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What makes a discussion "hot"?

By gralfus ·
I've seen some discussions that generated a hailstorm of responses that seemed to never gain a "hot" listing, but others that generated only a comparative few did get that listing. Is it automated, or does a TR person decide what is "hot"?

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Yeah, what's up?

by Dr Dij In reply to What makes a discussion " ...

My OLD discussion on philly wi-fi city net was only 18 posts and is hanging around on hot.

While Max's disucssion on on health care costs (226 posts) isn't on the list!

What's with this?

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define hot

by mjd420nova In reply to What makes a discussion " ...

a hot discussion is usually started by one entry
that sets half of us reading one thing and the
other half another, and the debate call ignite into a whole different slant than what was originally intended.

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MIscellaneous purposely excluded

by Oz_Media In reply to What makes a discussion " ...

Miscellaneous discussions are purposely eliminated from HOT discussions.
1) they are not really IT related and we get's complaining all the time, about this being an IT site and they read a 600 post discussion post by post, offered a long rant about it and then said it's not appropriate on TR etc.

2) The off topic threads would often dominate that entire list and would remain there perpetually as they seem to go on a long time.

SO when someone STUMBLES upon TR by a search or something, it looks better to have a few current and relevant topics as HOT topics than to have, Friday Yuk or Why I hate American politics etc. on the home page.

They don't discourage the posts, but I have to accept that TR is a tech support site.

BUT...if you are a REAL PEER (not a wannabe) , you will be subscribed to the Newsletter and would get a list called TOO HOT for TR, which highlights the most popular OFF topic discussions.

(how have I slipped to #7 with bang-on comments like that? I bet it's probably something BUSH had his hand in, I could post every minute for 8 years and still get pushed to the 101 slot, just to get my avatar off the list, I tell you 'that boy aint right!')

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Ah Ha!!

by Dr Dij In reply to MIscellaneous purposely e ...

Thanks Oz

Now I understand why EL not on the list. Not that I'd want it to be.

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Then why is your 10k post listed?

by gralfus In reply to MIscellaneous purposely e ...

I thought Misc was also not listed in Hot Discussions until I saw yours there with a Misc heading.

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I dunno

by Oz_Media In reply to Then why is your 10k post ...

THat's what the TR guys have said.

PERHAPS, because it was an indication of someone staying with TR for a ong time, it is good PR or something. As opposed to just a joke topic or political/religious thread, though it is changing rapidly as we segue into politics and religion.

But I know that there's a purposeful elemination of miscellanous threads from the Hot Topics, and they are listed in the newsletter as Too Hot for TR, as explained by the site designers.

Beyond that, you'd have to ask them why they would choose one miscellaneous post for HOT topics.

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by FirstPeter In reply to Then why is your 10k post ...

It's because it's OZ - that's why. EVERYBODY wants to hear what Oz has to say. He's only driven one person from this site in over 10K posts (although if you read the "I'm leaving because of Oz" post you'd probably believe 9K of those 10K posts were directly aimed at destroying the character of the poster who's leaving) - that's a pretty good track record.

That is a really interesting question, though. I see TRs point (since it IS a tech site), but heck - some of the tech discussions get off on politics as easily as misc conversations get on to technology.

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They like Oz

by jdclyde In reply to Then why is your 10k post ...

for some reason the rest of us are confused by....


Actually, it isn't really too far off IT topic. It shows that TR can hold on to members for more than a few weeks. That someone has been around that long and still comes back shows there must be something of value to everyone else.

At least that is my story and I'm sticking to it.

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I'm getting to where

by jck In reply to They like Oz

I like less and less in life.

My sister (the *****) was right...I'm becoming a bitter, lonely old man.

oh least I have my Guinness!!!!

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by FirstPeter In reply to I'm getting to where

I thought jdclyde took your Guiness from you...

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