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What is Politics?

By deqani ·
A boy asks his father what is Politics an the father explains:

Father brings money home so I am Capitalism
Mother manages the money she is the Government
Grandfather take care that every thing is under control he is the Syndicate
Our home maid is the Working Class
We all work together for you to have nice things so you are the People
While your little brother is the Future

Did you understand me son? The son tells him I will give you an answer tomorrow.
So in the night he wakes up and goes to the bedroom of his parents and sees that mother is sleeping while the father is with the home maid having fun and grandfather is peeking through the key hole while the younger brother has sheet in his diaper. And nobody cared or noticed him.

Tomorrow father asks him about the answer and the son replies ..YES

Capitalism is misusing the Working Class
Syndicate is only watching and doing nothing
In the meantime the Government sleeps
The People are confused
And the Future is in ****.

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