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What do you do when your boss play cold wars?

By isiolo_00 ·
Boss, Best Friend and the Office
I'm stuck in a new position that I recently took. My new boss has a best friend that she has promoted to a Tech Manager, this manager has no IT background other than the knowledge to tinker and postphone problems. When I reported to my job, I quickly learnt that my predecessor left because of this relationship the boss has (Note the boss too has no IT background), my predesessor complained and this caused him isolation and nothing was done from the higher offices. My position is the only position that has true IT knowledge.
Now I'm in the same loop. It's not easy for me to start looking at a new job right away.
Can someone help me: How do you manage this situation? Managing upward is a concept that I know - especially when it's clear the boss is incompentent. One more other thing, this is a very crafty team of two people and somewhat connected politically, they have been with the company for more than 10 yrs.

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Same As Any New Job ...

by Wayne M. In reply to What do you do when your ...

In the first 6 - 12 months on any job, I would recommend just do as you are asked and learn the culture and structure. Do not expect to be the new kid on the block and institute any changes.

Take the time to learn the new operations environment (not just the technical details!) and discover what the hot button issues might be. Let the organization have the chance to get to know you. It takes time to establish your credentials; this is just human nature and there is no way to bypass this.

Take the time to become a known entity and learn what is important to the company. At that point, you can recommend changes and expect your recommendations to be actually heard.

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Best to play by those rules if

by too_old In reply to What do you do when your ...

you do not want to find a new job. I have been there. My boss of 9 years somewhat played that game, he was not a IT person. But beware!! Keep your resume updated at all times, you might find yourself fired by your manager if you accidently tell other important managers what happened on an incident that your manager did not tell the whole truth and will get targeted for revenge. All kinds of records about you can be changed to your detriment. Always be aware of the cultural changes, the manager's way of working, and do not become more popular with internal clients than your manager. Best to try to save enough money to cover expenses for at least 6 months. Be prepared.

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Put on your Walking Shoes and walk out the door

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What do you do when your ...

A fast as your legs can carry you.

This is the best advice that can be offered as if you stay put and follow directions as you should you will loose credibility with potential Employers who will know your reputation.

IT is a very small world and when you stuff up at one place that is going to follow you for a very long time or more likely forever.

However if you want to stay put you can only do one thing and that is follow orders. So every time that a problem arises ask your Boss for direction on how to proceed and only do exactly what you are told to do. That way if things go wrong there can be no way that you get blamed for doing something that you where not instructed to do. However it could also make you look incompetent.

Attempting to make any changes is a pointless exercises you already know the problems and as you are the New Guy there anything you have to say will not be viewed with any weight so instead of attempting to do something that is doomed to failure start looking for a new job now before you get the Bad Reputation that the Boss will give you.
Why didn't you ask questions before accepting the job? Some jobs just are not worth having and this is defiantly one of those. It's better to leave incompetent Management to their own devices and cost the company vast amounts of money without being involved. After they realise what is happen if they haven't gone broke first they will want someone who can do the job and then maybe you have some reason to be there but under the current circumstances all that will happen is that you will pickup a Bad Rep for things out of your control. Treat this as a Learning Exercises in what not to do when looking for a job.


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Where's the beef?

by TechExec2 In reply to What do you do when your ...

Where is the problem for you here?

You have two levels of non-tech bosses. They are connected politically inside the company and have been there a fairly long time. They are friends and the watch each other's back.

What's the problem with that? Stay if it works for you. Quit if it doesn't.

This situation provides some potential benefits for you, if you are smart and willing to seize them:

** Your two levels of bosses are stable politically and watch each other's backs. This means if you are on their team, they will watch your back too. Others inside the company cannot mess with you.

** You are the only IT guy. This is a great opportunity to make a huge contribution and earn pay increases and promotions.

Complaining about a poor boss over his/her head head almost never does anything except hurt you. The superior boss already knows and doesn't care! One of the few exceptions to this is when your boss is secretly doing something seriously unethical or illegal and you expose it. Of course, you really don't know if the person you "expose" it to is in on it, now do you? Get out of situations like that. Trust nobody.

You must make hay while the sun shines. But, don't refuse to make any hay unless the sun does everything you want it to.

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