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What Language to learn???

By Bobsta ·
I have been a Support Consultant for about 6 years now, building Computers and Networks. I now have this incredible desire to start learning how to develop software but am not sure where to begin, friends have told me I have two choices, Microsoft and everything else!! All I want to do is lay down some solid foundations into programming, what is the best language to learn in order to get a good understanding of programming in general. JAVA, VB, C++ PERL????? There are so many to choose from I'm not sure where to begin. Any suggestions???

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Solid Foundations

by jprzybytek In reply to What Language to learn???

Personnally, C++ and Java is the route to take to get a good general solid foundation in the art of programming. These two languages provide the right intellectual framework for good programming skills, hit all the right algorithms, have a huge base of followers and code that runs on many different platforms. Take courses at a college or universty.

That said, VB and Perl have proven to me to be the most usefull day-to-day languages to deal with the quick and dirty. My ability to function quickly and effectively in these languages comes from the comfort levels attained in C++ and Java. VB and Perl can be learned on your own.

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by haydies In reply to Solid Foundations

I'd say it depends if you want to learn some thing "popular" or some thing nice. Any thing with a C structure is nasty and hard to learn. Pascal was designed to learn good code structure. Where as C++ is just cobbled togeather bits and its generaly hard to read and fairly poor. Java is better, but still, its hard to learn and being very OO its not like a lot else. Again it suffers from the problems of the C syntax.

VB is bloody easy, but its basic, so not really very structured. But if you put the effort in to doing it nicely it can be very neat.

Perl, jesus, why bother with a dead language no one really uses any more?

To be honest, it really depends what sort of development you want to do. Application wise Delphi is very powerfull and teaches good code structure. The code it self is easy to read.

For web development, its really only a choice of ASP or PHP, and personaly I'd go with PHP, its got a very C like syntax. But in a lot of ways its a better and easier to use solution.

But I would seriously stay away from C, its barbaric, badly designed and hard to learn. Not to mention hard to read. C is really not a good language to learn if you want to write neat code thats not got loads of bugs in it all the time. Though its very popular, mostly because its very popular. Its not a good language.... its just easy to write a C compiler. Thats what C was designed for.

I'm sure I'll get slagged off for this one, but before any one asks, yes, I can write C, C++ and Java. I just don't like to. Its messy. Well over 10 years of OOP and I hate C++ and C is worse.

I believe it was Bjarne Stroustrup (inventer of C++) that said "In C its very easy to shoot your self in the foot, in C++ it is much harder, but when you do. You **** your whole god damn leg off".

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.net or java

by al881 In reply to

I got 20 years in and consulting this last
year. It's either Java or .Net. Seems to be the norm. To go deeper it's C# (Microsoft's answer to
Java) and J2EE (Java).

A lot of polluted Enterprise Java Beans that the
industry has convinced themselves that they need
along with a bloated Application Server for the Java side.

That being said...right now go for client/server,
SQL type work. Learn JDBC/ODBC that interfaces with db's and understand browser technology, especially IE.

This, as usual changes in 5 years. At least you want to learn. Every one i know, has their son or daughter abandoning CS and moving on.


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by REZUMA In reply to

You can be another microsoft sucker programmer and learn a language that will charge you tons of $ for the .net tools, or you can join the free world and start programming in open source.
Check, is an application server, like Cold fusion, etc, you can download the server for free, there are tons and tons of peoople already programming products in Zope. Then i will advice you to learn PYTHON the most easier and quick language to learn, it is Object oriented, you can use it for everything,web development, systems scripts, etc.
Check also, plone, is one of Zope products,, a lot of goverments organization are using it in europe (and also in US), NASA is using it...why? because is better and because is cheaper. Check this link to see who is using plone you decide to study .net good luck, if you decide to study python welcome.

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Meanwhile, during your deliberation start with Access..

by onbliss In reply to Solid Foundations

..ofcourse this is not going to give you solid programming skills. But it gives you a very good idea of front end programming and back end coding - SQL queries, tables etc. You can do a lot with Access, really :-)))

Then you can move on to .Net or Java. You might want to read up some programming books that do not talk about any one language but deals more at the OS level and how programs really work.

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From A VB Developer

by MobileTech In reply to What Language to learn???

As far as I can tell now that I have stepped out of the VB land and in to IT Management and back to VB again, it seems to go like this, those that have had their start in C/C++ are now moving in to C# and those that have started in VB are now moving in to, and dabbling in C#, those that are starting to learn how to code really have to decide if they want to target the MS platform or multi platform, if you go multi then go for something like C++ to start and then move around, DELPHI is one of those applications that is starting to die out and Java is along side the C family, personally, start with either C++ or VB6 and then choose which way you want to go, at least if you start then you will find what path your own programming desires will take you. Hope that helps

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The right answer depends on the target

by sifaqui In reply to What Language to learn???

All languages have pros and cons. The best language for file processing was COBOL, the best language for math was fortran, one of the best languages for structured programming was Pascal, one of the best languages for oo is Eiffel etc.

If your target is web development, please consider python/zope/cmf/plone, today it seems that there are two ways: J2EE and .Net

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