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What is your good or bad

By zlitocook ·
Story about migrating to a new or updated operating system? We went from a self-managed network to a contracted system. That was a big mistake, from day one we had nothing but problems! The help desk for the new support was only there for eight hours! Our company works 24 hours and most from home or hotels.
Another company I was contracted out to used other contractors to do networking, security etc. So when I came on board I had to call three help desk's before I could start to fix one problem.
What is your imput on this?

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Hire your own

by mjd420nova In reply to What is your good or bad

I got tired of having one problem sent to three different "HELP" desks and hired the people we needed to fill those critical areas. Now one call really does it all.

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Read the Contract

by BFilmFan In reply to What is your good or bad

Welcome to the wonderful world of IT Outsourcing. If your management failed to read the terms of the contract, signed the agreement and began paying the vendor without understanding the terms; then sir or madam, you work for dummies.

And most large organizations do outsource their work to multiple organizations. The concept of "One Stop IT Shopping" or placing all your work in one vendor's hands pretty much went out the door with the spectaculor failures of Inacom and then Entex's retreat from the marketplace. If the work is split up amongst multiple contractors, the chances of one vendor's failure doesn't impact the client's business operations.

Frankly, I think most organizations would benefit for a multi-vendor tended SPOC (single point of contact) that would then pass work off to the appropriate vendor for issue resolution. But then again, I've only been doing this 2 decades, so what the **** do I know about it compared to these wet behind the ears humanities graduates?

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