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What do you spend the greatest portion of your free time doing?

By jardinier ·
Well this is wide open. It could be a hobby. It could be spending time with your family. It could be some kind of charity work or community service.

As I am largely retired, I classify my creative hobbies as my "work." This refers mainly to various non-commercial, non-profit websites which I publish.

So I would say that I spend the greatest portion of my free time communicating: face-to-face, by email and of course through TR discussions.

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Free Time

by CuteElf In reply to What do you spend the gre ...

Is spent:

Reading things
Doing tutorials @ home to learn
Trying to learn more puter stuff
Playing w/ kitties
Driving my car
Playing vid. online game

cute elf

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Where do you Surf Elf ?

by Surflover In reply to Free Time

you made refrences to AK... I'm not reall good at geography, but I did think there was Ocean there :^O

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by CuteElf In reply to Where do you Surf Elf ?

I'm talking net surfing.

But in AK we do have nutty people going out into Cook Inlet who use windsurfing boards.. not snorkelling.

brrrr very cold water too.


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My free time

by Jaqui In reply to What do you spend the gre ...

is spent making 3d models, reading texts and manuals, drinking coffee and talking with friends both online and r/t.

actually, about 60% of all my time is reading texts and manuals. I just went and bought a text on computer graphics in c, because I had hit a block on an app I'm working on.
( My own version of Maya, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Cinema 4D.... )

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crazy animations

by justathought In reply to What do you spend the gre ...

In my spare time I would :
- create animations of my dogs
- read poetry
- go for a walk
- lose myself in cyber world
- email my friends

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My Time

by Surflover In reply to What do you spend the gre ...

Majority of my free time;

Creating Sculpture Poems (my own form of writing+images in 3D)
Creating Impressionist Art
Working out
Getting together with my daughters and husbands
Rennovating my rental homes
Baking breads (LOVE home made bread :-))

When I can fit it in;

Playing guitar

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What do you spend the gre ...

and looking forward to retirement.

Eight hour working day with a five hour commute.

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Free time?

by Ldyosng In reply to What do you spend the gre ...

I'm a single mom. The baby is 16, but there's still parenting to be done when I'm not working!
Reading, driving, studying, singing, eating interesting food, drinking interesting tea, continuing my self-directed study of world-class CHOCOLATE, threatening to take up guitar again, threatening even less often to learn how to play this banjo, photography, sight-seeing, needlework, knitting, crochet, swing dance, Toastmasters, car shows, and working my way through Freecell from game 1 up through game 4155 so far. Hey, the description said that all games had a solution, I'm out to prove it to myself. Yes, I am obsessive. Oh, and watching bad old movies and adding to my collection of Delta Blues CDs.

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"Freecell from game 1 up through game 4155 so far."

by jardinier In reply to Free time?

Obviously you are either a genius or a masochist.

I occasionally play a few games of Freecell when I feel that I need some flagellation for the well-being of my soul.

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"either a genius or a masochist"

by Ldyosng In reply to "Freecell from game 1 up ...

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