what should i do?!???!!!!!

By jasonmiller86 ·
i know all about forums and how people get mad if i dont search first...well i have over and over but i need more haha.

i have no clue of what im doing. im 22 years old and have done contruction for 4 years

what should i start as far as certs to gaurentee an ENTRY level job then of course the best route towards $$$ for the next 10 years or so....i know its more then just money but im dedicated and sick of the way i live paycheck to paycheck in 110 degree weather....i have no other choice once im in im in! and going all the way...

possibly some people that experienced a good path or wished they took a different path. i want the best path the first time any advice would help thanks for reading and thanks for future responses!!!!

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go to college get a degree

by CG IT In reply to what should i do?!???!!!! ...

that's the bottom line.

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by sidekick In reply to go to college get a degr ...

I started with an A.S., did IT for 8 years, then finished my B.S. It's worked out good for me, though it probably would have been better if I did my B.S. sooner.

It takes more than what you learn for a cert to be good in IT, and college will help with that. Plus a degree will carry more weight.

If you want to to bolster the degree with certs, A+ (for PCs), MCSA (for server/system admin), or CCNA (networking) are good places to start. The MCSA and CCNA will be more difficult without pratical experience.

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I agree with CG IT....

by ---TK--- In reply to what should i do?!???!!!! ...

Go to college.. Well, look at the upsides: your still young, you know how hard it is to earn a buck, you know what you don't want to do, and seems like your already on the right path... asking for advice/help, believe it or not that is a big step!

Back when I was your age, lol... I'm 28... 29 in a month (ARG)... I was still learning the hard way, and continued the same path... working my a$$ off for a buck till I was 25... Which, I came to the conclusion, that I was done with that way of living (paycheck to paycheck).

I knew two things then resturaunt management, and computers... I hate resturaunts, so it was the computer field... Went and got a degree (worked durring the day when to school at night). I'm not going to lie, those two years were really ruff... Working full time and going to college full time, alot of nights I got about 4 hours of sleep (totally worth it)... When I recieved my degree I fell into a crappy IT job, a year later, transfered to a differnt company and I am doing what I want to do.... Work on servers!

So a valuable question to you is, What do you want to do? Once you find out, the world is at your finger tips, and make it happen!

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thanks for the replys...keep them coming haha

by jasonmiller86 In reply to what should i do?!???!!!! ...

i kind of what to start an entry level position now to get experience then continue going to school. any advice to get me started (working) in the field...and also the best degree that will help in the IT field. do i take business or will ANY degree help? thanks again

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go to school get a degree

by CG IT In reply to thanks for the replys...k ...

if you don't have to work, volunteer somewhere. If you do have to work, try temp agencies.

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First things First

by tintoman In reply to what should i do?!???!!!! ...

Since you are evidently concerned about "upsetting" people on this forum I would suggest that you refrain from posting questions with lots of ???? and !!! in the title. That is guaranteed to upset many and cause them to ignore your question.
Now as far as what training is best for you goes it all depends where you want to end up, for example there is no point in going for MCSE or MCSA if you wish to be a programmer.
If it is I.T support you want to get in to then you should consider doing some volunteer work for an IT company for a day or two a week if you can afford to, but you know in the end there is NO SUBSTITUTE for experience and no degree will offer the "guarantee" you referred to.
Good luck

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by jasonmiller86 In reply to First things First

we all know the certs and what you need to get for networking,security,or programming, but several people mentioned a college degree. and i am still clueless in what to go for. associates degree for nursing? just want to know the degree to help me most. im really interested in the networking field (ccna,ccnp,maybe security later,etc)

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Dunno what it's like, your side of the Big Pond - but ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ok

Back in 1994, I wanted to do a computer course as a mature student. I couldn't decide which way to go in order to maximise any further education by marrying it to my existing industry experience so I went to a few of my local universities and simply ASKED.

I just wandered in, navigated myself to the door of the Head of Computing, and knocked on his door.

I think he was rather surprised that I wasn't a scruffy student when I walked in and told him who I was. But he welcomed me in and we sat talking for about 40 minutes, about what courses were available and what he thought and what I thought.

I did the exact same thing FOUR times in different educational establishments (2 Universities and 2 Colleges).

As it turned out, I opted for a Post Grad Computer Science Diploma and it was under the auspices of the department and the bloke I just mentioned.

I think what I'm trying to say to you is - don't rely on what ANY TR Peer might advise you - go do it yourself. Check it out on foot. Root some of these instructors out, go knock on their doors, they won't bite! :)

Edit for those damn typos again !!

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A degree in IT

by sidekick In reply to ok

I would look for a degree in Information Technology. And I must agree with Older Mycroft, it doesn't hurt to approach some institutions, talk about what you want to do, and ask questions.

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