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what do americans think of british/visa versa

By rob_serve ·

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What do you think?

by neilb@uk In reply to what do americans think o ...

You started the thread. You get it going!

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Overall I think they are pretty cool actually..

by TomSal In reply to what do americans think o ...

I generally don't like blanket stereotypes of a whole country because people are people after all, and everyone is an individual first then a citizen of the country they live in.

I do know several brits -- all through keeping in touch through the Internet (forums like this, hooked up with some through music forums/guitar chats, gamerooms, etc. etc.) they seem pretty cool -- in general I'd venture to say brits (in my experience) are more laid back than us Americans are.

Oh yeah and I like tea and krumpets too. (hey I had to throw that in there! LOL)

Besides...the UK gave us some great bands!!!

Led Zep!!!

Iron Maiden!!!

AC/DC!!! (or are they aussie?)

Rock on!!!

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by Fonken Monken UK In reply to Overall I think they are ...

I like Americans, but I couldn't eat a whole one, they are waaaaaayyy too big!!

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by Jessie In reply to I

Thanks for THAT!

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by Jessie In reply to what do americans think o ...

I know that most of the Brits I know, know more about American politics than do most of the Americans I know... which is really sad. I like my British pals... which is why they're my pals... and I've met some real Shiites as well... apparently stupidity is one of the few things Americans don't have a complete monopoly on... yet.

I prefer to take each person on his or her own merits. I can say that I like British culture. And adore the accent

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vice versa

by john.a.wills In reply to what do americans think o ...

Or does "visa versa" really mean something?

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ya know what I think?

by Jessie In reply to vice versa

I think Visa is a corrupt corportation that takes advantage of consumers by charging hideously high interest rates on their silly little credit cards.

And that somebody needs to learn how to spell verse... I mean really, versa? WTF is that?

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Visa Versa

by neilb@uk In reply to ya know what I think?

is a decision by the credit-card company to go back on its word. Company policy?

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What I really think

by Jessie In reply to Visa Versa

What I really think Neil is that you and I have WAY too much time on our hands!!!

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wanna bone a spicegirl

by silvioandpauly In reply to what do americans think o ...

I'd love to hook up with a spice girl

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