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What are TR members?

By Jaqui ·
The site is focussed on providing resources for IT Professionals, yes, but is there a requirement that all members be IT Pros?

Or would it be better to say that members should have an interest in learning about IT?
Not just learning the Windows Security issue of the hour, but all aspects, from what os options there are, to how to configure a workstation to be as secure as possible, without killing the functionality needed for people to get their jobs done.

In my opinion [ which counts for nothing ] the latter is the better definition for membership requirement. After all, we always complain about stupid end users and how they break our systems, so non IT pros using the resources to learn would seem to be a way to stop that from happening, in the long run.

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I think it defines itself

by stress junkie In reply to What are TR members?

I think people who are interested in the practical side of business IT will hang out here. People who are not interested in business IT issues will be bored and will go away.

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so you are saying

by Jaqui In reply to I think it defines itself

that jardinier and oneamazingwriter will leave from boredom?

I'll miss the viewpoint they offer if that happens myself.

I benefit from reading an end users point of veiw on what we see as concerns fairly often.

danged typo, need more coffee

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What? Me leave from boredom?

by jardinier In reply to so you are saying

Not while Maxwell and myself live on the same planet. :^0

Actually according to one dictionary definition, I used to be an " IT Professional."

"Engaging in an activity for gain or as a means of livelihood."

For a while I used to sell refurbished computers and do a bit of tuition and tech support. So I definitely earned money in this trade, although it was by no means my primary source of income.

I have a registered business name: "Killara Computers."

In my time I have answered quite a few Tech Q & A's at TR. {Although the little box says 10 K, I actually have more than 20 K Tech points).

I stopped the refurbishing business about three years ago, when my interests turned to publishing websites (of which I currently publish seven).

The websites are an expression of the various "strings to my bow."

However as regards people with no technical knowledge, I have been responsible for introducing to TR two persons who have negligible technical knowledge, but enjoyed participating in the miscellaneous discussions.

At various time friends of mine follow the discussions with interest, but choose not to participate.

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Requirement or not

by stargazerr In reply to What are TR members?

people who have no interest whatsoever in learning about IT will either go away by themselves or will become such a headache that they will be kicked out.

non IT pros, as I know them so far, have no interest in learning IT as long as they can snap at people like us to fix this and fix that. IT Managers excluded.


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by Jaqui In reply to Requirement or not

there are a couple of members here that aren't IT pros that stick around because they like this place.

so you do know some non it pros that care enough to learn.

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Wierd people are everywhere

by stargazerr In reply to Wrong. :p

Hey .... I am alking about the ones in my office that just dont want to learn


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"All segments of the IT industry"

by Leee In reply to What are TR members?

According to CNET Networks' website, "TechRepublic's members, representing all segments of the IT industry, turn to the site for IT decision support and professional advice."

Granted, nine out of ten TR subscribers report being involved in an IT-related role at work. However, a home user stuck trying to figure out a bug in his XP home machine may discover TR via Google. Although we produce articles on TR with the professional user foremost in mind, many home users--including those professionals who run home-based businesses--often get something out of them too. We aim to be as accessible to readers with all levels of experience--including those ten percent who aren't "IT pros."

Producing a pay stub with a certain IT title printed on it is not required for membership--only an interest in IT, an interest we try to cultivate daily by adding new and (we hope) interesting and useful content.

Keep in mind that a very small minority of readers participate in community discussions, Technical Q&A, etc. If you get more out of TR than technical advice, it's a bonus we're happy to facilitate.

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That's partly

by Jaqui In reply to "All segments of the IT i ...

why I posted this, we have a few members that are open about not being IT pros.

Why should it matter? They do contribute to the site, in ways that benefit everyone. Yet there seems to be a recurring theme that they don't belong in their own posts / blog entries because they aren't "Pros".

The articles I have written for here were written with a non IT pro reader in mind, so that those who find TR through google or elsewhere,that are not working in IT, will be able to benefit from them.

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and I thank you too

by dawgit In reply to That's partly

no, I'm in 'IT' what-ever that is (still not clear yet) but I think that's the point. It's for the non 'IT' person. (even if one is 'IT' it doesen't mean that they're an expert on everything, ie: someone who's an Linux sys admin, might not know jack about the latest greatest out of Redmond, & visa-versa) So, even if we were all pros, we'd still be all also non 'IT'

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Huh? I'm reading it and still trying to figure out what you are saying. ?

by sleepin'dawg In reply to and I thank you too

The only thing I noticed is:
no, I'm in 'IT' what-ever that is (still not clear yet) but I think that's the point.

You seem to exhibit some confusion as to what IT is and your position within it. The usually accepted definition of a pro is someone who is an expert in some aspect or all aspects of a topic. In the event he is only an "expert" in some specific area; if he knows his limitations and knows where to find other "experts" to take care of the aspects he is unable to; then he might be defined as a Pro.

Dawg ]:)

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