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What is your

By zlitocook ·
Favorite website to visit? Of course I mean after TR, I have six or seven of them just to unwind. I like to play Mahjong so I found a free down load for it. I like fark and crags list, or
Or a few others where do you go to unwind?

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I enjoy visiting

by Blackcurrant In reply to What is your - a very small community, but very pleasant and, for the most part, very mature

I also enjoy browsing through - awesome artwork - millions of images!

NASA's Mars Rovers are incredible:

As is the Hubble Space Telescope:

Watching reuters 'strange' videos is also good for a laugh:

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by acoastwalker In reply to I enjoy visiting - one of the oldest tech discussion forums on the web.

Always entertaining and quite often informative.

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My favorites

by NickNielsen In reply to What is your - Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division - Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - Adventures in Single Malt - Silicon Zoo - Self-explanatory

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by mekipstrob In reply to My favorites

silly people and your dihydrogen monoxide

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For Software Development

by Wayne M. In reply to What is your
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Just to name a few...

by Nacromancer In reply to What is your (Best weather and other areas of interest information in the world.) (free and safest IM Service in the world designed for the DOD) 3D.html Real Time Satelite Tracking Application and information) (Free 3D Browzer) (military research site) (all topics of Science and research) (free desktop e-mail notifier) (Designed software security for DOD) (better than Black Ice) (free computer drawing program) (Free MIT Courses) (Cheapest DSL ISP in the US) (XP MVP troubleshooting Info Site),
(DOS Commands Reference List) (for all info on anything) (great IT tools and utilities)
(great site for information on IT "How to's") (computer info) ( Computer Info) (free off site data backup service) (for free fonts) ( free large file e-mail service up to 100Mb) ( free file sharing site up to 300Mb per file) (another free large file e-mail service up to 100Mb per file) (free game)**53cc4ac02562b (free future e-mail service) send an e-mail now have it delivered later in the future. (funniest site in the world)

I have so many more I could spend a lifetime in here venturing only a few moments in each site and never reach the end of the list...

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Interesting selection

by P4T In reply to Just to name a few...

Thanks Nacromancer, some really interesting sites there.

Regards PT

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Just t orestore my own feeling of Sanity

by Mickster269 In reply to What is your

I go to

It's nice to see that I'm not the loosest bulb in the chandilier.

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My hobby web page

by straightshooter In reply to Just t orestore my own fe ...

As a Cowboy Action Shooter, I like my gun clubs page.

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