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What Should happen to the 18 Y/O that started the Blaster

By JimHM ·
So I see the FBI has arrested and charged a 18 year old - "UP/AP - WASHINGTON -- A Minnesota teenager known online as "teekid" has been arrested for unleashing the "Blaster" infection on the Internet weeks ago. A Minnesota court official has identified the 18-year-old as Jeffrey Pxxxx, who is to make a court appearance Friday in St. Paul. "

If convicted - what do other techs think should happen to him. Slap on the wriste - jail time - fines -

And the funny thing is - this kid will land a super job at Norton or McAffee.. or some other antivirus place when its all said and done..

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Nail him

Nail the kid. He is an adult and he did commit a crime. How much did it cost all these companys to be down? Admitly they did not install the patches. But just because the door is open doesn't make it right for someone to come inside

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Sorry it had to be him....

by jkaras In reply to Nail him

but thats the price you pay for doing mischief. He unfortuantly will be sacrificed on the cross, so to speak. He is going to be an example for committing this crime quite harshly as people see that creating a stupid virus to look cool or clever could ruin your life. No he wont get off or a dream job like catch me if you can. He'll probly try the defense that he wanted to prove himself and get the dream job like in the movies. He will be passed around like a joint in a Marley concert while in jail. He should do at least 5 years in prision, but he cannot get a job that requires computer access. That alone will prevent him from ever being able to work so I dont know what penalty he should be given. Despite what's happening to him right now I'm sure he thinks he's the coolest and that all will know his name only to find out no one will remember him in 2 weeks. However I feel for the Star Wars kid, that is never going to go away and what's worst it is the funniest thing I've ever seen on the internet, all versions. And the poor kid is never going to get a dime, satisfaction, or a normal life again so the Kobe accuser can cry about her life all she wants but falls short of the Star wars kid.

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Sorry it had to be him.... ?

by Oz_Media In reply to Sorry it had to be him... ...

INderstanding you see him as you would any other kid, I know I did my fair share of crap to srew people when I was a kid, still do once in a while.

But as said before, he is NOT a kidm he is an adult. He comitted a serious crime that effected THOUSANDS of businesses and probably cost millions of dollars when all added up.

It's not like he didn't know better or wasn't aware of the consequences or something.
He deliberately created malicious code and intended it to shut down businesses and thier networks as a poke at Bill Gates and the millions who use Windows.

I say send him to the White House and let BUSH put him to work, that's bound to get him killed in no time. Or put a British uniform on him and send him to American boot camp, they're bound to ACCIDENTALLY kill him. We all know acidents like that happen, especially in the US.

OUCH!!! Sorry guys, you know I can't resist laughing at the US military.

No offense to those who serve their country, but it IS funny if you're not American.

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Actually from my reading of things

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sorry it had to be him... ...

He wasn't the original author of the code so he will be nailed to the cross for something that he didn't do. Sorry but that makes no sence to me particuarly as MSBlaster was only written after MS had identified a flaw in their OS's and released a patch for them. If any business where affected it was their own fault as the original "fix" was released on the 24-7-03 and Blaster had it's susposed maxinum effect on the 26-8-03 {I think as anything more that a few days old is "Old Hat" to me.}

Actually I don't see Blaster as the problem that the media made it out to be because it was fixed before the worm was ever written thigs like "Slammer" are far worse as they come unexpected and it is that much harder to protect against them.

Remember that the code for Slammer is now Public Domain so I suspose we'll all be seeing a landslide of varients of that appearing some of which could be far worse than the original.

Sure this "Kid" should have know better if he dilebertly realised in into the wild but if it was some thing accidental or not intended then I think he will be paying a very high price for his mistake and as far as these things go it wasn't even that effective as we all knew about it long before the media got their grubby little hands on the story and blew the story up out of all proportion.

What is the interesting thing here however is that they have managed to trace MSBlaster back to a US source when almost all the rest come from 3rd world countries and not the developed countries like Australia, the UK, Canadia or the US.

Is it just me or do others think that they want someone to hang out to dry in a very public manner for a lot of system admin mistakes?

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Nail Him

by Jim Phelps In reply to Actually from my reading ...

They should nail him, to make a public example out of him. At the same time, they should include viruses, worms, etc., as a category under "Terrorism" for the Homeland Security folks to deal with. They just might catch some of these people if they call it what it is.

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Vandalism v. Terrorism

by Cactus Pete In reply to Nail Him

Let us not cheapen what terrorism really is by including such trivial things of which it is not in its definition.

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I concur dpetrak.

by mrafrohead In reply to Vandalism v. Terrorism

A virus is NOT terrorism.

This wouldn't have worked if there weren't idiots that allowed it. Like the Maryland Motor Department I think it was... Good grief, a Government agency hit by this piddly worm.

You want terrorists, go to Afghanistan, there are no terrorists on a pc.


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a long hiatus

by Oz_Media In reply to Vandalism v. Terrorism

After a long hiatus MrAfrohead rears his afrohead once again. Interesting.

Welcome back, glad to hear you're still around, I was actually thinking about TR people that haven't been around much lately and BAM, there you are!

"This wouldn't have worked if there weren't idiots that allowed it." - You are very right, but....that's almost like saying if you don't wear a bullet proof vest in L.A. you deserve to get shot?! It is the Admins fault that they got hit with this one, but only because a patch was available and not applied. It still doesn't justify people writing malicious code. I can write code that will dunce a whole host of high end encryption and credit card verification machines machines that are protected with Python scripts. I find it a little more acceptable to visit or contact these companies and tell them of the vulnerability instead. With MS that is MUCH harder, I think only Maxwell has Billy's direct number. This doesn't give the excuse of sending out malicious mail and wasting everyone's time and resources though. I didn't write Windoze, why should I constantly pay for thier mistakes? I'm forced to run like software to that of the company's I support, it makes it easier to walk people through problems. I don't want to run a dual OS on my notebook because Windoze will be one of the OS's, and I'm not too happy about it.

So, I'm stuck with this crap, at least until the Linux/Novell merge comes up with something better.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Vandalism v. Terrorism

As simply put as I can come up with right now is this.

Yes, I concur, Windoze is a shitty os... BUT if you're going to use it, you have to take care of it. And keep it maintained. If not, there are tons of *nix systems that can be run as an alternative.

Though if you're going to ask me which one, that you'd be better asking LordInfidel. I myself am still having a hard time figuring out how to change the resolution on my RedHat box in between all of my time patching the rest of my MSh*t boxes.


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Re: Vandalism v. Terrorism

by Jim Phelps In reply to Vandalism v. Terrorism

>Let us not cheapen what terrorism really is by including such trivial things of which it is not in its definition.

dpetrak: The only difference between a religious terrorist and a hacker / cracker / virus writer (that has a certain rhythm to it, don't you think?) is that the h/c/vw's religion is anarchy, whereas the religious terrorist's religion is an actual religion. It's a religious cause to them both. They're both destroying property and people's lives for the sake of their respective religions.

We need to nail them both.

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