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What is your favourite plant or flower, and why?

By jardinier ·
Surprise ! Surprise ! No politics, no religion, no sh*t-stirring.

The reason that I am asking this question is that gardening/horticulture has been my second trade after journalism. My modest involvement in IT is quite a recent string to my bow.

I am currently building a website:

and your input may be helful in choosing what plants or other aspects of horticulture to include on the website.

The few pictures which are on the website to date were all taken by myself, of plants in my own garden -- that is to say the garden of the family house in which I lived at various stages in my life until 10 years ago when it had to be sold as my mother had eveloped dementia and had to be transferred to a nursing home (still hanging in there at 94, but hasn't recognised any of us for several years).

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by Packratt In reply to What is your favourite pl ...

Why? Well, they are colorful, pretty, and are a lot of fun to make them "snap" open and shut. lol

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What about the Venus Fly Trap

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Snapdragons

You can spring them and they look effective as they slam shut on your finger. They also have the added benefit of catching flies so they can save you on insecticides.


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Too true

by Packratt In reply to What about the Venus Fly ...

and yes, they are very interesting plants in many ways, right up there in my favorite plant list... at least any that I would have if I were to commit such a list to paper...

Yet they aren't as colorful nor beautiful as the snapdragon.

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The TickleMe Plant won't hurt a fly!

by Plantastic In reply to What about the Venus Fly ...

But the TickleMe Plant is easy to grow and will close their leaves and lower their branches when Tickled. Just search pet TickleMe Plant

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Flowers on TechRepublic??

by Crake In reply to What is your favourite pl ...

Well... since you asked... my favorite flowers can be found in tropical climates, such as protea, heliconia, and anthuriums.

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Crocus tells me spring is coming!

by mlandis In reply to What is your favourite pl ...

Some years the colorful crocus blooms peep through the snow! Short-lived but a welcome sight.

Lavender tipped irises in late spring...

Midsummer Rose's full and fragrant blooms fill the eyes and nose with her beauty...

Hardy golden marigolds last until the first frost.


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So conventional Maureen

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Crocus tells me spring is ...

I on the other hand was an avid Carnivorous Plant Grower several years ago so much so that I had sample plants on TV and was considered as an expert by a lot of people.

The real problem for them came when they found my preferred fertilizer was "Roundup" and I only grew the carnivorous because they where totally different.

No one could understand just how I could grow such lovely plants and dislike plants in general.

If I had it my way I'd plant some green concrete seeds all around the house so I would never have to weed or mow the grass again. I prune trees with a chain saw about 1/2 an inch from the ground this is very effective as they stop dropping leaves and flowers on the ground and can not fall on the house in a storm.

Poor old Ross could never understand how I could grow such lovely plants and dislike plants in general, but I made it up to him when I went north and couldn't take my plants with me I donated them to the Local Botanical Gardens.


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by mlandis In reply to So conventional Maureen

I had done a lot of greenhouse work for a postdoc who was working on aerialphotography for mining.

I had some of the craziest things to put in the soil to see if the plant would absorb enough of the mineral to be read from a spectrograph.

Pretty cool stuff.

Anyway, at home we have hundreds of tulips and daffodils planted. My husband had done something in the early fall that he said would really surpirse me in the spring - I can't imagine what he did.

We are not allowed to remove our trees from the streets here - we have quite a few 100 year-old sycamores which drop their leaves quite late in the autumn. The trees do make the town appear quaint if not rustic. You are right though, come the winds of March or the hurricanes in the fall there are a lot of tree limbs on the road.


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Maureen it is all in the definition

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Actually

You do not cut down trees but you do prune them so they do not cause problems. I just prune severely and leave a few inches raising out of the ground that has a few holes bored into it and then fertilized with roundup just to make sure that it grows again.

It really is amazing what enough concentrated roundup will do to woody plants you just have to hide the holes that you have bored into the tree so no one becomes suspicious.

Which reminds me I have to go over to my mothers place and fertilize some of her weeds so that they are no longer taking total control of the yard.


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Green concrete seeds ..... Aaaahhh !!!!!

by jardinier In reply to So conventional Maureen

Do you realise Colin, that if someone invented a maintenance free garden, I would have to earn the bulk of my income from IT? You, know, Uncle Bill's software and all that?

Surely you would not wish this fate on me.

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