what part of my pc is dead

By seanmckay666 ·
hello. i have a shuttle motherboard ak38n, a amd athlon xp 266 mhz cpu, 3 kingston 256 meg ddr 333 ram. all built by myself 3 years ago. and been working fine till yesterday when my monitor went blank. i thought it crashed and restarted the pc powerd up with no beeps and just the fans. ive read through the forums and stripped my com out and tested it out of case.
with just the mobo and pu it powers up (green led lights on) but no beep still. ive tried it with the cpu + heatsink/fan and still nothing.
i havent got another mobo or cpu i can test either of these to find out what else could be wrong. as i have no beeps i can't pinpoint the problem. any help would be excellent. thankyou.

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No beeps but fans run

by mjd420nova In reply to what part of my pc is dea ...

Certainly sounds like a video BIOS not starting. Try another video card. If the video is integrated, then the motherboard is bad.

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tried other video card

by seanmckay666 In reply to No beeps but fans run

it hasn't got a onboard graphics.
ive tried a working agp geforce fx graphics card and i still get the same result.

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Bad MoBo

by juan.sifuentes In reply to tried other video card

Unfortunately, it looks like you do have a bad motherboard. Did you see if any of the capacitors on the motherboard are either leaking or bubbled up on top. Sometimes when the caps go bad you can turn on the PC but you get no beeps and no screen.

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mobo still like new

by seanmckay666 In reply to Bad MoBo

hello, i just checked the motherboard and it still looks new, all the capacitors are fine.
thanks for the reply. i'll have to build a new system.

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cpu is burnt

by Naw-yi In reply to what part of my pc is dea ...

no beeps, and powers fans, psu sounds good.

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tested mobo with new cpu

by seanmckay666 In reply to cpu is burnt

Thankyou Naw-yi, i bought a new cpu to test the mobo' but still got the same results.

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Bios ???

by seanmckay666 In reply to what part of my pc is dea ...

is it possible that a virus or hacker can wipe the bios so it seems that the board is dead, or would i still get some sort of post. if so is it possible to reflash.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to what part of my pc is dea ...

Have you checked the cmos battery.

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battery checked

by seanmckay666 In reply to CMOS BATTERY

been out and bought a new one just in case still didn't work.

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could be psu

by Naw-yi In reply to battery checked

fans will turn and mb light will turn on, but still its been a bad psu. swap out a known good psu for the 1 u have. doesnt have to be a powerful 1 just compatiable.

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