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What IT Title would you give this position?

By dhuffine ·
If you were the CTO or CIO of a company and you were hiring someone who's responsabilities are the following, what Title would you be offering this person?

Maintain all Networks
Maintain all Servers
Maintain all Workstations
Lead Research and Development
Plan all System Implimentations
Maintain all Security Aspects
Maintain Exchange Email System
Maintain DNS and Internet Services
Maintain Help Desk Software
First line of Support on regular buisness hours
First line of Support for after hours
First line of Support for Weekend Hours
Maintain all FTP clients
Maintain Terminal Servers
Keep track of Licenses and Services
Maintain all Software and Software Discisions
Maintain Active Directory

The reason I ask, is because those are my day to day job responabilities, atleast the ones I'm thinking of off the top of my head, and I have been told that "I get to choose my title"

So other than dumbass, complete moron, or Person with No Life... What title would you suggestion?

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Who do you report to, and does anyone report to you?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What IT Title would you g ...

If you have people reporting to you, I'd recommend IT Manager.

If no one reports to you now, and you're the only geek, I'd go with Senior IT Engineer, Analyst, or Technician. Don't like that? Go with IT Operations Supervisor.

Or just "God".

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by dhuffine In reply to Who do you report to, and ...

No one reports to me, although before our X sys admin skipped town, me and him BOTH reported directly to the CTO/CIO, and I was promised a grunt, but when he left a new person was brought in as Sr. Director of Administration, they are pretty much the local manager for IT, Managerless Staff, Human Resources, and Accounting. Not sure how all that works but now I report to her AND the CTO/CIO and no one reports to me.

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Systems Administrator

by The Scummy One In reply to What IT Title would you g ...
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Simple, dear

by Tig2 In reply to What IT Title would you g ...

Manager, IT Operations.

Part time Demi-God will also fit.

Welcome to TR! Do us a favor and fill in the parts of your profile that you would like us to know about you. I have a feeling that we will see you often- probably in the Questions forum. But do feel free to go anywhere you wish to. I saw in another thread that you have taken over a network that was abandoned suddenly and with no documentation. Good luck with that!

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Or even simpler....

by Roy Penfold In reply to Simple, dear

IT Manager.

My last role covered all of your list and a few more to boot!

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Yes this is my new home away from home

by dhuffine In reply to What IT Title would you g ...

Pretty much right on the money with the Demi god or god thing :). I'm not the only geek, we do have 2 developers (you know the pro-gamer types :) ) and a IT Communcations Specialist, who is in a similiar boat, he's in charge of all of the Telecommunications stuff, Finances, and Documentation.

I'll review those titles listed here I like a few of them.

And Ill take a look at the profile thing to see what type of info I can give you all about me :)

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Don't forget

by Tig2 In reply to Yes this is my new home a ...

To add an avatar- many of us use them to convey something about ourselves- there's a reason for the pink ribbon shoelace. If you don't have an image stored on the web, you can use a TR avatar or store an image using photobucket (free online image hosting).

If you have questions, ask. Somebody will have an answer for you.


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Thanks again

by dhuffine In reply to Don't forget

I think the black and gold IT works for me, 1 because im IT, and 2, becaue I live in pittsburgh home of the Steelers and I think our colors are black and gold

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by Tig2 In reply to Thanks again

And it looks good on you!

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Please excuse the ignorant question, but

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Thanks again

Are you a he or a she?

Not that it makes any difference around here; we're a meritocracy. It just handy to know when we start making off-color jokes (see any of the "Friday Yuk" topics).

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