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what question to ask?

By kay.salehi ·
our office is very small. My boss is veiw other medical software. They are wanting to change to another medical software. I sat in on a demo today. It looked like a DOS mapped over to look like windows. we have windows xp standard on our server with minimum requirement. on our stations we have windows xp professional. What are the question I need to ask to really determin if it will run on our small network. we have 15 station. What is the usual amount charge or a conversion from one medical system data to another?

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by Bergy In reply to what question to ask?

I have sold medical billing software systems in the past but it was a long time ago. I am sure there are many very good systems out there.
I would do some research on Google for Medical Office Billing Systems. Use that as your search phrase. I have a friend who I think is still in the business in Southern California. You could search on his name and see what you come up with. Name is Gary Kvisler. Hope this helps.

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by Bergy In reply to

Check out this web site -- they seem to offer a variety of software packages.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to what question to ask?

OK digging back into the dim distant past all Medical Software and here I'm thinking of the entire package not just the billing side of things that contain patient records and everything related to that person. They generally speaking don't have a great looking GUI as they are written by Professionals who are more concerned with performance than looks so while they may look very basic they actually are high performers in the data recovery and writing stakes.

Eye Candy isn't really important to Professionals but performance is so that is what they are looking for.

You'll need to ask what are the minimum System Requirements to actually run this software just to see if your current hardware will support the software and if it's a complete Medical Package you'll need a lot of storage space as all the patient records are going to be stored on the system so some form of Redundancy would also be necessary so a Mirrored RAID Array would be considered as necessary and some form of Backup system that performs a complete data backup at least monthly and incremental backups at least weekly.

If your main server which you said was XP Standard which I'm taking to mean the Home version you'll be having connectivity issues with the other 15 workstations as they all can not connect to the server at the same time as the upper limit with Home is 5 concurrent connections and with Pro it's only 10 concurrent connections so if you need to connect all the workstations at the same time you'll have to step up to a real Sever OS as well.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

You'll need to ask what the program is designed to run on and if it can be run off the Server or needs to be installed on each workstation and only get the data from the server and then see what the necessary Hardware Software combination is. Generally these programs run off SQL as the D Base and need to be installed on each workstation and even then most have different modules that you are capable of installing one set for Doctors so that have access to the complete patient history and another set of modules for the front counter so the bills can be made up with no access to the patient records other than the very minimum to allow the bill to be made up.

If this software requires a Net Connection you'll need to ask if they require something like PC Anywhere to be installed so they can perform regular updates to the software and you'll also need to ask what security measures they need to allow them access to the systems generally this is a VPN into the Workstations so updates can be performed in real time.

Now the way that this type of software works is that each doctor has a workstation on their desktop and a couple at the front counter for the Receptionist to make up bills and set appointments so if you have 15 workstations that would be 13 Doctors and 2 front counter stations for the entry of appointments and bill processing with your description your current system will not work properly as most of the doctors will be locked out of the system or even worse the front counter staff will be locked out and will be unable to make appointments or print out bills.

You could also ask if this software has been ported to Linux as that would save you a considerable sum of money in a Server OS but it may not prove possible to run a Nix Server and XP Pro workstations as the software may not function on a Nix platform with a Windows Emulator.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Just by the way 16 computers isn't a small network by MS standards it's actually considered as a medium sized network for licensing costs.


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by hjneal In reply to what question to ask?


If you haven't already found a system for your office, I would recommend visiting one of the many medical software review websites. Most allow you to sort through products based on your software needs. This website narrows down products as you fill out a search box. Check it out: <a href="" target="blank"></a>

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