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What are your predictions for the presidential debate?

By Aldanatech ·
On September 30, Kerry and Bush will meet in the first presidential debate. What are your predictions for this debate? What will Kerry say? What will Bush say? How do you think each of them will respond?

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Bush and Kerry Republicrats- vote Nader-Camejo

by briansinks In reply to What are your predictions ...

Here are some of the reasons why Bush should not be re-elected.
Five Falsehoods That Led to the Iraq Quagmire
I. Weapons of Mass Destruction
II. Ties Between Iraq and Al Qaeda
III. Saddam Hussein was a Threat to the United States
IV. Saddam Hussein was a Threat to his Neighbors
V. The Liberation of the Iraqi People

The Failed Record of George W. Bush
The Bush administrations has taken a $5 trillion projected surplus and turned it into a $4 trillion projected deficit.
The Bush administrations gave a massive $1.35 trillion tax cut in 2001, skewed dramatically to favor the wealthiest.
President Bush has failed to address hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate welfare, tax loopholes and subsidies.
Insider deals for corporate crooks expand under the Bush administration. According to the Defense Contract Audit Agency
Appointment of CEO?s, corporate lawyers and lobbyists throughout the government in virtually every federal agency. As a result industry is being regulated by itself.

The Bush administration's prescription drug bill prohibits Medicare from negotiating a better price for prescription drugs and bars importing cheaper drugs which help needy elderly. The result will be higher prices for older Americans and greater profits for pharmaceutical companies.

Refusing to increase the minimum wage to a living wage. One out of four full-time workers earns less than $8.75 per hour, not enough for an individual ? and certainly not enough for a family ? to live on.
Bush has failed to make good on his promise to increase the amount of money eligible students could receive in college scholarship grants. Rapidly rising tuition puts college out of the reach of ever more families

and if you think Kerry will do any better, your wrong. Kerry has no proposals to make any drastic changes in the way the bush admin has been run,and we all know how he flip flops on the issues to appease the media and show himself in a favourable light.

The Democratic Party is part of the problem.
They voted for or failed to stop the Iraq war resolution turning Bush into a wartime president.
They voted for or failed to stop the Patriot Act.
They voted for or failed to stop John Ashcroft.
They voted for or failed to stop Bush?s tax cuts for the wealthy.
They voted for or failed to stop the Medicare fiasco.
They lost the 2002 midterm elections, contrary to historical tradition.
In 1983, the Democrats controlled 23 more state legislatures than the Republicans; today the Republicans control five more than the Democrats.
In 1983, there were 18 more Democratic governors than Republican ones; Now there are three more. New York, Kentucky, California, Florida and Texas are all Republican controlled.
More young adults today identify themselves as Republicans than 20 years ago, while fewer identify themselves as Democrats.

What has Ralph done since 2000?
Just because you may not have heard daily of Ralph on the corporate media, doesn?t mean that Ralph has been silent.

Apart from being the same consumer advocate he has always been, uplifting young people?s civic interests, and writing books, Ralph has continued to speak out on all kinds of issues, for a sample:

the many reforms that need to be made in the electoral process, including, the corrupt funding of public campaigns, the disenfranchisement of voters, and the vote-counting machine deficiencies;
the quagmire wars in Afghanistan and Iraq;
more corporate-managed globalization;
corporate war profiteering;
the corporate crime, fraud and abuse crime wave;
the need to send corporate crooks to jail;
the need for integrity in accounting;
the mad cow disease and food hazards generally;
the annual Congressional pay raises while the living wage is nonexistent for 45 millions workers;
the ill-suited appointments by the Bush Administration;
the exclusionary Commission on Presidential Debates;
low income neighborhood redlining, payday loans and rent to own rackets and other predatory lending;
lead contamination and record rates of asthma in children;
the subordination of sustainable economic and technological solutions to environmental devastation and government indifference;
the criminal injustice system and the need to open wider the civil courts to defrauded or wrongfully injured people presently denied justice; and
the need for more consumer health, safety and economic protection.

Health Care for All

The state of health care in the United States is a disgrace.
The Nader Campaign supports a single-payer health care plan that replaces for-profit, investor-owned health care and removes the private health insurance industry.
The United States spends far more on health care than any other country in the world, but ranks only 37th in the overall quality of health care it provides, according to the World Health Organization.

The U.S. is the only industrialized country that does not provide universal health care.
More than 44.3 million Americans have no health insurance, and tens of millions more are underinsured.
Fraudulent Billing
Typical government estimates put the figure for billing fraud and abuse at 10 percent of annual spending, amounting to over $150 billion annually.

Fair Tax Where the Wealthiest and Corporations Pay their Share ?

Corporate tax contributions as a percent of the overall federal revenue stream have been declining for fifty years and now stand at 7.4% despite massive record profits.

Let Nader Debate
If Ralph Nader recieved the same media coverage and could get his voice heard there would be a revolution. Why does america have to be a two party country?
What happened to democracy?
Just because something has been done the same way for a long time doesnt make it the right way.
This country has a strong history of revolution and third party candidates who shift the balance of power back to the people.
Let Nader Debate
vote Nader-Camejo 2004 make a real difference

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