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    What should a client service survey con


    by fpost ·

    We are thinking about designing a survey that can be sent randomly to some of our users after they place a service call to our IS department. The survey would ideally be about 10 questions long asking our users to rate the quality of our service, and take no more than 5 minutes to fill out. Does anyone out there do this? What do you feel are the most important questions to ask?

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      What should a client service survey con

      by stefan.mcintyre ·

      In reply to What should a client service survey con

      How long have you had this problem.

      On your initial call, how long was it before you actually talked to a technician or recieved a call back

      ON a scale from 1 to 10
      Was the Technician courteous?

      Is this the first or second time you’ve had this problem or is this an ongoing situation?

      Was the resolution to the problem acceptable or more work/complicated then necessary.

      Would the problem have occurred if your dept. gave you more training.

      Did the technician explain the problem and/or the resolution?

      Did the technician follow up to make sure the problem didn’t re-appear?


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      What should a client service survey con

      by budnelson ·

      In reply to What should a client service survey con

      5 minutes is WAY too long. Just ask:
      Is the problem fixed ?
      If not , did the technician advise you of the next step ?
      How long did you wait for a call-back ?
      Are you satisfied with the service ?
      Suggestions/Comments ?

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      What should a client service survey con

      by ahttech ·

      In reply to What should a client service survey con

      We use a SAS Postcard with the following…
      Staff Couteousness Exc Good Poor
      Staff Knowledge
      Speed of Service
      Overall Satisfaction
      Will you contact us for next service needs?
      Y N Maybe
      and then a couple lines for comments.

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      What should a client service survey con

      by wayne m. ·

      In reply to What should a client service survey con

      What information are you looking for? What is the purpose of the survey?

      Surveys are a good way to verify suspected ideas about your users. They are not very good for soliciting general information.

      If you want to do the latter, do personal interviews rather than a survey. Select about 10 users. Go out to them and talk to them for about an hour concerning their experiences. Listen to what they say. Don’t try to justify or explain things, just listen. Take written notes. Also, pay a lot of attention to what the users say when you get ready to leave their office. People will tend to relax when they feel the inverview is ‘over’ and tell you what is really on their minds, especially if you have been really listening to them.
      Surveys are best at verifying suspected information. General information gathering is best done using direct face to face contact. Use the tool that best fits your situation.

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      What should a client service survey con

      by mindbump ·

      In reply to What should a client service survey con

      Q1: How long did it take to reach a service professional? Immediate, 1-5 min, in an hour, within 1 day, never.

      Q2: Before contacting the Help Desk, what percent confidence did you have that your problem could be resolved adequately? 0-100%

      Q3:Was the issue resolved to your satisfaction? If not, why?

      Q4: Did your Service Professional seem knowledeable about your problem and able to address it. (Very much, somewhat, not at all)

      Q5: Did the Service Professional respond courteously, patiently and with sincere interest in helping you? If not, how should the response been improved?

      Q6: Have you contacted the Help Desk before, or was this the first time?

      Q7: Given the amount of time it took to address your issue, was it worth the time and effort or did it take too long?

      You should then cross reference answers to these questions and segment them into meaningful groups. For example, was there a correlation between expectation before hand and satisfaction afterward. Do first time users differ

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