wouldn't it be a better idea to list discussions that you have participated in that are going places higher than those that might look interesting buy only get a couple of responses? B-)

Personally I prefer the way that the Discussions are currently listed those with the most hits get a higher rating than those that go nowhere. But Being a Loyal Citizen of the Crown I'll do as you say. :^0

Personally I only save things to My Workspace that I want to keep permanently and I subscribe to the others as I know if they go nowhere they'll just drop off the bottom of the listings. I don't like making unnecessary work for myself.

Col ]:)

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While you are "wodnering" the rest of us are wondering............

by sleepin'dawg In reply to What are "My Discussions" ...

A) Why keep track of every thread you've ever started??? I can understand keeping a record going back as long as a year; beyond that, it's sort of pointless.

B) For all time??? Why??? Maybe 3-6 months but beyond that you have to ask, why would you want to go back that far??? For the limited few who do cherish this feature, I'll bet they would gladly trade it off quite willingly for an item of improved functionality, such as a Spell Checker (see the title for why I say this.)

C) Keep track of the threads I've subscribed to??? What, people have no memory??? The emails aren't sufficient???

Tech Q&A is a slightly different matter. It is what first drew me to TR but I lost interest after a while when I kept encountering questions which were never rated. How does one determine whether any of the answers worked for the problems posed. The reason for the point system eluded me; what were the points good for??? Don't get me wrong; I still cruise Q&A for insights on various things but it is a cumbersome beast and a lot of the information can be gleaned elsewhere. The post tracking capability is a nice feature but you really have to ask at what point it should be cut off or limited to. You don't have infinite server capability.

Over the past year or so, you've added some nice touches but not all of them have been universally adopted. Blogs are one such item and the My Workspace could well be another. I see no reason for the blogs in TR, by either myself or anyone else; they just seem like collections of so much drivel by most of the bloggers. Mind you cutting them off is sure to generate screams of rage and frustration form those users but they do have the alternative of outside blogs. Speaking of which, why permit the importing of them to TR??? Rather, why not export them to the external blogs???

My Workspace, at least for me, has been of limited usefulness and I think I for one could well live without it.

I do think a spell checker would be welcomed by most and would eliminate a lot of unnecessary editing. How many times have posts gone awry because of typos and spelling error and resulted in flame wars before anything can be sorted out? "Wodner" about that, while you keep trying to ignore the almost universal requests for a spell checker. :^0 Even restricting it to American english would be better then the nothing we have at present but it will remove the "U" factor from humour.

As for post tracking; yeah you could cut down on the number of options as long as you retain some capability and make it clear how we can do so, without undue effort. Some of us with early onset Alzheimers or senility, just might appreciate it.

Another thing; think of adding some more emoticons and while you are at it look into adding some emoicons, whatever they are, for Jd. They annoy some but do add to the fun quotient of TR.

Dawg ]:)

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kind of handy

by Shellbot In reply to What are "My Discussions" ...

i use it to jump right to a discussion i want to look in on. Saves me from haveing to look for it elsewhere..

thats the only thing i use it for though. I was just thinking the other day, once a thread has no new posts for a while, maybe they should be moved off the list though. No need to keep them for all time..just a couple days or a week.

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