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What should we call this new way to browse Hot Discussions?

By Beth Blakely ·
Here's another new feature for our members to try and critique. We've developed a new way to browse Hot Discussions. Here's the link:

That new blue bar at the top of the page allows you to browse Hot Discussions. You may use the Previous and Next buttons, or pull the drop-down menu to choose your next discussion.

Internally, we've been calling this feature "the Hat" because of the way it sits atop the page.

We have two questions for you:

Do you like this method of browsing? (Why? or Why not?)

What would you call this feature? ("The Hat" isn't very self-explanatory, right?)

Please give us honest feedback, as always. We value your opinions!

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The hat

by Old Guy In reply to What should we call this ...

I've only been active in these discussions for a couple of months. I've been using the heck out of the Search feature. I didn't know it was new. I just thought it was always there. It has been a tremendous help for me because I'm still looking at some of the posts that goes beyond the 10 pages listed.

I do a search and then open in a new window on what I want. Then I go back to the first window and just hit the back button to stay with the main lists. That way I have the primary discussions available to refresh for new ones and have the ones I'm active in opened in a separate window.

I like it.

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The Hot Bar

by RexWorld In reply to What should we call this ...

For a name, what about "The Hot Bar"? I was thinking "Blue Bar" but that's perhaps too suggestive.

One request--I know you can also get the hot discussions as an RSS feed, what about adding a link to that RSS feed somewhere in the Hat?

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Er, no.

by apotheon In reply to The Hot Bar

Let's not call it "Hot Bar". There's an awful IE toolbar application that is a pretty heinous bit of spyware, known as "Hotbar". I recommend against naming a new navigation feature on this site after it.

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Hot Links

by BP7226 In reply to The Hot Bar

Is a good short name for a bar with links to hot discussions and I like the bar!

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Just one opinion.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What should we call this ...

Jaqui won't like it because it's blue :-) I don't like it because it's just more lost screen space.

I don't read every discussion, so going directly from one to the next doesn't interest me. I would not like having to skip through the unwanted ones to get to those I'm interested in. The Previous and Next links wouldn't do me any good.

The center pulldown duplicates the "Hot Discussions" box to the right of the posting. I actually prefer the pulldown IF it means the "Hot Discussions" box will go away AND free up screen space for more content. However, I suspect if the HD box was dropped, the advertiser content currently below it would just move up. Nothing wrong with that; somebody's got to pay the bills. But since something is going to occupy that space, it might as well be the HD box, since the links on it are bigger targets that the pulldown.

If you decide to keep it, how about "NavBar" as a name?

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Hot Search?

by Neil Higgins In reply to Just one opinion.

Like the pull-down screen,but the "next",and "previous" buttons I dont like.Why not Hot Search,in red,having tha avatar glowing,but maybe not.Sorry,it is Friday evening here in the UK :)

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by Jaqui In reply to Just one opinion.

it's not because it's blue that I have an issue with it.
that would be Oz that has a problem with blue.

it doesn't work.

I can see it but it does nothing to shift discussions at all.

so it's a complete waste of real-estate.

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What's the trouble?

by Beth Blakely In reply to actually

If you can see it, what exactly is happening? Can you not pull down the menu? Do the previous and next buttons not work? Please try again and let us know what issue you're having and what browser you're using.

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it's simple...

by Jaqui In reply to What's the trouble?

I looked at the frame source, and it's the fact that it is javascript that is killing the link functions.
I gan get the drop down to show the options, even pick an option, but it won't navigate.
the previous and next do absolutely nothing.

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in other words

by apotheon In reply to it's simple...

It's designed using Javascript, and you have Javascript turned off: thus, it's not broken, it's just not designed for maximum accessibility.

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