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    What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster


    by jimhm ·

    So I see the FBI has arrested and charged a 18 year old – “UP/AP – WASHINGTON — A Minnesota teenager known online as “teekid” has been arrested for unleashing the “Blaster” infection on the Internet weeks ago. A Minnesota court official has identified the 18-year-old as Jeffrey Pxxxx, who is to make a court appearance Friday in St. Paul. ”

    If convicted – what do other techs think should happen to him. Slap on the wriste – jail time – fines –

    And the funny thing is – this kid will land a super job at Norton or McAffee.. or some other antivirus place when its all said and done..

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      Nail him

      by it support services manager ·

      In reply to What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

      Nail the kid. He is an adult and he did commit a crime. How much did it cost all these companys to be down? Admitly they did not install the patches. But just because the door is open doesn’t make it right for someone to come inside

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        Sorry it had to be him….

        by jkaras ·

        In reply to Nail him

        but thats the price you pay for doing mischief. He unfortuantly will be sacrificed on the cross, so to speak. He is going to be an example for committing this crime quite harshly as people see that creating a stupid virus to look cool or clever could ruin your life. No he wont get off or a dream job like catch me if you can. He’ll probly try the defense that he wanted to prove himself and get the dream job like in the movies. He will be passed around like a joint in a Marley concert while in jail. He should do at least 5 years in prision, but he cannot get a job that requires computer access. That alone will prevent him from ever being able to work so I dont know what penalty he should be given. Despite what’s happening to him right now I’m sure he thinks he’s the coolest and that all will know his name only to find out no one will remember him in 2 weeks. However I feel for the Star Wars kid, that is never going to go away and what’s worst it is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet, all versions. And the poor kid is never going to get a dime, satisfaction, or a normal life again so the Kobe accuser can cry about her life all she wants but falls short of the Star wars kid.

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          Sorry it had to be him…. ?

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Sorry it had to be him….

          INderstanding you see him as you would any other kid, I know I did my fair share of crap to srew people when I was a kid, still do once in a while.

          But as said before, he is NOT a kidm he is an adult. He comitted a serious crime that effected THOUSANDS of businesses and probably cost millions of dollars when all added up.

          It’s not like he didn’t know better or wasn’t aware of the consequences or something.
          He deliberately created malicious code and intended it to shut down businesses and thier networks as a poke at Bill Gates and the millions who use Windows.

          I say send him to the White House and let BUSH put him to work, that’s bound to get him killed in no time. Or put a British uniform on him and send him to American boot camp, they’re bound to ACCIDENTALLY kill him. We all know acidents like that happen, especially in the US.

          OUCH!!! Sorry guys, you know I can’t resist laughing at the US military.

          No offense to those who serve their country, but it IS funny if you’re not American.

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          Actually from my reading of things

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Sorry it had to be him…. ?

          He wasn’t the original author of the code so he will be nailed to the cross for something that he didn’t do. Sorry but that makes no sence to me particuarly as MSBlaster was only written after MS had identified a flaw in their OS’s and released a patch for them. If any business where affected it was their own fault as the original “fix” was released on the 24-7-03 and Blaster had it’s susposed maxinum effect on the 26-8-03 {I think as anything more that a few days old is “Old Hat” to me.}

          Actually I don’t see Blaster as the problem that the media made it out to be because it was fixed before the worm was ever written thigs like “Slammer” are far worse as they come unexpected and it is that much harder to protect against them.

          Remember that the code for Slammer is now Public Domain so I suspose we’ll all be seeing a landslide of varients of that appearing some of which could be far worse than the original.

          Sure this “Kid” should have know better if he dilebertly realised in into the wild but if it was some thing accidental or not intended then I think he will be paying a very high price for his mistake and as far as these things go it wasn’t even that effective as we all knew about it long before the media got their grubby little hands on the story and blew the story up out of all proportion.

          What is the interesting thing here however is that they have managed to trace MSBlaster back to a US source when almost all the rest come from 3rd world countries and not the developed countries like Australia, the UK, Canadia or the US.

          Is it just me or do others think that they want someone to hang out to dry in a very public manner for a lot of system admin mistakes?

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          Nail Him

          by jim phelps ·

          In reply to Actually from my reading of things

          They should nail him, to make a public example out of him. At the same time, they should include viruses, worms, etc., as a category under “Terrorism” for the Homeland Security folks to deal with. They just might catch some of these people if they call it what it is.

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          Vandalism v. Terrorism

          by cactus pete ·

          In reply to Nail Him

          Let us not cheapen what terrorism really is by including such trivial things of which it is not in its definition.

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          I concur dpetrak.

          by mrafrohead ·

          In reply to Vandalism v. Terrorism

          A virus is NOT terrorism.

          This wouldn’t have worked if there weren’t idiots that allowed it. Like the Maryland Motor Department I think it was… Good grief, a Government agency hit by this piddly worm.

          You want terrorists, go to Afghanistan, there are no terrorists on a pc.


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          a long hiatus

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Vandalism v. Terrorism

          After a long hiatus MrAfrohead rears his afrohead once again. Interesting.

          Welcome back, glad to hear you’re still around, I was actually thinking about TR people that haven’t been around much lately and BAM, there you are!

          “This wouldn’t have worked if there weren’t idiots that allowed it.” – You are very right, but….that’s almost like saying if you don’t wear a bullet proof vest in L.A. you deserve to get shot?! It is the Admins fault that they got hit with this one, but only because a patch was available and not applied. It still doesn’t justify people writing malicious code. I can write code that will dunce a whole host of high end encryption and credit card verification machines machines that are protected with Python scripts. I find it a little more acceptable to visit or contact these companies and tell them of the vulnerability instead. With MS that is MUCH harder, I think only Maxwell has Billy’s direct number. This doesn’t give the excuse of sending out malicious mail and wasting everyone’s time and resources though. I didn’t write Windoze, why should I constantly pay for thier mistakes? I’m forced to run like software to that of the company’s I support, it makes it easier to walk people through problems. I don’t want to run a dual OS on my notebook because Windoze will be one of the OS’s, and I’m not too happy about it.

          So, I’m stuck with this crap, at least until the Linux/Novell merge comes up with something better.

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          Reply To: What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

          by mrafrohead ·

          In reply to Vandalism v. Terrorism

          As simply put as I can come up with right now is this.

          Yes, I concur, Windoze is a shitty os… BUT if you’re going to use it, you have to take care of it. And keep it maintained. If not, there are tons of *nix systems that can be run as an alternative.

          Though if you’re going to ask me which one, that you’d be better asking LordInfidel. I myself am still having a hard time figuring out how to change the resolution on my RedHat box in between all of my time patching the rest of my MSh*t boxes.


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          Re: Vandalism v. Terrorism

          by jim phelps ·

          In reply to Vandalism v. Terrorism

          >Let us not cheapen what terrorism really is by including such trivial things of which it is not in its definition.

          dpetrak: The only difference between a religious terrorist and a hacker / cracker / virus writer (that has a certain rhythm to it, don’t you think?) is that the h/c/vw’s religion is anarchy, whereas the religious terrorist’s religion is an actual religion. It’s a religious cause to them both. They’re both destroying property and people’s lives for the sake of their respective religions.

          We need to nail them both.

        • #3379398


          by cactus pete ·

          In reply to Vandalism v. Terrorism

          Though I believe I see your argument for what it is, and I think i understand your rationale, I respectfully disagree.

          I don’t know that SoBig or MSBlast were the cause of any deaths, or struck terror in any person so as to change their socio-political bent… What’s more, I don’t believe the were INTENDED to do any of that.

          Terrorism, as I see it, begins with the intent of the terrorist. This person has a desired endpoint, and actively attempt to get there by the most gruesome means possible.

          I don’t expect most virus writers to actually care much about anarchy, either. They are, likely, just doing it because they can. They might think it to be cool to unleash something that forces others to pay attention to their creation, or they get a sense of powers, perhaps, by feeling as though they’ve influenced others and MADE them do something, whether it be cleaning up the mess, or applying patches. It might be a real sense of value to them then.

          This is not to say, however, that one could not combine the two activities. So far, as far as the general public knows [ie, me], no one has done this. But would it likely involve a mass mailer, or would it more likely be changing a setting on one very specific monitoring control at some very important energy/water plant or some such thing?

          But let us not equate the level of destruction of temporary loss of internet connections with the very permenant loss of lifestyle and life itself.

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          Vandalism vs terrorism

          by jim phelps ·

          In reply to Vandalism v. Terrorism


          >I don’t know that SoBig or MSBlast were the cause of any deaths, or struck terror in any person so as to change their socio-political bent… What’s more, I don’t believe the were INTENDED to do any of that.

          Agreed. But we still should nail these people. My purpose in classifying it as “terrorism” is so that the US Justice Dept can justify going after them with the same resources they are now using to find terrorists. If they do that, they’ll catch many of them.

          >But let us not equate the level of destruction of temporary loss of internet connections with the very permenant loss of lifestyle and life itself.

          I agree. I’m just fed up with these people’s ability to shut down sections of the economy seemingly at will. For example, my email service is down (and has been since yesterday) due to a denial of service attack. And I get tons of junk in my inbox every day.

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          The how

          by cactus pete ·

          In reply to Vandalism v. Terrorism

          I can’t fault your intentions, Jim. I know it’s frustrating, too. But we have to prioritize a bit here, and the reources we have going after terrorism must stay where they are.

          Perhaps some other task force can be created for cyberterrorism, and good practice for them would be to go after worm and virus distributors. Sounds like a win-win to me…

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          Pointing the finger

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Actually from my reading of things

          Of course the USA is going to point the finger. In Canada, everyone knows, the RCMP “Always get thier man” in the States, it’s “To Protect and Serve”, with a crap line line that, they have to at least catch somebody once in a while. In order to do this, they simply grab the first unsuspecting guy in arms reach and blame him.
          Upon releasing the info to the media, the American public is once again reassured that America is the super power that can’t be touched.

          “We’ve found a witch, may we burn her?”

        • #2745573

          Re: No offense

          by jim phelps ·

          In reply to Sorry it had to be him…. ?

          >Put a British uniform on him and send him to American boot camp, they’re bound to ACCIDENTALLY kill him. We all know acidents like that happen, especially in the US

          >No offense to those who serve their country, but it IS funny if you’re not American.

          We don’t ALL know that accidents like that happen. It just so happens, Oz, that we Americans consider the British to be our best friends on the world scene. No other developed country has sided with us like the British. No one even comes close.

          I thought you lived in the US for awhile.

          Offense taken.

        • #2745554

          Sorry Jim, you were wrong.

          by mrafrohead ·

          In reply to Re: No offense

          Oz isn’t from the US. Actually he’s an assclown that likes to make a lot of fun of it. Read his prior posts and you’ll see them. It’s sad but true. I actually was quite surprised to see the troll still here after my long long break…

          I apologize for getting off topic here, but just had to clarify this.


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          Very eloquent

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Sorry Jim, you were wrong.

          How I’ve missed your anal comments and useless attempts at slander.

          Jim is actually someone who I converse with quite often. Even though we disagree on political subjects, not all of them but some, he still has the maturity to accvept an opinion and not spout that America rules the world as some delusional US citizens do.

          In response to Jim’s post, I’m actually British, I know I’ve lived in the US and have two US offices (soon to be closed after Nov contracts expire)but I’m not nor have ever held American Citizenship. I’m a British citizen with Landed Ignorant status as a permanent resident in Canada and England. My reason for the back and forth so easily.

          As for mr-bald-afro head, welcome back, during your long hiatus have you thought of something intelligent and came back to say something?
          Let the flame begin.

          NOTE: I get bored of ridiculous arguments quite quickly these days, if you’re gonna rant at least make it sensible.

        • #2745498

          My my my…

          by mrafrohead ·

          In reply to Very eloquent

          It’s funny, for as much as I can’t stand you Oz, it’s actually somewhat nice to see you in here… Maybe it’s all of the medicine I’m looped on now… ;p

          Newho – that’s great that y’all are friends. I’m just pointing him to the truth as I saw it last time I was here and you were here. You are VERY anti-American.

          And just because I’m pointing you out, isn’t saying that I am in the “you’re American or you’re nothing” stereotype. Quite contrary. You’re from where you are, I honestly could give a shit less. I see it as we’re all stuck on this jacked up rock we live on and that’s about it. We each get to endure each others stupidity. Screw borders.

          As for something intelligent for you Oz. How’s this:

          There are 24 cans of beer in a case, and 24 hours in a day. Coincidence???

          I think not.


          **/me blows out the flame with a fart**

        • #3378394

          There are 24 cans of beer in a case, and 24 hours in a day. Coincidence???

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Very eloquent

          Not really, in Eastern Canada, a case is a 24. ergo a case a day. In BC they consider a case a 12 pack, therefore you need TWO cases a day.

          As for me being Anti-American, I’m really not. I enjoy visiting my affiliates down there and love the fact that you can drink hundreds of beers and still drive home.

          What I don’t like about the US is the politics and how American citizens make it such an integral part of thier day. In Canada, if you start talking about politics in the local bars, you’d be sitting y yourself in no time. People don’t care, don’t want to know and DEFINITELY don’t judge each other based on thier political preference. Our premier recently got pulled over for Drunk Diving in Hawaii, it was in the news for a day or two then noting more said. Most peole didn’t give a damn. He’s just a guy with a job, not our country’s founder or our creator, just Gordie. If he had made a rash deicision against the wishes of most of the free world, do you think Canadians would have supported him? NOT!
          Even the Canadian soldiers would stay in the strip clubs.
          You’re not a bad guy, we’ve had differences and arguments but that is only because I hate narrow minded opinions without reason, which we were arguing about at the time. No big deal.

          You say you’re on some decent dope, did you have an accident or fall sick ?

          Sounds like you’re on your feet and back at it so I’m sure i’ll hear more from you soon.

          Take care man,

        • #3378350

          Why Thank You ;)

          by mrafrohead ·

          In reply to Very eloquent

          Nice response.

          Since you asked, neither happened. I went CRAAAAAAZY… ;p



          oh wait I forgot, —-> ey, hoser???? wocka wocka

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          Let the punishment fit the crime …

          by jardinier ·

          In reply to Sorry it had to be him….

          Unless the sentence is severe enough to deter other would-be hackers and virus writers, it will be effective against no-one except this particular perpetrator.

          Well I love watching C.S.I. and similar programs, and I think that an exhaustive survey should be done to create a psychological profile of the hacker/virus writer. While in some cases deliberate malice may be a factor, I strongly suspect that the challenge to create more and more clever viruses is the primary motivation.

          However, when the virus is created in the full knowledge that it will do severe damage and cause widespread disruption and loss of money, then it becomes a deliberate crime.

          And because of this, the particular 18 year-old does not deserve any sympathy, or earn any kudos for his undoubted cleverness.

        • #2746242

          A good read

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Let the punishment fit the crime …

          You mentioned you like CSI and others,I assume crime/forensic types shows. As much as I credit CSI for its integrity, it BARELY touches the surface of a true forensic investigation (kinda hard to pack those facts into an hour), have you ever read Michael Slade or Patricia Cornwell?
          If you like forensic science and psychological, criminal profiling, these are MUST read authors.

          Their life experience and intensely accurate writing style (almost true crime) is second to none! Check ’em out if you haven’t already done so.

        • #2746831

          Thanks for the tip …

          by jardinier ·

          In reply to A good read

          I have made a note of these authors, but I don’t usually have much spare time for reading.
          I watch TV primarily for escapism (hence intense drama, with plenty of action and witty dialogue fills the bill).
          However, and speaking as a journalist to someone who is no doubt very much more a worldy wise person than myself, you will be aware that you can get a better idea of how the world really ticks by watching selected TV series and movies.
          The Press is restricted by libel laws and can’t publish anything about individuals (other than opinion) unless it has been proven, usually through the courts.
          However, put in a fictional setting it is easy to depict what REALLY goes on, in a way that the media can rarely safely do. Forget the English tabloids — I doubt if anyone takes them seriously anyhow.

          Now here is a real-life experience of my own. In the 1970s when developers were trying to demolish most of the historic and still fully functional terrace houses in Kings Cross, Ted Noffs of the Wayside Chapel and some heiress named Juanita Nielson funded a newspaper to fight against the overdevelopment and wilful destruction of historial properties. I was invited (encouraged) to work as a reporter for this newspaper. I declined. And just as well. Juanita Nielson mysteriously disappeared and her body has never been found. More than likely it is entombed in a concrete pillar supporting one of these new buildings.

          So certain people, especially journalists, lawyers, politicians and many general roustabouts know precisely what is going on behind the scenes, but in most cases the media can’t touch it.

          Another personal example was one of Australia’s earliest and most popular soapies “Number 96.” Well it was a revelation to the general public, as it depicted the lives of people who lived in the inner city. But I had already been there, done that.

          So keep living for the moment, Oz, because as we grow older, we become more and more aware of how precious each moment is. Fiction, drama, fantasy, myth and legend have always been an integral part of any society. Because through these we can vicariously greatly extend our experience of the human condition.

        • #3378551

          Star Wars Kid

          by zulj ·

          In reply to Sorry it had to be him….

          That guy is a legend. I believe he got an original Darth Maul lightsaber signed by Ray Park!

          Hrrmmm…think I may just go out make my own home video.

          As for the Blaster Worm guy. Well, I sure they’re going to nail him badly. Don’t have much sympathy for him. Think is really pathetic the way they think they’re cool by creating malicious viruses.

          Also I don’t believe he will ever be allowed to be involved in any IT work. From what I can gather the days of hiring expert hackers are over. I think companies would rather see these guys in jail.

      • #3379621

        He did the crime. Let him do the time.

        by slw1948 ·

        In reply to Nail him

        There’s no ifs, ands, or buts, coulda, shoulda, or
        woulda about it. The kids a jerk, he proved as much by bragging about his juvenile conduct. Get a job with McAfee or Norton? Unlikely. He took the simpleist of integrety exposures, a template, and let it loose upon hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses. He’s 18. He’s an adult. He should pay for his misconduct. Nuf Said.
        /Steven Walker, Ph.D.C.S., J.D., C.C.I.E.

    • #2746240

      unfortunately… he isn’t the orginal author

      by agent| ·

      In reply to What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

      They have a kid that isn’t the original author of the code as also stated in the articles on zdnet and other tech news sites. He altered the original and created the “B” variant of the worm which didn’t do much as compared with the latest variant or the original SoBig release. For releasing even a variant of the worm, yes he should be punished. He’ll be made an example of and the government will be happy. And so will the original author, as he laughs behind his computer, knowing he’s taken better steps to hide his tracks then this “noobie” script kiddie. I hope they do find the original author of this worm and give him or her the max penalties allowed by law.

    • #2746212

      illiterate people

      by newf007 ·

      In reply to What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

      This isn’t a comment on the kid but rather a little advice to some of you folks who have this computer knowledge; LEARN HOW TO SPELL. I am new in this business but at least if I post something that I know a lot of people are going to read I ensure my spelling is correct. Some of you folks come across as completely illiterate.

      • #2746198

        Yes, you sure are new …

        by jardinier ·

        In reply to illiterate people

        After considerable debate, the general attitude of regular posters to these discussions is that anyone who comments on someone else’s spelling error should be DRAWN AND QUARTERED.

        However if you get a buzz out of feeling superior, then so be it.

      • #2746183

        Not really illiterate

        by trvlnldy ·

        In reply to illiterate people

        NewF – I also am bothered by the typos, misspellings and grammatical errors that are found throughout online postings and emails in general. But I have come to the conclusion it’s a matter of time vs. accuracy.

        I think most folks composing posts and emails are more interested in doing it quickly and hitting the ‘send’ than in getting it perfect. They know their readers will figure out their meaning.

        • #2746747

          You’ve hit the nail on the head …

          by jardinier ·

          In reply to Not really illiterate

          Yes, your deduction is absolutely right. We are so eager to respond to the various postings, that speed is the key factor.

          I’m sure that in due course you will learn to be more interested in the content of any particular posting than the precision of it’s presentation. With the exception of a few people who are no doubt skilled touch-typists, most of us wince in pain after we press the “submit” button and find that our typo which we didn’t spot is recorded for all eternity at TechRepublic.

          Glad to have a new member in the clan.

      • #2746766

        From an Illiterate one

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to illiterate people

        Rather than read us all as illiterate bunch think more along the lines of being totally dependant on a spell checker and word processor.

        If you can type without mistakes so much the better but the rest of us actually have been working in the IT industry for a very long time and have become dependant on WP?s so I think your comments are more a reflection on you rather than the rest of us.

      • #2745751

        Another god of the Spell / Grammar world

        by jimhm ·

        In reply to illiterate people

        Oh man – who cares if your biggest problem in this world is reading something with a few errors in it… well Dam God Bless you.

        If it takes this to make your small life feel superior to others – well God Bless you..

        You know – some peoples brains run faster than their hands, others are dislexic, others just put other thoughts and respond – where do you get off with your superior attitude.. if you don’t like reading spelling errors – then don’t read any of the posts –

        • #2745713

          superior attitude?

          by freddy2k1 ·

          In reply to Another god of the Spell / Grammar world

          The Great and All-Knowing JimMH accuses someone of having a superior attitude? If that isn’t the illiterate pot calling the kettle black. If we were in a room together having a discussion, would you be as sloppy with your oral statements? You need to reboot your brain, Daddy. It doesn’t take that long to check your spelling as you go.

        • #2745705

          Ah Yes –

          by jimhm ·

          In reply to superior attitude?

          Ah Yes I am the Tech God and all must bowe before me and give me gold and silver – DAH – I will not address you comment on that one. But as to your comments on spelling errors and grammical mistakes. You sound like the ugly US citizen that believes everyone in the world writes and read English (or should), and if they don’t they are stupid – ignorant – a bafoon, of lower intelligance than yourself.

          The first problem with those like you that blast folks for spelling incorrectly or use incorrect grammar. Is that this is a worldwide forum!

          So lets see you reply in French, German or Russian.Not everyone here uses English as its primary langauge or even secondary language.

          And even if they do have english as a primary or secondary language – Canadian English – British English – Austrialan English – South African English – are all different deversions of the Language. Just as if you drove from the Northern board of Canada to the tip of Florida – you would have a difference in the Language..

          So get your head out of the clouds – come back to earth – read them for the content not the text. Learn something – Because I reply quickly and don’t spell check a forum – what makes you think I would do the same thing in the office… DAH –

          Final point – if you don’t like the spelling errors or gramical mistakes – don’t read the message – close it and move on … Get over it –
          90% don’t care – they figure out what someone is trying to say and move on …

          Don’t be the Ugly Yank – you make us all look bad

        • #3378390

          Lazy Native English Speakers

          by jim phelps ·

          In reply to Ah Yes –

          I’m with Freddy — we ALL need to take just a moment and make sure that we have used correct spelling and grammar. If we’ll take JUST A MINUTE to do this, we’ll catch most of the errors.

          The speaker has a certain responsibility in civilized society to bear the burden of communication whenever he is doing the speaking. He shouldn’t put that burden on the listener. It’s just common courtesy.

          BTW, JimHM, I KNOW that this is not an American forum. But English is YOUR native language. It doesn’t bother me so much when, say, a Russian or a Chinese makes mistakes in their English. In fact, I commend them for doing as well as they do. What irks me is when a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER such as yourself is simply TOO LAZY to glance over their post before submitting it.

        • #3378379

          The speaker has a certain responsibility in civilized society to bear the b

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Lazy Native English Speakers

          Don’t read too much poetry then I suppose?!

        • #3378376

          Reading Poetry

          by jim phelps ·

          In reply to The speaker has a certain responsibility in civilized society to bear the b

          Oz, I WRITE poetry. I find that it’s easier (and different) to write poetry than music, and so I do both.

          I have copywrited one of my poems. I’ll email it to you. It’s called “I live on Busy Street”.

        • #3378375

          Then you should know

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to The speaker has a certain responsibility in civilized society to bear the b

          There a No rules when it comes to writing poetry.
          Poets don’t worry about grammar, they spell the way words sound and feel, not really the way words are listed in a dictionary.

        • #3378257

          Rules of Poetry

          by jim phelps ·

          In reply to The speaker has a certain responsibility in civilized society to bear the b

          >Then you should know there a No rules when it comes to writing poetry. Poets don’t worry about grammar, they spell the way words sound and feel, not really the way words are listed in a dictionary.

          In this day and time they don’t. But back in the days when art was really art (and music was really music), the artist was more careful with his work.

          Think about what you’re saying, Oz! You’re saying that you’re writing poetry, yet you admit you just “throw it” onto the page. If you were really writing poetry, you would put more thought and time into your work, even as an artist puts thought and time into his painting, or a songwriter puts thought and time into his compositions.

        • #3378233

          Because it’s you

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to The speaker has a certain responsibility in civilized society to bear the b

          Because it’s you, I actually stopped and thought about it. (headwrecker I know!)

          I came to the following conclusion.

          I don’t necessarily THINK about what I’m writing rather than express my feelings at that instant in time. So….I guess you can say I write with feeling! NOT!

          Actually, I have written a 380 page horror/crime novel that a friend in Toronto offered to publish, but I wasn’t too happy with it. After several revisions, my outlook changed and I came up with different characters and personalities to add. I ended up making a mess of it and put it aside. I’ll probably start another one day, my best friend is studying forensic pathology in Toronto now so I can get some good inside info too spice it up. My first attempt was after interviewing the coronor at the city morgue, lets just say the input I got wasn’t too colorful.

          I recieved your poem but haven’t had a chance to look at it, I will do so now and give you feedback next time we chat.


        • #3378381

          Just as if you drove from the Northern board of Canada to the tip of Florid

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Ah Yes –

          Damn Jim, if you drive 30 minutes from Vancouver to Washington, there’s a noticeable difference. My advice to Americans visiting Canada, try to speak as little as possible. You’ll get better service and be accepted, until people realize your American. Sounds like a shot, but it’s true, try it out.

          I think that those who feel self conscious about not getting a fair education are usually those who are so proud they can spell. The bottom line is like you said, when I post here, I won’t waste a single minute on spelling and grammar mistakes. Who cares?

          I even added the ieSpell link to my tool bar as Chas mentioned. It’s great and I use it where I care to, or on websites where it is important to be accurate, not here. Also I notice that the spelling corrections are american words not corrections on the English or Canadian Engllish language.

          Must we all conform now to a single dialect of English? If so, why not English instead of American English?

        • #2745595

          Beware of what you sling…

          by lordinfidel ·

          In reply to superior attitude?

          It will come back to haunt you. As there are alot of superior King Kongs on this site who will more then happily rip someone a new ass.

          As it has been said a million times before. No one really cares about spelling on forum sites. To bring that up grammar is faux paux and in bad taste.

          I mean, I could easily blast you for lack of formatting. Or how about improperly structured sentences?

          But I don’t. Am I a better man for not doing it, probably not. I’d much rather preserve my ass rips for the more important stuff.

      • #2745711

        they’re too stoopid to listen

        by freddy2k1 ·

        In reply to illiterate people

        Unfortunately many people in these and other forums think it’s a badge of honor to misspell words and destroy the English language. They think the quality of their thoughts is more important than the language they use to express those thoughts. Too bad for them, because their sloppy writing habits online probably carry over into their “real” writing assignments – reports, memos, e-mail messages – where their ignorance literally costs them money. Of course, this all assumes they *care*, which many obviously don’t. They’re probably fat, greasy, stinky people whose personal hygiene habits are as lame as their ability/willingness to review their spelling.

        • #2745601

          Reply To: What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

          by mrafrohead ·

          In reply to they’re too stoopid to listen

          Alright ladies, let’s try to stick to the TOPIC.

        • #2745577

          Freddy2k1 you just might have a point if

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to they’re too stoopid to listen

          There was only one posting that each person was replying to but unfortantly like this one there are numerious postings that have to be read and answered if one is so inclined, this all takes time particuarly if you are suscribed to more than one topic at a time which most of us are.

          The coment about being “Fat,Greasy,Stinky People whose personal hygine habits are as lame as their ability/willingness to review their spelling” is at the very best a show of how poorly you understand this forum or the people who come toghther here to express their coments about numerious things.

          Remember we are all “Geeks” so what more can you expect? We all live in front of monitors and very rearly get out into the real world and this is because in most cases the people that we work for prefer us all there doing what we are paid for and not wasting time with nonproductive activities.

          So if you wish to apoint yourself as the spelling/grammr Police fee free to do so but don’t get upset when very few of us take any notice of thiese unimportant ramblings, if you where to actually see any of us in our working positions you would in all likelyhood be very surprised as we come here to unwind not work so it is little wonder that we as a group aren’t all that concerned about the way we spell things as long as we get the point across.

          But if you want to work here without pay by all means feel free to point out all our spelling/gramma mistakes after all someone will get a kick out of it even if most of us ignore your ramblings.

        • #3378385

          Non-productive activities

          by jim phelps ·

          In reply to Freddy2k1 you just might have a point if

          >unfortantly like this one there are numerious postings that have to be read and answered…We all live in front of monitors and very rearly get out into the real world and this is because in most cases the people that we work for prefer us all there doing what we are paid for and not wasting time with nonproductive activities.

          What kind of nonproductive activities are you referring to, Colin? The numerous postings that “have” to be read and answered?

          I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist that one! 😉

        • #3379577

          Actually Jim

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Non-productive activities

          This is my “Leasure Time” and while I’m susposed to be working I’m only monitoring a bank of Blade servers that are transfering Data.

          But I do like the sarcasum applied as I have yet to see my boss let me out to play in the Big Bad World outside my IT Department, they might let me drive/fly to another office to do some work but so far they definatly won’t let me out just to have some fun on company time “Unfortantly.”

          But I’m working on it.


      • #2745708

        Reply To: What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

        by jennifer.gardner ·

        In reply to illiterate people

        You also should take into consideration that many of these boards have members from all over the world. Some of the posters may not have English as a first language.

        • #2745706

          fair enough, but…

          by freddy2k1 ·

          In reply to Reply To: What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

          …the obvious native English speakers should have more pride in themselves and in what they write. The whole IM mentality has created a sense of entitlement, glorifying bad spelling and grammar. In 100 years will anyone remember or care that words were misspelled online? Maybe not. But today, it ought to be important, and fat-fingering does not excuse laziness and failure to proofread.

        • #2745567

          You just might have a point if only

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to fair enough, but…

          Machine code was in English. As someone else pointed out even different countries which have English as their first language have many differences like here in AU we spell color as colour do you want to critise me for spelling it differently to the way it is spelt in the US because I’m on the other side of the pond?

          English is a very hard language to master without all the different varations involved but when you get a group of people who use machine code all the time what else can you expect?

          Perhaps you would be happier if we all entered our responces in Hex rather than English, it wouldn’t matter that they would take longer to read and then even some couldn’t read them anyway at least they would be correct. I for one {like most others here} don’t have the time to waste when in reality I am doing nothing more than communicating with my peers who are all of a similar understanding and even though we may not agree on some things of a non technical nature that is what makes life interesting and how we learn what others are thinking so stop sweating the little things and get on with your life.

        • #3378378

          Re: You just might have a point if only

          by jim phelps ·

          In reply to You just might have a point if only

          Colin: I have to agree with Freddy on this one. You can write all of the Aussie English you want, and I will enjoy reading it. But I think it will be obvious when you are writing correct Aussie English, and when you simply aren’t taking the time to type correctly.

          To compare Aussie vs American English with hex vs, say, Pascal, is a totally invalid comparison. Hex is a low-level language, whereas Pascal is a high-level language. The two Englishes are both high-level languages.

          BTW, I notice that your English is better in this posting. Keep it up, Freddy, I think you’re getting through to him!

        • #3379575

          Sorry to disapoint you Jim

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Re: You just might have a point if only

          But I’m getting used to my new keyboard as they no longer have the ones that I used to have so I’ve had to switch back to the more standard ones and even though it is a wireless one the keys are just too close together and I’m constantly hitting a few different ones but I’m getting better.

        • #3379505

          A Real Keyboard

          by jim phelps ·

          In reply to Sorry to disapoint you Jim

          The only real keyboard EVER produced was the old IBM “click” keyboard. I can type FAST and ACCURATE on one of those.

          (Of course, they were very noisy!)

          The end of an era came when even IBM went to the “toys-r-us” keyboards that all of the other PC makers are including with their computers.

        • #3379426

          I have to agree with you there

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Sorry to disapoint you Jim

          But as I worked for IBM at the time I may be somewhat biased. However I have ben using one of those so called ergonomic keyboards since 1998 and it’s really hard to come back to a standard QWERTY layout where there is only the single group of keys instead of the three group layout. I know that the keys are laid out the same but it takes some time to get used to the old layout again. But what the Hell MS made a present of three of these things to me “In the hope that I’d use them in the ofice I think” but they just caused too much interference with each other and even on this one I’ve junked the mouse and stuck with my wired trackball. I think that says something about me don’t you?

        • #3378366

          true! and besides…

          by Anonymous ·

          In reply to Reply To: What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

          I think part of the success of english is it’s flexibility, and wilingness to ignore the rules.
          u can take all kinds of shrtcuts. Y’all can borrow words from other languages and dialects. so what if you say “wassup?” and he says “how are you doing?”

          If u can’t cope with a little lingua a’la sms, then u r the 1 w/ the prob.

      • #3378550


        by zulj ·

        In reply to illiterate people

        “Randomising letters in the middle of words has little or no effect on the ability of skilled readers to understand the text. This is easy to demnastrote. In a pubiltacion of ‘New Scnieitst’ you could ramdinose all the letetrs, keipeng the first two and last two the same, and reibadailty would hadrly be aftcfeed.

        My ansaylis did not come to much beucase the thoery at the time was for shape and senqeuce regciotinon. Saberi’s work sugsegts we may have some pofrweul palrlael prsooscers at work. The resaon for this is suerly that idnetiyfing cotennt by paarllel prseocsing , speeds up regnicoiton. We only need the first and last two letetrs to spot chganes in meniang.”

        • #3378505


          by mrbill- ·

          In reply to So?…..

          I undresotod most of what you siad.

    • #2746199

      Have you got the facts right?

      by jardinier ·

      In reply to What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

      According to a news item from CNET dated August 30, the 18-year-old arrested has only been charged with MODIFIYING the virus. His connection with the creator of the virus is not yet known, according to this report.

      • #2746197

        Beaten by a nose …

        by jardinier ·

        In reply to Have you got the facts right?

        Sorry guys. In my enthusiasm I submitted this news update without noticing that it had already been posted.

    • #2745767

      harsh punishment

      by yohomie ·

      In reply to What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

      he should be jailed for a really very long time and pay something to me for all of the trouble that i have been through

      • #2745746

        Repayment for damages

        by jimhm ·

        In reply to harsh punishment

        Interesting concept – where would this kid come up with say 1.2 billion. The courts could look for other defendents – say MS itselfs. Their pockets are deeper than the kids.

        It would be an interesting civil suite … love to see it .. I can see it now “Kid 10% for releasing it – MS 90% for having buggy unsecure unpatched software and OS” –

        Here’s the point – was it the kid that released it more liable – or MS that didn’t have a patch for it, and their software is buggy.

        Wouldn’t it be funny if MS was held liable for having an unsecure product and companies could sue MS – for lost of productivity and cost to clean up after an attack.

        Arg 1: Virus spreads because holes in Exchange address book(other email products aren’t effected) –

        • #2745659

          Reply To: What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

          by mrbill- ·

          In reply to Repayment for damages

          Was there not a patch out for the vulnerability? Maybe the Admins should have to pay for not applying it. M$ does let everyone know when they release a patch. The home users need to learn to update. This punk kid needs to have his head whacked with a 2X4! McDonalds is to blame because I?m overweight! It?s my school?s fault I?m an idiot! Where is my Prozac?

        • #2745562

          Actually MSBlaster was writen in responce

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Reply To: What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

          To a patch/Hot Fix that MS put out on the 24/7/03 so if the sys admins are held responsible shouldn’t the company CEO’s who don’t allow sufficent IT budgets be equially responsible for the problem.

          It’s the easy out blaming the poor sys admin but when he/she doesn’t have the resources to do their job properly it really isn’t their fault. Does anyone apply MS patches without first testing them? I sure as hell wouldn’t consider it but the CEO’s are listening to MS advertising “Do MOre With Less” so they don’t have the equipment sitting around to test these patches without putting their whole systems at risk.

          So lets place the blame where it belongs not with the sys admins but with the people who tell them how to run their departments and limit their budgets and it would be nice to see Microsoft held responsible for their Buggy products but if this was ever to happen I have the terrible fealing that MS would never anounce discovered problems that they run across or are informed of.

          It is a double edged sword since MS has the bulk of the market they control what is realeased and this is not always the best available but what is in their interests.

        • #2745550

          It’s not the easy out.

          by mrafrohead ·

          In reply to Actually MSBlaster was writen in responce

          It’s the right response. If you are the one with the internet line plugged into your box, then it IS your fault if you don’t secure it.

          Did you personally bother the CEO and CFO for more money and training to build a mock network for testing?

          Probably didn’t bother to and let things slide as most do because it’s the easy way to do things.

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that y’all don’t have enough to do, but I also see what happens in the server admins world and there IS time to get those patches installed…. Especially when the press for a virus is particularly hot and we all KNOW a script kiddie is creaming his panties because he’s writing the big one…

          Common Sense. That’s all it takes.

        • #3378464

          Actually I not only bothered the CEO with the

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to It’s not the easy out.

          Purchase order but I was refused by the accounts department. It now seems that I don’t have control over my own budget and I have to get approval from an outside source for any purchase or outlay. But that being said the computer network that I’m responsible for is largly unpatched but well hidden behind firewalls and the like and so far I haven’t seen any form of attack that has affected me or my department.

          However on the other hand we have been victim of MS patches in the past that have cost us dearly in both time and lost production. When this happens I take great pleasure in telling the complaining people {generally the accounts department} that because I don’t have what I require they just have to put up with the occasional glitch as that is the way they want it.

          However I do agree with you all it takes is some Common Sence which is sadly lacking nowdays with the right protection in place there shouldn’t be much of a problem no matter how much the Buggy OS’s are involved.

          You are right unfortantly there are quite a few Sys Admins out there who just don’t care or know any better and these type of people are more hinderance than help.

          But I don’t see MSBlaster as a real problem a nusance yes but not a problem as right now the source code for the old Slammer Virus is now Public Domain and I can see some really nasty spin off coming from that quarter which this time we just might not get away without being affected. Then there is the SOBig Virus which is constantly changing to me that one looks like a “Work in Progress” that is constantly being refined until it becomes the problem that it eventually will if it is kept being developed.

          But my big “Bitch” is when ‘m not allowed to spewnd my budget as I see fit to keep my systems secure and having to justify myself to some money grubbing person who has the idea that I’m trying to take the money out of his pocket rather than use my allocated budget.

        • #3378346


          by mrafrohead ·

          In reply to Actually I not only bothered the CEO with the

          That’s a pretty freakin valid “bitch”.

          Also, I agree that Blaster is a nuisance more than anything.

          As is SoBig, NOW. But I think that in the near future that one is gonna bust and we’re all just gonna stand around with our thumbs up our butts saying, “oh shit.”.

          Unfortunately, no patches will help and each version needs to be seen before AV def are updated… mmm mmmm mmmmmmmm, this one’s gonna be bad I fear.

        • #3378433

          Patch Smatch…

          by Anonymous ·

          In reply to Reply To: What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

          I had a dozen computers get infect AFTER applying the patch. In fact on some systems, the patch had to be applied 3 and 4 times before it actually took effect.

          I wish people would stop trying to “give the kid a break”. If people would just play nice and get along, and use their talents in a constructive, rather than a destructive manner, Then we wouldn’t have to waste so much time and money protecting ourselves from criminals, and could spend more time and money on quality of life improvements.

        • #3378418

          And then again if MS made a decent OS

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Patch Smatch…

          We wouldn’t have to waste time applying patches and other things, we could just get along with what we are susposed to be doing which I believe is protecting the computer systems that we are responsible for isn’t it?

          Patching is just par for the course if it wasn’t this kid it would be someone else and they just might have made matters far worse as the Blaster Worm was a non event as there was nothing surprising about it from an IT Profesionals point of view we all knew about it long before the media got their knickers in a knot over something that was old news.

          I think that your problem is that you rely too much on MS products to protect your computers and not follow good secure computing pratices which involve third party software which stops any cause for concern and you can then patch as and when you’ve have the time and incilanition.

        • #3378357

          my job

          by Anonymous ·

          In reply to And then again if MS made a decent OS

          Is to enable individuals to be more productive, and happy. My job is to help people find ways to do there work more effectively. Security is an unfortunate necessity. Because some people won’t play nice.

          Actually we didn’t rely on MS to solve the problem. Our Borders were very secure. The one weak point we had was outside consultants, and no budget for the security measures that needed to be taken.

          In all honesty, we really didn’t get hit that hard. Like I said earlier, Our day to day business was impacted more by a rush to patch all the machines after a few got the virus, which resulted in a handful of broken OS’s

          But I still stick to my original point: We shouldn’t have to spend so much time figuring out how to stop the badguy’s. The Jesse James’es of the world shouldn’t be getting the glory we give them. They are criminals, not heroes.

        • #3379437

          While I fully agree with you

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to my job

          They are an unfortant fact of life we have to learn to live with then or suffer the conquences.

          Oh for the days when the only problem that I had was when someone forgot their password now those where the days. But out of interest today MS released another 5 Security notices which all cover problems mostly in Office but there is also one in Windows so here goes the monthly cycle again.

        • #2745600

          Reply To: What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

          by mrafrohead ·

          In reply to Repayment for damages

          I think you’re looking at the wrong people to point the finger at.

          Yes, MS made a buggy product. BUT they posted a fix for it a MONTH before the virus hit, as we knew it would.

          Yes, t33cup ;p modified the virus. But I’ll bet he patched his system before he released the virus.

          Now, EVERY single person that was infected and then consequently distributed the virus, should be held accountable. As THEY are the REAL reason that the virus almost worked.

          Not to mention, MS even went extra ahead and was able to pull off a fix for the DoS so that the rest of us didn’t even notice it. Kudos to MS.

          The kid the started *.b is no more guilty than the schmucks that didn’t PATCH THEIR SYSTEMS!!!!


        • #2745563

          Who is liable ?

          by isgirl ·

          In reply to Repayment for damages

          Actually, MS did have a patch out – and reminded all subscribers to TechNet and other MSAdmin newletters to install it several times before the Blaster was able to do any damage.

          Those of you that didn’t pay attention are to blame the hit your companies took in this round of attacks.

          And….Outlook 2002 – a free service release to Outlook 2000 – does not allow email viruses to send email on behalf of users withou the users express permission.

        • #2745553

          If only it was that simple

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Who is liable ?

          Microsoft has the habit of realising Hot Fixes/Patches that will fix a problem but make far more problems once applied, so we have to test all new Hot Fixes before we apply them.

          The companies who consistintely devalue their IT departments by not allowing them the resources to do their job properly are just as much to blame as the sys admin who wasn’t brave enough to patch their system because they couldn’t afford the possible down time that may have resulted without first testing completely. Unfortantly MS is pushing the idea to people who don’t know any better that they are perfect and when anything happens it is the fault of the sys admins or others who don’t follow MS’s instructions, but remember back to the Slammer Virus even MS was affected by this as they didn’t have their systems patched either.

        • #2745548

          You’re almost right.

          by mrafrohead ·

          In reply to If only it was that simple

          MS has made patches that hose systems. But think of it like this. You HAVE to protect your network versus leaving a hole in it. If you management team is ignorant enough to not allow you to properly test your software, let it host your system. All of the sudden, they will see how much money they will lose each time that happens, and realize how beneficial a real testing setup is worth.

          As for slammer hitting MS last time, yeah that one they should get the fine for, as they shoulda patched their systems… ;p

        • #3378444

          Thye Point here being that MS rely

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to You’re almost right.

          Too much on Patches/Hot Fixes rather than some Common Sence. It really doesn’t matter what type of OS you use as none are perfect but MS having the lions share of the market comes in for the most blame but then again there are far more MS systems out there so it’s easier to write malicious code for these as it has a wider impact on the world in general.

          So far I’ve survived all the major problems that have susposed to have happened without incident {touch wood} but I’ve also had complete systems shut down for too long because someone outside the IT depertment applied a MS Patch that affected the whole system.

          Ask anyone outside the IT department and they’ll tell you computers don’t make mistakes “If only that where true” but it is the general opinion by those that know no better and even amoungst the IT Guys/Girls here there is the general perception never touch a New MS OS before at least the second or third Service Pack has been realeased for it.

          But what I was trying to point out here was that if MS can’t protect their own systems what hope do we poor indivuals have after all, they not only write the code but have first axcess to any fixes although they are limited to MS product so maybe that’s where their problems come from.

    • #2745715

      Fry him

      by freddy2k1 ·

      In reply to What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

      Maybe not literally, but lock him up and don’t let him profit from his so-called “ingenuity.” He should have to work in a soup kitchen, serving meals to homeless people for say 20 years. He is scum.

      • #2745654

        What’s a matter……

        by jkaras ·

        In reply to Fry him

        did you open that stupid email thinking it wasnt a virus? LOL. All kidding aside it was a silly virus nothing life threatening, the world didnt stop spinning, nobody died, and the worst was a bunch of email jokes lost or pictures of loved ones (that would upset me, but should have those hard copied. I dont think this was that big of a deal where hardly any business lost revenue due to counter measures, only the home user. With the search for the elusive hacker it suprises me that we cant find someone,… say…Osama…..or child porn website handlers… you know people that really do damage and ruin lives, but we all need our sacrificial lamb now and again to make us feel safe.
        He is guilty no matter how you slice it. He does need to be punished, but be realistic that 1. just beacuse he’s 18 he is still an immature kid who cant fathom the ramifications at that age, none us could. 2. No goverment secrets were comprimised, no monitary fraud where people were stolen from. 3. His picture told me that he probably didnt have many friends and got his 15 minutes of fame hoping that people could either look up to him or accept him. It’s just a schame that he will realize throught his life that those people’s opinions will never change of him and wont care one way or another will he is going to have a very difficult life. What a waste of an obviously bright kid only wanting acceptance, didnt we all want that when we were young and still want it keeping up with the Jones?

      • #2745545

        Just too simplistic

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Fry him

        This kid only exploited a weakness in the source code supplied by Microsoft which we don’t own but only buy the rights to use it.

        While we place our computer systems in hostile enviroments there will be problems that crop up from time to time and it doesn’t matter if you are running MS or Unix, Lunux, Solaris or whatever as to date there has been no perfect OS built/writen.

        If there was we would all be out of jobs but the reality of the situation is we are constantly playing catchup to what is being writen to take advantage of weakness within the systems that we administer. But this form of attack while a nusance is nothing more and while it can be an expensive nusance it very rearly costs the company it’s position so these attacks only keep us on our toes so we can better monitor geniune Hacker Attacks where real company Data is attempted to be stolen. Personally if this kid actually wrote the MSBlaster I would give him a job in MS securing their code as that piece of code was nice and simple which of course Windows certianly isn’t.

    • #2745613


      by mrafrohead ·

      In reply to What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

      The real question is what should happen to the chuckleheads that allowed their systems to become infected with that virus.

      A MONTH of time before hand with TONS of airtime regarding this virus, that it would bec coming that there is a patch.

      Yet no one wants to download it??? Tsk, tsk. If people are not responsible enough to keep their systems current, then their internet access priveleges should be revoked!


      • #2745541

        But 1 month isn’t enough time to fully test

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Nothing

        Any Hot Fix from MS just to make sure that it doesn’t create more problems than it is susposed to solve. Currently we have CEO’s of business being told that they can “Do More With Less” in their IT departments and they are following MS advertising and not allowing the IT Section to have the necessary hardware to test these things.

        I can still remember a so called “Simple” Java Patch which managed to knock out all SCSI drives, all external drives, all network connections, and all computers on the network, but it was only a Java patch so it shouldn’t have caused any problems right? The only fix for that Patch was a total reload which was far more painful than the problem it was susposed to fix.

        • #2745531

          It shouldn’t take a month to test a patch.

          by mrafrohead ·

          In reply to But 1 month isn’t enough time to fully test

          You should know relatively fast whether or not a patch is going to work. And I’m sure in reference to the Java patch, that that took effect immediately.

          But virii like Slammer and CodeRed and MSBlaster all come with warning before they’re released. If people actually stood up to their reponsibility for being on the net, these virii would do NOTHING and the writers would eventually get bored.

          It just amazed me the laxed outlook of people on the net. No protection but it’s okay, seems to be the Outlook Du Joir. But using the net is no difference than boning. There are rules, like WEAR PROTECTION! Just think of your av/fw as your rubber and make sure you ALWAYS have it on. And for non technical people, half of them already come pre idiot configured so there’s no guess work in them.


        • #2745526

          Yes you are right it doesn’t take 1 month

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to It shouldn’t take a month to test a patch.

          To fully test a patch “In a perfect world” but unfortantly we don’t yet live in that world as we all have to do more than just patch networks when these things become available.

          Given the right resources I would have one teck who’s only responsibility is to test patches and then let us know that it’s OK to apply them across the country wide WAN {if they actually work without problems} And yes that particular Java patch was instant but there are quite a lot of others that don’t like to play nice and it is only after they have been installed a while that problems start to arise under certian circumstances and these take forever to track down and fix generally with a newer patch from the same supplier for the same problem.

          But with that Java Patch it was only applied to one machine but every computer in the building needed reloading all 3,500 of them. Now what would have been better to test that patch on a stand alone small network or apply it to the entire network? It actually cost us far more to fix the fix than what the original problem was.

        • #2745495

          Sad but true.

          by mrafrohead ·

          In reply to Yes you are right it doesn’t take 1 month

          I can’t argue what you wrote above. You’re very right.

          I guess I am thinking this. THIS particular virus that this thread is about was BIG in the news.

          And all of us in the computer world that actually use computers knew about it WAY before the rest of the world heard about it. I’ve had copies of code for Blaster to review in different variations for weeks before it was actually released. And if I had it, and it was released, how many other people are there with no ethics that wouldn’t compile and actually do something with it. There’s a lot. The LSD release happened quite early in the game and gave plenty of info on the whole virus. But the release wasn’t made until a patch was available.

          If there was THIS much traffic and information about this that it was inevitable, it makes no sense to me that no one took the time to patch, and close those freakin firewalls. Five ports, that’s all it takes. FIVE, you don’t even have to patch if the firewalls were configured properly.

          Honk Kong Phooey, I’m tired, back tomorrow. 🙂

        • #3378431

          I fully agree

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Sad but true.

          With a properly configered system there isn’t much of a problem, and you’re right MS Blaster was a nonevent as far as I’m concerned, it only became an issue because of the media who with their usual “Doom and Gloom” stired the pot with horror stories about something that we all knew about well in advance and I didn’t even have to close down any ports on the firewalls either but just check them to make sure that everything was OK.

          We all knew something like Blaster was comming well in advance and everyone should have taken the necessary steps but even then after I sent e-mails out to some of my clients to warn them they just ignored these and went about things with their heads burried in the sand hoping for the best. While knowing at the same time that if it was anything important I would come out and perform what was necessary and if they didn’t call me out they wouldn’t have to pay me either {or so they thought} but my job as a consultant isn’t to apply patches to the MS products only to inform the customers that it is safe to apply these after testing {these are all small business with less than 100 machines in each} My main job as general dogs body at a major institution is a bit different as if the computers there go down for only a short time it costs a lot of money currently we measure it in something like $3,000,000.00 per hour and a complete system failure after a unauthorised patch is applied takes a lot longer that a couple of hours to recitify even with the complete backups that we have on hand, so it is from that side of the coin that I am coming from it is just too expensive to apply these patches without first testing them fully. But it does make it interesting when someone from the accounts department whjo is considered there to know far more than the IT section patches one computer and trashes the whole system funnenly enough we never get told about these bt the same person constantly refuses any expendature from my budget. Luckly we can track all these patches and place the blame where it belongs but it does take time.

    • #2745588

      Copycat worse than original

      by wordworker ·

      In reply to What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

      What an interesting thread – I’m intrigued by the sympathy for the little rug rat. If all he did was modify the thing and send it out, isn’t he as a copy-catter as guilty as the original guy? Sure, netadmins who didn’t patch their systems are guilty of laziness or incompetence, but how does that make what the 18 yo did any less offensive? I wish people like virus writers would go and spend their energies on a cure for cancer or a car that runs on environment-friendly fuel.

      • #2745556

        Poor TeeKid

        by isgirl ·

        In reply to Copycat worse than original

        First, aren’t most hackers kids? I am unaware of any official FBI profiling, but have always assumed that most hackers are “kids” with too much time on their hands, an underdeveloped sense of social responsiblity and nothing constructive to do with the computer knowledge they possess.

        Second, how many hackers are there out there doing exactly the same thing he did? His bad luck that there was so much publicity and pressure on the government to do something about it…..and that he wasn’t quite smart enough to cover his tracks.

        But, is bad luck any reason to let him off lightly? Perhaps he should be grounded from his Internet privileges FOR LIFE !!

      • #2745546

        Reply To: What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

        by mrafrohead ·

        In reply to Copycat worse than original

        It makes the 18yo less offensive because then there wouldn’t have been any systems that he would have been able to compromise. Then there would have been no effect.


      • #2745532

        Sorry but I don’t have any

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Copycat worse than original

        Sympathy for this kid at all but I also think that the MSBlaster is a symptom of a larger issue where network admins aren’t given the resources to do their job properly. If you have ever applied a MS patch system wide only to find that it created more problems than it fixed like me you would be very consertive in applying these things until you have bee able to fully test them out on a dummy system that doesn’t matter if it goes down.

        But the IT sections are currently being made to perform these tasks without the means to fully test these patches and it is the very same sys admins who wear the blame when something goes wrong with a Patch. We are currently between a rock and a hard place and until we get more money in our budgets so we can do our jobs properly things like this will continue to happen.

        If only because none of us can take the risk of applying an untested patch across the system as it costs far more money to fix these problems than what it costs if in this case you are hit by the Worm. But with a properly configered Firewall and LAn I didn’t have a problem even though I didn’t have the patches applied on either my work or home networks.

        Until the IT sections get their required resources things like this will continue to happen but we all know that “Computers never make mistakes don’t we?”

        • #2745529

          Which is worse?

          by mrafrohead ·

          In reply to Sorry but I don’t have any

          Not having the funds and time to test the patch on a production server and have the server:

          A. Crash internally within your network, where you WILL have unfortunate downtime, but your data will remain intact.

          B. Not patch and get infected instead where you now have downtime and maybe even have data compromised to a source that you don’t even know.

          Which one is the lesser of two evils?

        • #3378407

          From your description A

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Which is worse?

          But as I have in place other means of stoping these problems I would chose B but without getting infected that way we have the best of both worlds a secure system that is as unbreakable as you can make it and then only apply any patches after they have been fully tested by others who have had the problems and MS has fixed up their initial inadquate Patches.

          But what is particuarly galling to me is that I have the funds it just that I’m not allowd to spend them by others who seem to think that they know more about my department than me and my staff. But it is my fault when something goes wrong and it doesn’t matter that I wasn’t alowed to have the necessry time/equipment to fix the problem before it happened. A typical example of saving a few dollars only to waste thousands in the process.

    • #3378472

      Don’t blame the kid

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

      I think that this poor, misguided kid should be given respect and understanding. After all, it’s obvious that he suffers from extremely low self-esteem, and further criticism will only aggravate his problems. We need to build him up and try to understand what made him do it. We also need to understand that he’s a product of his environment. It’s not his fault that he was born into an environment that failed him so miserably.

      Obviously, he lacked the nurturing that he was entitled to, and, if anything, his parents should be held responsible because of their initial failures. Perhaps a class action lawsuit against his parents is in order. The school system could have known, if it wasn’t for Bush’s tax cuts that took much needed money away from the school systems. Bush should be impeached because of this. He should have seen something like this coming.

    • #3378351

      Now the Kid is doing the Song – “Wasn’t Me”

      by jimhm ·

      In reply to What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

      Oh this is going to be interesting – in the latest interview – he is saying that the Fed’s never read him his rights until they arrested him – still haven’t told him what he is charged with – OK get this he still doesn’t have a lawyer – And says “Wasn’t Me” – Hum – I guess I would profess it myself – but why would you be so stupid to work with the FBI – when you did it. Did he try to lead them away from clues … Extra charges …

      He said it was really cool to work with the fed’s to track down the Blasterb … but he never was told that he was a suspect … DAH – Oh yea all police agencies tell suspects that they are suspects…

      I know Him and the Tallieban Kid should share a cell – they have about the same common sense that god gave a rat… and could communicate and become good friends.

      Your going to see the liberal press – crying about how fat he is – and that he has low self estime- and his family is disfunctional and he masterbates daily and he crys himself to sleep at night because he has no friends…

      Ah – this trial will be more interesting than OJ’s

      • #3378343

        MS, GM and Ford

        by wordworker ·

        In reply to Now the Kid is doing the Song – “Wasn’t Me”

        What amazes me is people being willing to “forgive” the kid to any extent and blame MS for putting out an imperfect OS.

        So, if the kid had shot a policeman, we would have blamed the cop for not wearing his jacket. And just because a kid CAN go 90 MPH in a school zone, we wouldn’t blame him, because the roads should have been built to prevent speeding… or GM or Ford should have anticipated that speeding cars could hurt and mame – let’s blame them for the driver’s lead foot.

        What ever happened to good old-fashioned accountability for one’s actions?

        • #3378329

          No – They would blame the GUN – Bad GUN Killed Cop

          by jimhm ·

          In reply to MS, GM and Ford

          No the liberals would of blamed the Gun for killing the cop – not the poor person that held it ..

          The gun went off all by itself ….

          The trouble with Liberals today – is that none of them want to take responsibility for their actions – always someone or something to blame it on ..

      • #3378342

        I don’t get it.

        by mrafrohead ·

        In reply to Now the Kid is doing the Song – “Wasn’t Me”

        I cry and masterbate myself to sleep, and i’m phat too…

        But you don’t see me infecting the world with lame updates of virii.

        So I guess it isn’t that. So the liberals will just have to smoke a different pipe.

        I think that they should just ground him from his pr0n for a few weeks and call it a day. Oh and maybe even throw in a spanking, with a belt **am I allowed to say that anymore?**

        After all, it was the REAL blaster that caused the problems, not b…

    • #3378306

      One Month & Probation

      by deane75 ·

      In reply to What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

      C’mon – 5 years? I get a little tired of the pendulum swinging SO far to the right. How about 1 month in the county hoosgaw and 2 years probation with a stint doing some sort of community service for a local ISP?

      After he spends HOURS on the phone with the granny who accidentally opens the next virus and lost all her pictures or the local Ford Dealer who can’t access e-mail, perhaps he will actually LEARN something from the experience.

      How about a little humanity? Are ANY of you more mature now than you were at 18? If so, how did that happen…certainly not by spending time in jail.


      • #3379043


        by maecuff ·

        In reply to One Month & Probation

        We didn’t have those opportunities for creating havoc when we were 18. Had it been available, surely, there are some people in this forum who want to see this kid drawn and quartered, who may have done something similar.

    • #3379439

      OK everyone while this is still a Hot Topic

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

      Today I recieved 5-6 MS Security notifications as no doubt most of the rest of you did as well.

      Now while most of these apply to the MS Office products one did apply to Windows in all its forms that are currently supported.

      Who want’s to be the first to apply these Patches/Hot Fixes to see if they actually work without causing more problems than they are susposed to fix?

      It seems that this is becoming a monthly event.

      • #3379244

        declaration of war?

        by Anonymous ·

        In reply to OK everyone while this is still a Hot Topic

        Are you sure it’s monthly, and not weekly or daily?

        Did some country(ies) or entity(ies) decide to declare cyberwar on the internet at large?

        • #3379097

          I think you’ve got it now

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to declaration of war?

          “Did some country(ies) or entity(ies) decide to declare cyberwar on the internet at large?”

          Countries no but entity(ies) yes and it is called Microsoft either by design or neglict they have fostered this position on us all.

          I also take your point about being daily/weekly/monthly but at least this time there where a few weeks between the release of Blaster and the lattest notification from Microsoft. So hopefully it will be another few weeks before we have to go through this all again.

          Fingers crossed anyway.

      • #3378902


        by stevef ·

        In reply to OK everyone while this is still a Hot Topic

        Make him sit through 100 hours of lectures about citizenship and its responsibilities. Get Interpol to follow up every contact he’s made with his computer.

        Applying all MS patches is a worse cure than the sickness caused by most viruses. Each one seems to cure the specific problem, at best, but destabilise Windows.

        There is no way one can blame the victims of virus attacks, we all have better things to do than constantly watching for attacks.

        Rather we should be considering what can WE do to help catch the malicious b@$!ards who write these things? The US is not omnipotent, every country needs to co-operate to catch the virus writers.

    • #3379036


      by em dubyah ·

      In reply to What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

      I think as part of his punishment, if found guilty, he should be barred from EVER using a computer again.

      • #3379027


        by cactus pete ·

        In reply to ACCESS DENIAL!

        With technology infiltrating every piece of our lives, by the time this kid is 30, he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere, or do anything, without touching some sort of a computer.

        There will be almost no jobs that don’t use computers, there will be almost no method of payment that isn’t related to using a computer, and even relieving oneself will involve sitting on a microprocessor…

        The kid should have a hefty fine, a month in jail, years of community service, and a permenant mark on his record. Hell, this is more than we give to most people who have killed someone…

    • #3379915

      What should happento the Blaster creater;

      by rhodg44 ·

      In reply to What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

      I feel that he should do some time and coused a lot of problems and cost people at lot of money. I also realize that he has a lot of potential and once he has paid his debt I see no reason why he should be able to get a good job. As someone suggested maybe with Norton or when the other virus companies,anti virus companies.

    • #3379913

      Blaster vs SoBig32

      by rhodg44 ·

      In reply to What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

      I have to agree with someone’s report that I just read the blasters may have been made out worse than it really was by the media. Right now I’m having my difficulties with the so big 32 I bet I have got 30 pages of e-mails it’s been kind to the virus on my machine. Have contacted charter cable, and sent them copies of the e-mails that Norton deleted the file out of hoping that they can find out who’s sending them and smack his hands. He keeps filling up my inbox with this crap.

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