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What is a Radeon (video card)?

By joeayal ·
I thought Radeon was a model of ATI video cards, but, lately I've seen Radeon cards from a couple of vendors. Can anyone shed light on what is the meaning of Radeon?

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by timwalsh In reply to What is a Radeon (video c ...

Radeon appears to refer to an ATI-designed Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

It also appears that several vendors have licensed the used of the ATI GPU and supporting architecture on boards of their own design.

I have found at least three vendors that have done this and all make reference to the ATI Radeon GPU in their specs.

BTW, Radeon is just a trade name, like Pentium. It doesn't specifically MEAN anything.

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ATI's competition for G-Force

by TheChas In reply to What is a Radeon (video c ...

Radeon is a series of GPU
(Graphics Processing Unit)
that compete with NVidia's G-Force line.

ATI has a long history of working with 'partners' that produce lower cost versions of 'mainstream' video cards for the mass-market.

Sapphire is onemanufacture that I am aware of using Radeon GPUs in video cards.

The primary difference, is who you get your support from.

ATI reserves the latest, fastest GPUs for their own production.

Remember, the NVidia does not actually manufacture any video cards.
So, in a way, ATI is transferring known good technology to it's partners.


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