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What do you think?

By zlitocook ·
About companys outsoucing helpdesk to other than US companys? Do you think it gives better service or qualitity of service? Have you tried to talk to and work through a problem with them? Have you had problems with understanding or getting your point through to them? Have you ever asked them about their certifications or how they got their position? I have talked to a few people who went look at what they have bought into and they did not like it.

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Before farming out support

by road-dog In reply to What do you think?

have the vendor provide 3 things:

Number of personnel in each level of support, qualifications, and time in service

List of reference accounts, customer to service person ratios

Sanitized reports showing customer satisfaction surveys, trouble ticket resolution times, on hold times, and escalation reports.

If a vendor cannot provide this, run fast, run far. Farmed out service is a difficult choice because you are trusting another company with your company's image and reputation. Do not make this choice lightly, as customer opinion is an intangible that does not show up in decisions based on columns of numbers. A bad choice in support will do lots of damage before it becomes obvious to your company...

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