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What is the best PDA for me?

By phoebegerry2 ·
I have owned numerous Palms over the years. They usually die before a year is up. I'm tired of spending money on these things. So can you give me suggestions for a reliable PDA. It doesn't need to be connected, it doesn't need to be fancy. I just keep appointments, addresses, a game or two, a recipe program, etc. on it. I would like an OS that has a variety of programs available to me.

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just use your cell phone

by Oz_Media In reply to What is the best PDA for ...

Two birds one stoone, every two years you get a new one free.

You don't seem to be getting any additional benefits from a PDA anyway. Why not use a good contact manager on your cell phone, yes you can PD sync most nowadays into a CSV file to update with Outlook or whatever CRM you use.

You get a few games, can enter notes (recipes) or look for a downloadeabble Java app tat does it a little better.

Why even bother investing in a PDA if you REALLY don't need one?

I haven't used mine since getting satellite for my notebok.

My cell phone infra red connects to my notebook and stays up to date with numbers, email, memos, etc. Cell phones are free, plus you get to replace it for free when your contract expires (just tell them you are switching carriers, you'll get the latest phone and keep your number at no cost).

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Thanks for the idea!

by phoebegerry2 In reply to just use your cell phone

Thank you! I never thought of that. It would save me carrying an extra item... Good idea!

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Why bother?

by dafe2 In reply to What is the best PDA for ...

As (Oz) mentioned if your after a contact manager/calender just get a cel with blue tooth or IR.

However if you do require a handheld of some sort:

I'd highly recomend a Pocket PC over all the others out there. I don't use mine anymore BUT if you do have a use for one go with something based on MS Pocket PC 2003.

Toshiba & HP (IMO) are two of the best. The business oriented software choices for these is unbelievable. I found software choices for the 'Palms' gimicky & childish when evaluating their use years ago. Maybe that's changed.....but I doubt it.

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by phoebegerry2 In reply to Why bother?

Another good suggestion! Thank you!

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I used to have an HP pocket PC

by Oz_Media In reply to Why bother?

Preety cool still had handwriting recognition (not graffiti), a bunch or cool stuff and a decent color screen. But it is still a fairly flimsy gadget, much like a Palm, if they don't last, I doubt a ppc will.

A guy gave me his PPC, brand new in pachaging,he had two (and a LOT of money) so he just gave it to me. I ended up giving it to someone else when I got my notebook. Again free and nearly new still, fun toy but not pratical. Ok for a briefcase but not for a pocker, as suggested by the name.

I don't know too many pockets that are 8" X 5"! Something like that, it was almost like half a laptop!

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by dafe2 In reply to I used to have an HP pock ...

Are you thinking I'm talking about those OLD foldup jobs?

The new HP & Toshiba PPC's are smaller than the Sony & Palms???

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by Oz_Media In reply to HUh?

everything I do is graphical it's the nature of my business.

I despise little screens that look like digital watches, no thanks, no PDA.

I preferred the bigger keyboard, bigger screen (320X640?).

I think they actually still make them and they are pretty popular for mobile workers here still. They are really good for email and such as you can actually type a proper letter on one.

NOTE: Not the old Jornada pocket PC with the big clunky keyboard. It was actually pretty sleek and you could stylus right on the color display. It was just MUCH wider 7-8" or so. RJ45 Network connection, 56V modem, etc.

I don't think they sold them in Canada, maybe the US but mine was an import from Japan.

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by dafe2 In reply to Yeah

Actually stricttly speaking your right....but now they/we call any PDA based on the MS Operating system a Pocket PC.

The Jornada form factor was a 'true' pocket PC.

I owned one too, and all I remember was trying to keep batteries in the damn thing & it weighed as much as some of the laptops today.

Mine didn't have RJ45, but it did come with a printer & two drop down PCMCIA slots.

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Still sounds wrong

by Oz_Media In reply to Jornada

Mine had a rechargeable cell. Didn't weigh more than a couple of pounds max.

stylus for writing on screen or drawing in the notpad. Full office suite with Word and Excell, can't remember how much RAM or the model number though, 500 or 610 or something like that, Iforget it was nearly 3 years ago now. The guy that gave it to me was a very wealthy Chinese guy who imported lots of technology, so I believe it was Chinese or Japanese. Pretty slick though, even by todays standards.

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Yeah I know

by dafe2 In reply to Still sounds wrong

I know it 'sounds'wrong..........but the new versions have the same (better) versions of the software & then some.

I've got some of them running high end GPS code with Bluetooth GPS's.

They run the results through pocket Excel or Word & synch with the desktop.

These new ones run on Intel CPU & come with 64 Megs of ROM & 64 Megs of RAM.....

Anyway, great tools for those that need them.

Can't remember the model number of the Jornada I had but it's probably in my desk drawer somewher gathering dust :-)

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