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What is your best excuse for skipping work?

By zlitocook ·
I was reading a few on line blogs and mags. I thought about my reasons for calling in sick and why. What is your best call in sick and why?
One of mine was a woman who was more then interested in me, she would ask for me all the time. If I could not come to her desk she would find me. She then asked me to come to her house and look at her wireless setup. I told her that I do not do home repairs, she then convenced my boss that she works from home sometimes and needed her access point checked out. And I was the only one she wanted to do that. As much as I would have liked to fix her access point, I am sure it was a very fine device! I am married and have a son close to her age I do not need this kind of problem in my life. I called in and said I was a car accident and would be out for awhile.
Let me point out that she would display her uh..skills with vary nice blouses that would open too far and bring me food and other things to brighten my day, like a photo of her from glamer shots. Do not get me wrong she is a great looking 30 year old redhead, about 130 pounds and most of the guys stop talking and watch her go walking by. But if I was not married I would fix her access points all day long!
Now all the women are here are going to flame me but oh well

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by Jaqui In reply to What is your best excuse ...

what's that?
As long as I get my pot of coffee into me before I leave the house, I'm fine, and never get sick.

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by noyoki In reply to sick?

An entire POT of coffee??! Oi! How is it you don't simply expire!?

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by Jaqui In reply to Pot??!

one when I wake up,
one before lunch,
one before finishing work,
3 more before bed.
total 7 pots of coffee a day.

and at that, I've cut down from 14 a day.

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I think he means cup

by ijusth In reply to yup
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by Old-Timer In reply to yup

You're lucky.
Most days I get a cup of coffee at about 9.
Reheat it and get my second sip about 3.

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by osumiller In reply to yup

I'm impressed. More coffee tha even I can consume in a day.

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Jaqui's not the only one!

by NickNielsen In reply to Pot??!

I (and probably many others here as well) do at least a pot of coffee a day; possibly more on a bad day. There's nothing wrong with properly filtered & brewed coffee that consuming it won't fix! But, unlike Jaqui, I need to put in a little half-n-half. Military midshift coffee cannot be consumed unaltered!

Coffee! You can sleep when you're dead!

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coffee and sugar

by bewolfe In reply to Jaqui's not the only one!

I am down to 5 or so pots of coffee a day. I uused sugar for a while but the coffee keep dissolving the spoons. Who needs that much steel in your system, besides it gives a funny taste to the coffee.

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...and with all that coffee the excuse is

by SchoolNetTech In reply to coffee and sugar

I can drive to work because I?d be away from the bathroom for more than 10 minutes.

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Absolutely - 2 Pots a day

by trafficjon In reply to Jaqui's not the only one!

I drink a minimum of two POTS (not cups, not mugs - Trust me on that one) a day.

More on the weekend.

I am, however, down from the 4+ pots of coffee I used to drink.

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