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What is a "%$#@!"

By jardinier ·
It is a female dog -- described correctly according to the Oxford Dictionary as a "*****" -- after being processed by the automatic censor at a discussion website.

Much more sophisticated than our asterisks, eh?

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by stargazerr In reply to What is a "%$#@!"

But can we remember the different combinations of nonsense characters to nonsense words??


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Actually this coding system is a dead giveaway

by jardinier In reply to Funny

Look at your keyboard and you will notice that the characters move in a direct progression from right to left starting with %.

As this is the first instance of censoring on this particular discussion board, I will try the various tricks we have learnt here to fool the auto-censor.

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Really Cool

by stargazerr In reply to Actually this coding syst ...

But my keyboard (being a british keyboard) says ....... %$?"! .... Does Oxford Dictionary classify that as *****??


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work arounds

by jdclyde In reply to Actually this coding syst ...

I know what you mean. In my divorce discussion, the most accurate decription I could come up with was "Adulterous W H O R E" but for some reason ***** gets smacked up? I can say adulterous all day, or even prostitute, but not *****?

Funny the things they believe in blocking here.

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and the other work around....

by gadgetgirl In reply to What is a "%$#@!"


Hey, I want more! (DE for jd, there! ) I appear to be holding my own one woman campaign for more emoticons on this site......

Right now, I want one that has a sound clip with it. One that is a red snarling face, and goes "GGGRRRRR!!"

For the OP of this thread.

Who answered a very urgent question, very quietly ON A WEEKEND, WHEN I'M NOT ONLINE.

Patience is a virtue. No-one could ever accuse me of being virtuous. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Well, Jules, this dish just got stored in the freezer............ !!!

(I will get you for this. Trust me )



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well my dear

by jdclyde In reply to and the other work around ...

if you were a loser like me, with no life to speak of at this time, you would have been on all weekend and known what I knew for DAYS!

(boys gone and country girl is out of the country)

Too bad YOU are too rude to answer emails? X-(

How was dinner?

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by gadgetgirl In reply to well my dear

I amnot too rude to answer emails.

I have a poorly laptop, with dodgy keyboard. (and have you any idea how many times I use the letter "y"??) so I only just got your email this morning.

Ergo, I will be composing a reply this afternoon.

Which basically says - dinner? well, it went.

off to meeting.



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this afternoon?

by jdclyde In reply to Ahem!

But morning in real time CONVERTS to your afternoon! ;\

Sorry the dinner wasn't a "dancing in the streets" festive occasion. One can always hope!

Hop in that boat of yours and come on over and I will give you a good dinner. I have this hot babe in the UK that has been giving me great recipes and advice, so I am sure it would not "just went"!

(off to a meating? oh my.... )

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Is it my eyes or do I really need to get my glasses cleaned up

by stargazerr In reply to What is a "%$#@!"

This discussion has been taken out of the new discussions. After Underage, the TR guys sure have started working fast ...


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Haven't you noticed?

by jardinier In reply to Is it my eyes or do I rea ...

Discussions on trivial matters take off much more quickly than serious ones.

Now if George Bush turned Democrat; the Pope got married; and World War III started all on the same day, quite likely the "*****" would still have gotten away faster from the starting line.

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