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What RSS feeds should GeekRepublic feature?

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
Your old pal the Trivia Geek will be on vacation next week, so our GeekRepublic beta page probably won't be updated again until Sept. 13. This segues nicely into a conversation about automated content systems, specifically RSS feeds. The GeekRepublic team is looking at adding several RSS feeds to our eventual Gold Release of GeekRepublic, both to liven up the content and prevent us from having to manually update the page.

So, let's take it the people, people. What RSS feeds should GeekRepublic incorporate? We've got Wired, Fark, Slashdot, Gamespot,, and on the short list already. Weigh in on these candidates and suggest a few of your own in this discussion.

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RSS feeds

by hrhsoleil In reply to What RSS feeds should Gee ... Learn one new thing each day.

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by Marc Erickson In reply to What RSS feeds should Gee ...

I claim a bias, since I post for them, but Chris Pirillo is in the forefront of RSS feed adoption. Pick any one of his <a href=">channels</a> and you'll be happy.

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by BAuDLands In reply to Lockergnome

I agree, Lockergnome is the first thing that came to my mind when I read the phrase "suggest RSS feeds"

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RSS feed of Tech Q&A section

by Joseph Moore In reply to What RSS feeds should Gee ...

That's my suggestion, a RSS feed for the Tech Q&A section, and also for the New Discussions section.

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A vote for TheRegister

by h2owe2 In reply to What RSS feeds should Gee ...

I don't know about RSS feeds but the Odds&Sods and Science pages of are undoubtedly of interest to most GeekRepublic consumers and these are updated daily.

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What RSS feeds?

by david-dasilva In reply to What RSS feeds should Gee ... is pretty good, but it isn't a rss feed, lol

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by mjmarcus In reply to What RSS feeds should Gee ...
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by danielfe In reply to What RSS feeds should Gee ...

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