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What is Proper Protocol for Consultant ?

By tjm101 ·
I am a new consultant with a paper MCSE and minimal experience in the industry. I have in writing a review after 90 days and I am well past that with no review.
The man I work for got me cheap because of the lack of quality experience on my part. Ihave invested not only a wealth of time but a nice chunk of change and feel I need to see a return on my investment.
I am new to this part of the business and I am unsure of how to handle this.
Should I: - Pull him aside and tell him
what I've told you.
- Keep my mouth shut and be
thankful I am gaining
If I do approach him what tact do I use?
Any and all suggestions/comments will be apprciated.

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Be proactive

by mmcgough In reply to What is Proper Protocol f ...

As a consultant, especially since you are not making much $$, you should be providing your employer a weekly summary of what you have done in the previous week (or at least every 2 weeks). If you would have done that to could just have sent the file and asked for confirmation of his satisfaction with your work. How long is the job to last? Was an increase in hourly rate part of the deal? Are you working nights/weekends? (at what rates) Are you on "pager" call? (at what rates) Will he be a reference? These are all things you need to include when you negotiate up-front. For now...if you need the job, start the report process and follow-up in another 30 days....I assume you are getting paid in a timely fashion?!

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First off..

by ARG CIO In reply to What is Proper Protocol f ...

You are a consultant? Then you set the price, not your customer. If you have a contract that states how much you are paid, and how long it lasts, then you have agreed to that contract, and are bound by the terms of it. If the contract states there will be a review after 90 days, IT is YOUR reponsiblity to review the contract with the customer, and make any changes necessary. If you raise your price, he can cancel and walk away. If you are meeting all criteria, and the review portion of thecontract states that your compensation will change based on that review, and he doesn't want to increase the money he is paying, WALK! There is a lot of work to be done, there are a lot of entry level positions that a paper MCSE can get into.

Asfor tact, walk up to him/send him an email, and request time to "review your contract". Don't expect him to stop right there, and do it now, but have it ready if he decides now is the time to do it!

Good luck. I have done a fair amount of contracting, from both sides, so let me know if I can help you!

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