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What do you do to let off steam?

By zlitocook ·
I have left a job that would let me do what I want, but I could not do what they wanted. I am more then a ignore this and just do it person. You may have read my last post about my job. I just hop on line and read about new products and software to relax. But the wife tells me about the new movie or place to go. So I go to a new movie and I have already read about it and can tell her every thing about it. Even though I do not. What do the new people in IT do for fun? If you are married, do you have things that both of you enjoy doing?
We like to get out with out a cell phone, and sit at a local lake and fish. We do not care if we catch any thing. It is just great to be out side and have no problems.

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I frag

by CuteElf In reply to What do you do to let off ...

I play an old game, Return to Castle Wolfenstien..
and kill things.

I get to talk to my buddies online there, and chat a bit bout life, relax and feel good that I just blew a door.

Or I go outside for a walk. And make myself focus on happy thoughts: rainbows, kitties, fresh snow, northern lights...and enjoy the time of quiet to myself.

I dont have a cell phone. I dont want a tether.
When I need one, I'll get one. Til then...nope.


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Been unplugging a lot lately

by jdclyde In reply to I frag

Golf, fish, camp, bike, rollerblade. Things that get me out of the house and off of the couch.

At night or when it is bad weather, computer games and reading take up a lot of my time.

Playing Far Cry right now, and then will be checking out Doom3.

Tether. Exactly what I always concidered it Elf! And I never wanted one until the ex moved out and I needed to make sure the boys could get ahold of me. When I am with the boys though, the phone is OFF.

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What ever floats your boat

by Dumblogic In reply to What do you do to let off ...

Ever heard a saying don't bring work home with you. I try to practice it. I try to do other hobbies that isn't related to my work or remind me of it, like wood working, riding a bycle or swimming at the lake with friends or just road tripping oh yeah not wired or connected when I do the hobbies.

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it can be hard..

by Shellbot In reply to What do you do to let off ...

i find it so hard to "switch off". My husband is in IT as well, and does some similar stuff to me, so we end up chatting about IT stuff when we home. when we not doing that, we watching the trek, the geeks eh !!
I keep trying to find new things to do to keep programming and databases OUT of our home life. Playing board games is good fun for those cold evenings.
I try to stay off the pc at home most nights, so pc games..i opt for Nintendo !! Dr Robotnicks BeanFactory is a childish and addictive game that lets your mind go of the if's and else if's :)

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A Geeky Relationship

by BearyAnn In reply to it can be hard..

My husband is also in IT. In fact we met through the internet. The first thing we each do when we get home is plug in the laptop. I tell others that we don't talk, we just IM each other. We watch Star Trek, StarGate and really like Jake 2.0. When we play a game, no board game for us, we go online to YahooGames or to Gamesville.

To unwind we go out of town so that we have time together in the car away from any internet access. Once we reach our destination the laptops get turned on.

(fortunately there are no kids in the house, and the dogs just jump on our laps if they want out and we don't notice them)

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Geeky relationships..

by Jessie In reply to A Geeky Relationship

Hubby and I met when we were both doing tech support for GW2K. I'm still in IT, he's doing web stuff from home, and when I get home, I try to completely stay away from any type of techie stuff, while he thrives on games like Civilization, Halflife, and whatever else... I spend lots of times with books, the TV and the kids. Now that summer's here, we like taking the kiddos to the water park! FUN!

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met on net as well

by Shellbot In reply to A Geeky Relationship

i met my other half on the net as well..back in the days when Yahoo Chat was all that..(wow, it rhymes)
is there anyhting more romantic than 2 geeky people looking at each other over thier monitors, under the glow of flouresant lighting..or reaching for the mouse at the same time and touching hands..hahahahahaha

*i need to get a life*

no dog, but 1 cat who is facinated by the mouse pointer on the screen!!!! great fun

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Write quality software

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What do you do to let off ...

instead of the sub-standard stuff I'm dragooned into at work.
Lot's of reading, I do like to fish and don't care if I catch anything. I also enjoy working with my hands, especially getting out into the garden.
Having a green thumb instead of a $H00FF00 digit is very satisfying.

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To let off steam, I open the pressure relief valve. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to What do you do to let off ...

.....which is located on the top of a bottle of Chivas Regal.

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by Oz_Media In reply to To let off steam, I open ...

Not today Max! I have a bottle of Chivas I can't touch until Wednesday, don't ask it's quite stupid.
I prefer to head up to the lake and relax or take the bikes up into the mountains for a workout, but then again, the Chivas likes to travel too.

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