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what do i need to do. domain email theft

By sinisterjoker ·
Some one is using my domain email to send spam .. I keep getting returned emails that i did not send.. but its from my domain. what do i need to do.

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Sounds like SOBIG

by JimHM In reply to what do i need to do. dom ...

Sounds like you got the SOBIG email virus... Do you or someone you know us the Microjunk Exchange and its Address book?

If so - what Sobig does on someones machine - is access the Exchange/outlook address book - grab and send its message to everyone - and take a name at random from that address book and us it as the sender... Cute isn't it ..

Is there an Attachment to the message that got sent and failed? - if so you should check everyones machine at the office that has exchange / outlook address book for SOBIG ..

Just my Guess ... without knowledge of your environment -

Good luck

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Thanks for the help

by sinisterjoker In reply to Sounds like SOBIG

Thanks for the help i have checked all my michines and all are clean.... but after checking some more i see that it is most likely SOBIG from on outside source being as the addy that is being used is a foward and has no outgoing sourse... thanks again for the help.

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