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What should you be doing right now?

By Shellbot ·
A good few of us user TR while at work. (well i do anyways)

What is is you are susposed to be doing right now, instead of being on TR posting? :)

I should be...

Putting the finishing touches on a 25 page Change Request Document that is going out Monday morning.
Completing my technical / functional analysis on our web application and database to ensure all work was done, and done to acceptable standard.
(the dev company are a load of cowboys and make a mess of everything)

In 50 minutes i am done for the week..and i'll deal with it all on monday

have a great weekend everyone!

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I am quite gainfully employed

by neilb@uk In reply to What should you be doing ...

We are changing outsourced Applications Management companies next week and I am in the process of moving the users who are transferring between the copanies. I have whopped up a nice script that does it all and I have six screens open with data and bits of AD flying everywhere.

I look seriously busy.

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Dont we all ...

by stargazerr In reply to What should you be doing ...

Thats what TR does to us ...

I should be adding new websites to the search engine (what the heck ... I am down to one-fifth of the ticket queue size) and doing a couple other things that I have been putting off since Monday ...

Maybe I will do it on Monday .... or will I??


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you mean

by Tink! In reply to What should you be doing ...

you can't work & TR at the same time? =-)

I flip back and forth throughout the day. I've always been a multi-multi-tasker.

P.S. How many ppl here pay for the TechProGuild membership?

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Same here

by JamesRL In reply to you mean

I am supposed to be completing the pricing we are charging one of our partners on a big development deal. I've revised the document so many times my head is spinning - the VPs don't agree on the methods.

I don't pay for Guild membership - they should pay me.....I tried the free trial and it wasn't worth it to me.


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Books would be worth it

by Dr Dij In reply to Same here

but it is a subset of the collection, and not the best subset, just a few. I already have a subs to books24x7 so is not worth it to get tech pro just for the 'premium content'.

There's some great stuff on b24x7, you can browse the titles at least without subscribing. For instance, someone in java vs vb thread mentioned 'ground up java' and I found it online, am reading it.

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Yep ...

by stargazerr In reply to you mean

Thats what life is all about .. Multi-Tasking ... Sitting in the bathoom and reading the newspaper

I think jd has Guild membership ... I dont


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by jdclyde In reply to Yep ...

see where it gets you?

No membership for me.

As I know of almost a dozen people I have brought into TR, I can't believe I still don't have a TR mug or shirt! B-)

And yes, I just got done reading the paper in the bathroom myself! ;\

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by M_a_r_k In reply to you mean

I am a proponent of open source software (i.e., free stuff). Therefore, I am a proponent of the theory that the Internet and all its contents should be free. I immediately hit my BACK button whenever I come across any web page that has a '$'.

By the way, to answer your question, TinkExclamationPoint, I do not have a TPG membership.

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texans always get that wrong

by jdclyde In reply to TechProGuild

open source does not equal free.

silly little beotch!

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by Jessie In reply to texans always get that wr ...

Opensource frequently RESULTS in free (or donate if you think it's cool) software, but does not necessarily MEAN free. It's kinda like that whole "just because it's an automobile, doesn't mean it's a Honda" thing.

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